Quality Not Quan-titty

(A short poem written in praise of my lovers' boobies, all of them regardless of size - and I include my own rather large ones in that category because nobody loves mine more than I do, with the possible exception of my lovely husband! Don't be fooled by the fact that it appears to be written from the male perspective - disregard gender as well as size. It's all about the love of boobies in general, but through my eyes and my lusts!)

My lover's tits are so tiny,

It's so plain for all to see,

Though my lover's tits are so tiny,

She sure loves them - just like me!

She tells me when to caress them, how to grope them long and proud,

To suckle and to kiss them, make them stand out in a crowd,

To help her dark teats tighten and thicken to a knot,

To make her nipples lengthen, and show just what she's got.

She loves it when she's bra-less, so that snug-fit, low-cut top

Rubs her titties to perfection, till her teats feel fit to pop.

And she loves to bend right over, when she's in that loose-fit dress,

With her dangling tits swinging freely, seeking ogling eyes to impress.

When she feels others' eyes upon her, and her tits are the stars of the show,

I know why my lover is smiling, why her being is all aglow.

She's not simply teasing others, you know, or me, or herself, you see,

There's a secret she learned early on in her life, and she shared her secret with me.

For my lover comes when her tits are touched,

When they're squeezed or they're stroked or they're sucked,

She comes if she touches her tits for herself,

She comes if her cleavage gets fucked.

She comes if my tongue just tickles her teats,

She comes when they're touched by the air,

She comes if she tugs on her titties herself,

Or if she knows someone's seen them bare.

She comes when I spunk all over her bust,

When I pump it from just underneath,

She comes when she feels my breath on her breast,

When her nipple gets nipped by my teeth.

The gentlest tit-kiss will toggle her off,

Her orgasms ripple and flow,

One touch to her tit, and her tit is her clit,

And the pump in her cunt will just grow.

Volcanoes erupt in the core of her cunt,

Spasms triggered, gushing heat, lava flow.

Such passion within, such honey pumped out,

When she comes, stars explode all aglow.

To make love to my lover is an honour untold,

To be there when she comes, such a treasure,

And to come when she comes - it's so hard to resist,

She's the fountain of all of my pleasure.

Though my lover's tits are so tiny,

They're more powerful than others, you see,

And when clits were shared out, she got lucky,

Instead of one, she was blessed, she got three!

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5 months ago
Loved the poem , to me the title says it all, the pleasure in the breast for me is in its sensitivity to touch ,size is immaterial , I have to admit my eyes are always drawn to a pert nipple under a thin shirt whatever the size ,being male with sensitive nipples I know the Hiya that can be attained through manipulation , ...thanks for sharing ! HM.
5 months ago
7 months ago
Beautiful....We love them all...mainly for the pleasure they give us knowing that we are pleasing our lover.
1 year ago
This is great
1 year ago
As I said a moment ago, I love boobs. All and any.
My English teacher in the 60s would have hated it. He used to give us one stroke with the slipper for every use of any derivation of the word 'get' in our essays.
However, I loved it!
I was called 'wrong' for liking ee cumming's poetry. Ha!
TFP. Xxx.
1 year ago
beaudiful !!
1 year ago
1 year ago
Great poem.
Got better the more I read!
Deserves a better "score" than it's received!
1 year ago
theyre all beautiful
1 year ago
une jolie paire de seins sensibles sont toujours agréable pour un homme ... ou une femme
2 years ago
Love it, and love women whose tits are erogenous zones...
2 years ago
2 years ago
lol, excellent. All Hail The Boobies!
2 years ago
Great poem - a praise to her tits and what makes it so special.
2 years ago
an ode to boobies, liked it ;)
2 years ago
loved it and am smiling...
3 years ago
I like 'em in all sizes, mouthfull, handfull,bucketfull! Even when there's hardly anything at all there will probably be suoersized nips to suck on.
3 years ago
big or small they,re still lovely to play with
3 years ago
You know so many men put so much on women and big tits! Myself I luv em' small and the smaller the better..