I worship cock!

I love cock! I am fascinated by cock and I love to suck it. I can’t remember when my obsession started but I have made cocksucking my life’s mission. I reckon I am pretty good at it too. So let me tell you all about my cock exploits.

I like the infinite variety of cocksucking. This ranges from a ‘quick glory hole blowjob’ when I never know or see the person behind the cock, (the sole intention is to be fast and furious). This is a pure adrenaline rush with the thrill enhanced by the seedy nature of the act and the potential of being caught! But I also enjoy a two-hour suck fest with someone I am in a relationship with and know intimately.

The cock itself is infinitely varied too ranging from the small to the huge, the bent to the straight, the thick to the thin etc etc. Basically I am just a cock ‘junkie’ and although I have an idea about the optimum cock (more of that later), basically all cock is great. I think my desire for cock is partly intrinsic and partly derived from the power that the sucker has over the person whom she is sucking. Once a cock is engorged with bl**d, you have total control over that person. But this is not all about me as sucker, I genuinely enjoy giving pleasure and receiving head is an extremely pleasurable experience.

I need to share with you more about how I worship cock. Ideally I love to start with a flaccid cock, although this doesn’t happen very often. Usually when I get my hands (and mouth) on them they are hard as a rock. But the best thing is ‘owning’ the erection by making it happen in the first place. When I am lucky, I will be lying next to a gorgeous guy staring at his soft cock. I like to get as close as possible so I can study how it lies, whether it is cut or not, the size of the balls etc. When I have exhausted my curiosity I begin my art of worship. There is no greater thrill than knowing that you have induced a hard on. There are so many ways in which the process can be started but it usually doesn’t take much! I have some favoured techniques however including light kisses up and down the shaft, licking the balls, fingering the underside of the balls and tickling the taint. Once I have initiated proceedings I just love watching it swell. At first this is usually a slow smooth transition as it fills with bl**d. I love how the length and girth increase simultaneously and it gradually slides and rises upwards. Once it is semi-erect, the growth often goes in little jerks as the bl**d now pulses in. At this stage the veins stand out, the ridge along the shaft bulges and occasionally the balls involuntarily rise in their sack. It is a fascinating and rewarding process and always mutually exciting. Usually my partner can anticipate what is going to happen next and a full erection ensues. If not then some further encouragement is sometimes required….but not often. In my experience cock knows what it wants!

Once I have my erect cock in front of me, I am in control. I am usually wet by now myself but this is irrelevant. I don’t allow my feelings to get in the way of worshiping cock. A big erection to me is a work of art and I can stare in awe for some time studying every detail. I love the way it moves on its own, bobbing and throbbing as if alive. Although I am quite prepared to dive straight in and suck quickly and madly, for example if time is short, I do prefer to take my time. So ideally I will start with some teasing. This does need to have some intensity however because although a man’s genitals are sensitive, they need firm stimulation to bring out the best in them. I think this is what some women get wrong when they suck cock, they just don’t understand the subtleties. I guarantee that my blow jobs are better than any other woman’s and that includes porn stars! Without forgetting the cock (that I hold and stroke gently), I like to play with the balls. Again this is often overlooked by inexperienced cocksuckers but I have never met any man that doesn’t like the feeling of having their balls licked and sucked. Years of experimentation have taught me how to do this well and to read the signs of my partner as to how hard to suck. There is a fine line between pleasure and pain and this threshold differs from person to person. Most guys also really like me lifting their balls up and licking underneath. If the position allows I will slide my tongue all the way to the asshole. Rimming is a dirty talent of mine too and if it appears that my partner enjoys it, often I will turn them over encourage them onto their hands and knees and spend a good ten minutes or so licking their hole and fucking their ass with my tongue. But my (and their need) for attention on the cock usually takes precedence so over they go again.

If I’ve been doing my job properly the cock will still be rigid and it is time to worship my master! A nice firm tonguing up and down the ridge is always a good start. I like the different textures of the cock. When you are running your tongue up the back of the shaft you can feel the relative softness of the ridge against the hardness of the sides engorged with bl**d. You can also feel the myriad of veins small and large. Sometimes I trace my tongue along the route of these veins. It is only when one is a true cock worshiper that you notice these things and believe me it makes a difference to the recipient. By now I can hear their appreciative moans. About this time I notice the odour of cock. In this respect I am a middle of the road kind of girl. I certainly don’t like sucking a smelly cock that obviously hasn’t been washed for days. On the other hand I don’t like it too clinical like it’s been scrubbed in disinfectant. A nice musky manly odour is the ultimate turn on, which brings me to the question of the great cut/uncut debate. I’m really not bothered; I just love cock of all shapes and sizes. Of course a nice long foreskin gives some added interest but it really isn’t a big deal. If the cock I am sucking is un cut I like to place my mouth over the mushroom head with its cover on! This is because I am a bit of a tease and I like to gradually increase the intensity of the sensations. With the bell end at last in my mouth I swirl my tongue around the outside of the foreskin whilst sucking hard. I like to make lots of noise when I suck cock and I encourage my partners to do likewise, fuck the neighbours, this is a master at work! I moan and slurp and generally extol the virtues of the cock usually in filthy language, it turns us both on. “Mmmmnnn your cock is so hard and big; I want you to shoot your fucking load down my throat” etc etc. Clearly I have to cool it if I really think they are about to come, I’ve only just started! This is my cock now and I want to play with it for a long time.

I then swirl my tongue under the skin making contact with the tip for the first time. This also enables me to lick under the rim which is always nice. I use plenty of saliva as it lubricates the action. I find that the discharge of pre-cum varies enormously too but is also a bonus! Yes you’ve guessed it I enjoy mixing precum with my saliva as I suck the head of a cock. Once it’s all wet, I use my mouth to put its cover back on and take it out of my mouth. What I like to do next is take a grip of the base of the shaft in my hand and slowly pull down the foreskin revealing the tight purple head. I love the sight of it glistening and shiny. If I have used loads of saliva and there has been plenty of precum sometimes globules slide down the shaft of the cock. I watch them and then lick them all up. The exposure to air of a wet cock after my warm mouth drives my guys wild. I enhance the feeling by blowing on the tip.

It’s then time to start sucking in earnest. While still holding the base of the cock and with the head exposed I suck the end hard making big slurping noises. With each suck I lower my head further and further down the shaft until my lips make contact with my hand. How far the cock is in my mouth obviously depends on the length of the cock. This is my mental note to get ready for deep throat action. It is the ability to overcome the gag reflex and open the throat muscles that separates the sluts from the bitches! Believes me practice makes perfect. My idea is to ensure that all of the cock is in contact with either mouth tongue or throat. In this way it feels just like fucking a wet pussy or tight ass. Once I have decided it is time I lower myself onto the cock and I do not stop until my nose is buried deep in the pubes. I relax there for a second before going for it again and again and again. I like a cock so hard that it curves inwards towards the body but the problem with that is that from a usual sucking position the curvature of the cock goes against the curvature of the throat. The best way to overcome this is to move to 69 position. This is fine but like I said earlier I am more interested in other people’s pleasure than mine. I do not want to sound ungrateful to those guys who want to return the favour but please do not distract me from my worship.

I know that once the deep throat starts it is only a matter of time before the guy is ready to blow. I am constantly monitoring the early warning signs, the increased volume of moans, the bucking of the hips, the grabbing of my head and using my mouth as a ‘fucking orifice’. If I want a long session I will back off before the point of no return. This is often quite frustrating to the guy but they usually understand my need for cock. Occasionally even I miss-time the back off or maybe the grip on my head and face fuck is too strong for me and when that happens I brace myself for the onslaught. The ideal but rare scenario is for me to stop just at the start of the orgasm so it is deferred for a while. When this happens there is usually one emission of spunk. Mmmmnnn my starter. I greedily take this in my mouth and use it to moisten the cockhead whilst being careful not to send them into full orgasm. On a good day and with a cock I know well I can usually bring it to the edge four or five times. I know this will increase the eventual volume of cum and heighten the ecstasy when the load is eventually blown.

My ideal cock is nice and thick, uncut and about 8-9 inches long. I can deep throat that (with difficulty) but hey no pain no gain! I like big low hanging balls and no or little pubes. That’s my ideal but like I said, I’m not a fussy eater! Very occasionally I will surprise myself by feeling the need to be fucked by a cock and then my ideal sucking cock is a bit on the large side. I keep a little bottle of lube by my bed and when I feel the need I will surprise my partner by lubeing up his cock and squatting on it. I do like being fucked but even that does not often distract me from finishing off the act with my mouth. So when we are both ready I will go back to the deep throating and work my way to the inevitable ‘closure’. The climax of my worship, quite literally is when the cock I am sucking explodes. Like I said I know instinctively when this is imminent. The balls usually give it away first and then I feel the build up in the cock itself. Most of my partners give me verbal notice too either in the form of an “Ohhh fuck” or a general tightening of the body, arching of the back and tensing of the grip on my head.

It is always a dilemma as to whether to take the first volley down the throat, in the mouth or in the face. I love them all! So I usually decide spontaneously. The more spunk the better. I once worshiped this cock that I forbade to cum between our sessions that were usually every two weeks or so. He would stockpile his cum and then I would suck him for hours backing off many times. I only let him shoot when the pain in his balls became too much. Boy could he come, it was a frenzy as he would buck and shoot and scream and I would try to catch as much as possible and swallow as fast as I could. There was usually bucket loads of spunk all over the place. After I have sometimes watched the first few ropes of come spurt out I will always let the other jets shoot in my mouth. This is sensational for my partner and wonderful for me. The culmination of my worship. I don’t swallow it all at once as I like to savour my reward and mix spent cockhead with the jizz in my mouth. But I do like to clean up after myself and so I always ensure that there is no spunk left on the cock, his body or my face.

So now you know how I worship cock. The variety, the power, the excitement there really is nothing like it. So guys if any of you want me to worship your cock just let me know!
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3 years ago
i thought it was just me:D
3 years ago
You are 1 in a million girl. Cum on ladies prove me wrong. I'm ready and waiting :)
3 years ago
very good you service some lucky guys
3 years ago
as told by a true cock sucking artist
Well done
3 years ago
omg that was incredible! u truly are a cock worshipper of legendary proportion!
3 years ago
3 years ago
took the words right out of my mouth girl!!!