My wife Kathy and I enjoy an open relationship in which I allow her to see other men when she wants. Once we started the relationship I quickly discovered that Kathy really loved to fuck and especially loved being fucked by younger guys.

My stepdaughter/her daughter Anna was 14 when my wife came home from work early one day to find Anna fucking some 20 yearold guy named Kenny. Ofcourse like any mother would she ran Kenny off but not until she had watched them for a while.

That night when we were in bed we talked about what we were going to do. Our decision was that if Anna wanted to have sex she was going to do it wether we approved or not, so we put her on birth control pills, bought her some condoms and talked to her about safe sex. Kathy had Anna when she was 15 and my thoughts were that she might be just like her mother.

Kathy then confessed to me that she had watched them for a while before breaking them up, and she seemed to be obcessed with the size of Kennys cock which she said was between 8 and 9 inches.

Her talk got me aroused and the next thing I knew we were fucking. "Your wanting his big cock aren't you." I said. "No." she replied. "Yeah you do, your pussy was wet from just talking about it." I started fucking her harder.

"You want to fuck him I know." I said as I fucked her hard. She would never admit but I knew better.

We allowed her to see Kenny and everytime he came over I would catch Kathy flirting with him and sometimes staring at his crotch when Anna wasn't around or watching.

A few months went by and Anna was still seeing Kenny. It was a Friday and Anna had a baby sitting job that night. Kathy and I decided to go to the after work party downtown that evening. Kenny played guitar for one of the bands that was going to be playing and after a couple of drinks we headed over to the stage where they were playing.

It was really hot and kathy was wearing a short white denim skirt, panties, a red top with no bra and her tennis shoes. She loves to dance so ofcourse she wanted to get right up front by the stage. I don't particularly care for the crowds so i told her to go ahead and I would be in the back.

She had had a few drinks and was really into the dancing. I watched as she danced around, her tits bouncing around and her nipples were hard. It was one of those "Come fuck me" dances and she was doing it right in front of Kenny.

I was talking with some people I knew when I realized that the band had gone on break. I looked over by the stage and didn't see Kathy anywhere, so I excused myself and headed over that way to see if I could find her.

I didn't see her so I walked around behind the stage where I saw the band members standing around drinking, but I did not see Kenny. I walked back where the cars were parked and in between two vans was Kennys car.

There was Kathy sitting on the hood of Kennys car in a liplock with Kenny. He already had her shirt pushed up over her tits with his hands all over them. She help him out by pulling it up on over her head as she took it off.

Kenny sucked on her nipples as one of his hands went between her spread legs. He pushed her panties aside and finger fucked her as he sucked on her nipples.

Kathy was undoing his jeans and trying to push them down as he continued to finger her pussy. This was going to be a quickie because he had to be back on stage soon.

I watched as Kathy slid off the hood, pulled her panties off and handed them to Kenny. He stuffed them in his pocket as he pushed his pants down. She was right about his cock, he was hung like a horse.

Kathy jumped back up on the hood of his car and spread her legs as he pushed her skirt up around her waist. You could hear one of the other guys hollering for him and telling him ten minutes.

He wasted no time pushing his cock into Kathy as she fell back on her back on the hood of the car with her legs spread. What a slut I thought, fucking your daughters boyfriend. Hell I didn't mind, it turned me on to see him fucking my wife and knowing he was fucking my stepdaughter to.

"Ohhhhhhh Fuck meee." she moaned as he worked his big cock into her. "I've been wantin to fuck you." he said. "You'll have to share with Anna cause I ain't givin up that pussy." he said as he fucked her. "God your fucking cock feels so good. I'll share it if I have to." she said.

"Five minutes Kenny." I heard someone yell.

Kenny had his cock buried in her as he fucked her. Kathy had her legs spread wide for him. "Ohhhhhhh god fuck my pussy Kenny, fuck meeeee. I want your cock sooo bad." she moaned. "Fuck yeah." he said as he pushed his cock deep into her and unloaded his cum into her pussy. "Maybe one day we will have a threesome." he said as he pulled his cock out and pulled his pants up. "A threesome." Kathy said. "Yeah, you, me and Anna."

Kathy laid there on the hood of his car looking at him with her legs still spread and his cum running out of her pussy onto his car as he ran to get back to the stage.

Hell I'd love to see that threesome I thought.

Kathy put her top back on, straightened up her skirt and headed back around to the front of the stage, she never saw me.

I snuck around behind her and walked up to her. "Where you been?" I ask. "Oh talking with some of my girlfriends." she said. "They got your panties." I said. She just looked at me and smiled. "Told you you wanted that cock."
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OMG I think I'm channeling Kathy...
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sexy story
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whens the next part????
got me v horny
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great story please post part 2 where they have a 3 sum cant wait
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Great story.
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Great story mate.
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Very arousing, reminds me of the first time I caught my wife!
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You have "Officer Material" Great story ! 3sum,next!
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Great story. Real fuckin' hot!
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