My Summer Camp Gloryhole Adventure

One Summer, Becky and I were going to go to the
second half of her church's summer camp in the upper
Adirondack Mountains for a week. I was going as a part
time counselor and all around chaperone, since the camp
consisted of both boys and girls from different areas
of the state.

I had taken the week as vacation from my job and was
excited about going, just to get out of the house for
a week. The thought of being at a summer camp brought
back good memories of when I was a young girl and had
attended this same camp for two summers.

I was really looking forward to it, and so was Becky.
That is until two days before we were supposed to
leave, she came down with chicken pox of all things.
Well on the doctors advice, I called the woman in
charge at the church who was running the camp to
explain that we wouldn't be attending. She was very
upset and begged me to come and still be a counselor,
since two others had already cancelled at the last
minute and they would have to cancel the last session
if one more counselor didn't show. After a lot of discus-
sion with my boyfriend, it was decided that I would still
go and help out.

One of the other women at the church that I knew was
there for the first session and she had agreed to stay
with me for the second one also, so it didn't sound
too bad.

Samantha (The one who stayed) was younger than me at 29,
but we got along well and had a lot of fun the first
day. We slept in a tent type wooden platform at the
outer edge of the camp. On the other side there were
two men from the church, who had the same sl**ping
setup on the boy's side.

Jake was a good friend of my boyfriend, and I knew him
also. Will was a black guy, who was fairly new to our
church and neither Samantha nor I knew him very well, but
he seemed very nice and we all got along well.

There were two barracks on each side of the camp-
grounds, which were permanent structures and held 14
k**s in each one. The two barracks that housed the
girls were situated just at the edge of the woods.
Further in the woods were the two that the boys were
staying in. There were 4 more barracks that were not
used this time.

Since Sam had been there for two weeks already, she
showed me around after lunch. The k**s were all down
by the lake with the two men and the head camp

When we went into the first barracks and looked around,
I saw a fairly large hole in the east wall of the bar-
racks right over the headboard of a lower bunk. It had
a red rag stuffed into it. As I pulled the rag out,
Sam began to snicker, although I didn't know why. As
I looked out through the open hole, I could see only
dense undergrowth and trees, since that wall was right
up against the woods. The hole was definitely man made
and cut in a perfect circle and even sanded smooth on
the inside. The wall was very thin and I wondered why
the hole had not been patched.

Sam just shrugged when I asked her, and we moved on.
It didn't seem important since its location seemed
inaccessible from outside due to the dense woods.

That evening when all of the scheduled activities were
over, Sam and I put on our robes and headed for the
showers. The girls shower and dressing room were out-
fitted with four showerheads in one big room. Sam was
at the sinks brushing her teeth as I went into take a

I thought she would stay out there out of modesty, but
I no sooner was getting wet, when in stepped Sam. She
was beautiful I must say, even though females have
never turned me on, I looked with envy at her body.

She had the tiniest waist, gorgeous breasts, and an all
over sexy body. Not that I was considered a slouch, but
the few years difference in age did show between us.
Sam began talking as she was soaping herself. She
brought up the subject of that hole I had come across
in the girls barracks, and asked me how open minded I
was about sex.

I found the tone of the conversation very odd, but
listened intently once I had assured her that I was
open minded enough to listen to what she had to say.
"Ever heard of a Glory Hole?" She asked. Somewhere in
the back of my mind I remembered reading a dirty story
about a bar that catered to homosexuals that had a
hole between the toilet stalls for one guy to stick
his dick threw so the guy in the next stall could suck
it. I was sure that was not what Sam was talking
about here though, or so I thought!

Sam told me that was exactly what it was. As she went
on to relate all the details to me, I observed her
spending a lot more time on soaping between her legs,
and her nipples were becoming erect.

As I listened, I felt my nipples stiffen also. Sam
went on to tell me that the boys would wait until dark,
and then sneak through the woods to the hole, about two
at a time. If the rag was in the hole, then they left.
But if the rag had been removed, showing the light
within, then a completely different scenario would
take place.

One boy acted as a look out, the other would slip his
cock through the hole. Then the girls in the barracks
would take turns sucking them off! I was completely
shocked by what Sam was telling me, but at the same
time I was becoming a little warm between my legs, as
she told me of sneaking over to the small window on
the North wall, which was also pretty secluded and
watching the girls in action.

I was startled by a Moan from Sam. As I looked down,
she had two fingers inside of her pussy and was rubbing
her clit with her thumb as she related what she had

Just by coincidence, her own girl who was 15 was stay-
ing in the other barracks, which relieved her at the
time. But on the second night some of girls from the
other barracks came over long enough for each to suck
some cock.

Sam's masturbating there in front of me, was making me
wet as hell. My nipples were aching with my own arousal.
Then I got another shock as Sam stepped closer to me
and asked if I had ever been with a woman.

I told her I hadn't and asked if she had?

"A couple of times in collage." She smiled.

I flinched, but did not pull away when I felt her free
hand on my thigh, and in no time I felt her finger at
my crotch. I could hear her breathing coming in gasps
as she fingered us both.

"Do you like playing with your pussy Tammy?" She asked.

I could only nod in the affirmative as a mini shock
wave went through my pelvis.

"Doesn't it feel a lot better when someone else does
it for you?"

I moaned in response as she pulled her finger out of
my slippery slit. I didn't want her to stop, it felt
so good.

She took hold of my hand and brought it down to her
slit and pressed it against her opening. I held my
hand motionless at her mound as I once again felt her
fingers enter me. I groaned and slid my finger between
her folds, and duplicated what she was doing to me.
I was on fire!

I had many times felt my own pussy, but to feel another
woman's while her fingers were stroking mine was too
much. I felt the pressure building in my abdomen and
pelvis, I was close to orgasm. Samantha sensed it and sped
up her finger action. Mine actually slowed since I was
so preoccupied by my own climax.

I came like I hadn't in years, it was a cum that was
earth shattering. My juices flowed on to Sam's hand
like a flood.

I finally stopped cumming and began to catch my breath.
Sam kissed me on the lips and then bent forward and
took each of my stiff nipples into her mouth and
briefly sucked them.

Then all of a sudden Sam grabbed my arm and began
thrusting her hips towards my hand, because I still
had my finger in her love hole.

"Fuck me Tammy, I need to cum like you did PLEASE!" "OH

My finger contacted her little nub. I fingered fucked
her rapidly and she began gasping for breath, and took
her left nipple in my mouth. That did it, she began to
cum. "OHHHHHHHH bite my nipple. God I'm cumming." Her
fluid gushed around my invading digits as she grabbed
my hips to steady herself. I continued sucking her hard
nipples as she recovered.

We rinsed off and went back to our sl**ping quarters,
all the while making plans to sneak over and spying on
the girls.

It was very dark out as we got to the small window and
peered in. Nancy, one of the girls, was laying in the
bottom bunk by the hole. The rag had been removed and
was on the floor. The other three girls were all sit-
ting Indian style around the head of the lower bunk.

I quietly took a peek around the corner to see if any-
one was there. I couldn't see anyone, but as I looked
over towards one of the boy's barracks, I saw the light
as a door opened and two figures came out and went into
the woods. I whispered to Samantha that they were coming.

In a few minutes we watched as a stiff little cock was
thrust into the hole. It wasn't a very big one and only
about two inches including the head was visible. We
watched as Nancy took the head into her mouth and began

It wasn't long before she pulled off and the little boy
cock began spewing its load as Nancy now stroked the
head between her thumb and index finger. It was a very
strange sight watching those c***dren doing things like
this, I'd never imagined something like this before.

As we continued to watch, I quietly peered around the
corner, to see who the cock belonged to. It was Billy,
he was only thirteen and not very big. The other boy
with him was Danny, he was sixteen and a lot bigger.

I watched as he unzipped his pants and took out his
hard cock. I was amazed at the size of it, he was
close to my husband in length, but a little thinner.

I went back to the window in time to see it come
through the hole. About 5 inches past the hole, and
we heard the girls gasp; Kathy took her turn on the
bunk. Without hesitation, she began to give Danny an
expert blowjob. I have to admit it shocked me to see
how well that girl did her job, where did she learn
to give head like that?

In no time at all, Danny let out a moan that was
unmistakable. He was cumming, but not into the air
like his buddy, Kathy was drinking every drop he could
shoot and then some.

Once they were finished, we watched as the two boys
snuck quietly back to their barracks, and two more
took their place. This went on until all 8 boys had
been sucked off by the girls.

When Sam and I got back to our tent, we were both very
aroused by what we had just seen. But having sex in a
tent was too risky since someone might hear us.

Sam and I went deep into the woods to a clearing
where on a fallen log, I ate my first pussy, and had
mine eaten by a woman for the first time.


The same scenario went on each night as before. By the
end of the week, each boy had been blown at least twice
and each girl had sucked at least one of the boys off.
Some spit the cum out, others were expert swallowers.

Samantha and I ate each other out at least twice a night
after peeping at the k**s.

Sam was married and had two c***dren. She was an expert cunt
lapper though, and later confessed to me, that is not only had
female sex in college, but had regular affairs with a girl
where she works.

It was Samantha who came up with an idea that immediately
turned me on! "I think you and I ought to be in there,
sucking off all those nice young boys, don't you
think?" Sam said.

"How are we going to be able to arrange that?" I asked
with my heart in my throat.


By the end of the day, we had worked out a plan to do
just that.

Sam and I both have had fantasies of having sex with
young males, but for obvious reasons they had stayed
just that, fantasies.

But here was an opportunity to fulfill our fantasy and
stay anonymous at the same time.


On the night before the weeks camping session is over,
the neighboring camp always invites our girls to come
over and spend the evening with them. Well as luck
would have it four girls decided to go from our camp.

There were two from the glory hole barracks, and two
from another one that decided to go.

So Sam and I had the two girls from the gloryhole
barracks take sl**ping bags and move over to the other
barracks. Using the excuse that it would be late when
the other girls came back and we didn't want them to
disturb anyone.

Then, Sam and I discreetly let it out to one of the
boys, that not all the girls would be gone for the
evening. We also let him know that Darla (one of the
older girls) would be staying behind.

The reason for that was that Darla, was the best cock-
sucker of the bunch. Watching her had been a real turn
on. She really got into it and the boys seemed to favor
her from what we had overheard during the week.

Once it was good and dark, Sam and I snuck over to the
empty barracks and taped cardboard over the little
windows, so nobody could look in and observe us. The
doors were locked, so anyone looking over or trying to
get in would think that it was locked and dark because
it was unoccupied.

The only light came from the gloryhole as I pulled the
rag out. I laid on the bunk and looked through the hole
towards the boys barracks. In a matter of minutes, I
saw the light coming from an open door and two figures
exit. I told Sam that we would soon have visitors.

The sexual tension was terrific with expectation of a
hard young cock being thrust through the hole. As I
stole another peek out of the hole, I was able to make
out a cock being pumped by hand to get it ready.

Shortly Sam and I both gasped as the first cock came
through. It was not very big and probably belonged to
one of the younger boys. But he was not disappointed
as I heard him moan through the wall, as my mouth took
him in.

I was the one who was disappointed, since I had gotten
to swirl my tongue around the youthful head only about
five times before I heard a grunt and it shot its
youthful load into my mouth. I was just about to start
fingering my pussy as I sucked - when he started shoot-

It was nevertheless delicious. Not as strong as a grown
man's, and not as salty either, but I loved it.

Once drained, the cock disappeared back out of the
hole. Sam and I traded places as the next cock came
through. Sam had all the luck!

I could immediately tell that it was one of the older
boys due to the length and thickness of his cock. Sam
began sucking for all she was worth, and soon had a
large load of cum spurting down her throat. And I came
all over my hand, which was busy fingering my wet pussy
while watching her suck.

After the boy's cock disappeared, we waited and then
Sam peeked out through the hole, and could make out
the two figures going back through the woods.

We waited for over half an hour but no one else showed
up. We were about to put the rag back in the hole and
leave, when a huge cock pushed silently though it.

I say huge because in comparison with the two we had
just serviced, it was gigantic. Very thick and at
least 7" in length. Sam wrapped her hand around the
shaft and was able to jerk the cock as she was sucking
it, bringing forth an approving moan from the other

I was dying of curiosity to know who belonged to such
a beautiful cock. So as Sam was busy sucking, I
quietly snuck out and peered around the corner.

There with his crotch to the wall was Jake, and stand-
ing right behind him with his cock out was Will, the
black guy.

I almost gasped out loud as I caught a side view of
Will's cock! I had heard all the rumors about black
cocks all my life, and in this case it was indeed not
a rumor. Eddy was sporting a stiff cock that was at
least 11" in length and was as thick as my wrist. I
even had doubts about it fitting through the hole!

I quietly went back in and whispered what I had seen
to Sam, who began moaning louder each time I described
our next visitor. It wasn't much longer and Jake
released his got sperm into Sam's sucking mouth.

We watched with great anticipation as the softening
flesh was pulled back through the hole. Then as Will's
huge cockhead came through, we both stared in awe, as
the hole was nearly completely filled with the head.

Sam whispered, that we had to share this one, as she
struggled to get the bulbous head into her mouth, while
pumping the long shaft. It was such a sight, that I
came as soon as my finger began rubbing my clit!

After a minute or so, I took over and began sucking
Will's black monster. To my delight, Sam situated
herself under me so she could suck my cunt at the same

I exploded into her mouth in no time, then we traded
places and she had her orgasm almost as quick as mine.

Will let out a loud groan, and I saw Sam's cheeks
puff out as he started unloading. Her throat was work-
ing overtime, but the f***e and quantity of his sperm
was overwhelming, causing it to start jetting out be-
tween her lips and his cock-shaft.

I quickly got on the bunk and took over, receiving a
strong spurt on the bridge of my nose and in my eyes,
before I capped the spewing monster. An additional 4
strong spurts erupted into my mouth before he subsided.
I continued to suck and lick with wild abandon, since
I had made up my mind that I had to have this monster
in my cunt, no matter what!

My efforts were rewarded, with a cock that stayed hard
instead of loosing its firmness. I took my mouth off
and held the shaft so he could not withdraw from the
hole. I told Sam to hold it while I stripped off my
shorts. I had to have that beautiful black cock in my

I was absolutely crazy with desire, as I backed up to
the protruding hunk of meat. I shuddered as I felt the
head come in contact with my pussy lips. Once the head
was lined up, I drove back against the wall feeling
Sam's hand as she pulled it out.

I had taken Will's monster with ease, and I went into
a fantastic orgasm almost immediately as he began his
thrusting into me. I have never felt so full in my
life! It was the most fantastic feeling.

As I grunted and slammed my ass against the wall, try-
ing to get as much penetration as I could, the door
opened, and in came Jake, his cock was sticking out of
his shorts, rock hard and straight out like a steel

Without saying a word, he walked over to Sam, who
dropped to her knees before him and began to suck his
huge cock. I gasped and groaned loudly as I felt the
thick black shaft disengage from my wet cunt. I slammed
back against an empty wall. The door again opened, I
had forgotten to re-lock the door when I had gone out-
side to identify the men.

Anyway, Will came in with his cock still glistening
with my pussy juice! I laid on my back across the bunk,
this brought my pussy to the edge as I spread my legs

Without any words exchanged, Will knelt by the bunk
between my spread legs! In this position, he was just
the right height to match up with my hungry slit.

He wasted no time in reinserting his huge cock into my
waiting pussy. When I felt him go so deep into me that
he bottomed out, I screamed out my release and had a
climax that seemed to render me u*********s momentarily.

As I began to slowly drift back to earth from the best
and most intense cum, I have ever had, a warm sensation
was at my pussy. As I looked down, I saw Will's head
and felt his tongue enter me and begin exploring my
love hole.

As I looked over at Samantha, she was in the same position
on the other bunk as I was, and Jake's cock was piston-
ing in and out of her cunt. Her legs were wrapped
around his back and she was thrusting against him like
a bucking bronco. She let out a small squeal and then
she began to cum like crazy! Listening and watching
them was all it took, Will's tongue got a liquid bath
as I came all over his face!

I watched as Sam now sat up in the bunk with Jake
standing in front of her feeding her his cock! I looked
down at Will who was still tenderly lapping at my wet

"Have you cum yet?" I asked.


"Bring it up to my mouth."

I laid out on the bunk on my side as Will brought his
hard black shaft to my mouth. I took the head and
managed to get a couple of inches of the shaft into my
mouth. I wrapped both hands around the shaft and still
was not touching his pubic hair. That's how long that
monster was!

As I sucked trying to bring him off in my mouth as a
gesture of thanks for making me cum so beautifully,
I felt the bunk sink down. And soon after, I felt
Jake's cock slide into my pussy and begin fucking me.
Sam had told him to give me a two way.

I had never in my life had two guys at once, and it was
pure heaven to be sucking one while fucking another.
Sam helped by coming up and joining in at licking
Will's shaft and licking his balls. She began to ver-
balize, which drove me to a frenzy!

"I can feel his nuts tighten, he's going to cum in your

"Cum Will, fill her mouth full of your hot cream."

Just then Jake let out a moan, his cock seemed to swell
in my pussy and jets of hot fire shot into my cunt. I
began to cum and had a hard time breathing around
Will's cock, but I wasn't about to let it go now!

I stayed in an orgasmic state for like what seemed
forever, as Jake's cock kept shooting into my pussy!

Then Will announced that he was going to cum! The first
spurt was so powerful and startled me so that my head
pulled off of his cock. Before I could regain my sense,
another huge spurt splashed against my forehead and
went into my hair!

The next one hit me in the chin and splashed all over
my face. The next one didn't get away, it felt searing-
ly hot as it spurted onto my tongue!

Will was unbelievable, his cock just kept spurting and
spurting. Jill managed to pull it from me and she took
the remainder of his sperm into her mouth. As I watched
her throat bob as she swallowed, I was in awe at the
amount she must be getting! I finally dropped back on
the bunk, exhausted from all the action.

We finally left the barracks and went to the showers
together, where we all fucked and sucked again before
calling it a night. I just could not get enough of
Will's black penis, no matter what I did.


You can bet that the next year, Sam and I were back at
the camp again! But in the mean time, I still got Will's
cock and Jake's whenever my boyfriend was gone and they
could fit it in around their wives.

Sometimes I'd just meet Will for lunch, since his
office is pretty close to mine, lunch consisted of me
sucking him off in his car in a parking lot! And
believe me it filled me up! I was able to loose
7 Lbs. by having a hot sperm lunch! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

I have even gone so far as jerk him off into a con-
tainer, to get an idea of how much he shoots. When he
has not fucked his wife for about 4 or 5 days, he can
provide 3 ounces of sperm. (I used liquor shot glasses
as a measure).

My boyfriend supplies only about a half ounce or so.
It's such a treat to take Will's load and drink him
down. We rarely fuck anymore, due to my obsession with
drinking his sperm. But he doesn't mind! YOU WOULDN'T
94% (74/5)
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Will was unbelievable, his cock just kept spurting and spurting. Jill managed to pull it from me and she took the remainder of his sperm into her mouth. As I watched her throat bob as she swallowed, I was in awe at the amount she must be getting! I finally dropped back on the bunk, exhausted from all the action.
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