The story continues (See part 1 and 2)

Suki stood in front of me wet from where they had hose her down like an a****l, cleaning her dirty cum and piss covered body. Her nipples were hard with water dripping off of them and she looked hot wearing only here stilletto heels and slut collar.

"The bitch is clean and ready to go." one of them said. "We shoot the bitch up with junk to." said another one. That explained why Suki had a glazed look in her eyes when she came in, and her whole attitude had changed.

"Your little asain bitch girlfriend gonna be whorin tonight, ain't you bitch." "Yes" Suki said. "Bitch gonna make us some good money."

"Untie the boyfriend and and bring him along so he can watch his girlfrind whorin." one said. They untied me from the chair and took the gag out of my mouth. I was told not to interfere and not to say anything or they would bring me back and tie me up again while they whored out my girlfriend.

We left the building and headed down the alley towards the bar. Suki was still nude wearing only her heels and collar. As we we walked a group of young black teen boys were coming down the alley towards us and they were all checking out Suki.

"Yo bitch you hot." one boy said. "We fuck that bitch." another said. "You punks too young to fuck this." one of the guys said. "Shit we fuck that bitch good." one of the boys replied.

"Fucking k**s learning young." one guy said. "Nothing wrong with teaching them young what that asain pussy is for." another said.

"This fucking whore cost you money boys, got any." one said. No reply. "That's what I thought. Maybe another day we treat you to some of this bitch."

The boys went on down the alley and i admit it turned me on to imagine those black boys using Suki. I guess I am just perverted.

We headed down the alley with Suki and when we got to the bar it was closed. One of the guys knocked on the door and we were let in. Everyone was still partying and it looked like one big orgy. Everywhere I looked there were white and asain women sucking cock and getting fucked. Some were girlfriends, some wives and others just black cock lovers.

As we walked around we were approched by three guys shooting pool. The one guy who had brought us there was talking to them and I could hear them asking how much it would cost. I am not sure what he told him but the three of them handed him some money.

"Here's your bitch." he said as he grabbed Suki by the arm and stood her in front of them. The three of them surrounded her as we found a table near by and sat down.

I watched as they all felt her up, black hands all over her tits and ass and pussy. Suki squirmed between them as they explored her body, her nipples were hard and her hips moving against the hand rubbing her pussy. She was nothing more than a piece of meat for their pleasure.

One of them sucked on her hard nipples and then kissed her, Suki kissed him back pushing her tongue into his mouth. My cock was hard watching them work on her and it wasn't long before they had her on her knees on the floor. Without saying anything Suki worked quickly at getting their pants off and started sucking their cocks. "This bitch knows her place." one of them said as he looked down at her. "She definetly a fucking ho." another one said.

"Look at your fucking whore girlfriend sucking cock. She definetly a black cock lover." one of the guys at the table said. I had to agree and it was turning me on to see Suki used by them.

One of the guys grabbed her by her ponytail, pulled her up, pushed her face down bent over the pool table with her feet on the floor. He kicked her feet apart and spread her legs as he moved in behind her and started rubbing the head of his big black cock against her bald pussy. She was already wet and I watched as he pushed his cock into her.

"Fuck me whore." he said as he pushed his cock deep inside her. Suki screamed as he stretched her tight pussy and fucked her hard. Then he pulled out and stood back.

"Now fuck me cunt." he said. I watched as Suki pushed her hips toward him trying to find his big cock with her pussy. When she found it she worked her pussy onto his big cock and started fucking him. It was so hot to see her fucking him that way.

"Thats it you little nigga loving whore, fuck me." Suki fucked him, taking all of his black cock. I don't know if it was the d**gs they gave her or what but Suki was hot for his cock.

"Your girlfriend loves to fuck." one guy said. "She better cause that ain't the last dick she gonna get tonight." said another.

"You love that black cock don't you." the guy said as he watched Suki riding his cock. "Fucking right I love black cock." What a fucking slut I thought, but I liked it.

"Oh fuck bitch." he screamed as Suki pushed back and took all of his cock as he exploded into her pussy filling it with cum. As he pulled out his cum was running down Sukis thighs.

"I'm fucking the bitch next." one of the other guys said as he moved in behind her. Suki pushed back on his cock and started fucking him. "Hell yeah bitch, ride that black cock. Fuck me ho." he said as he slapped her ass. Suki rode his big dick like she was in heat, fucking wildly as he beat her ass red. "Fuck bitch." he said as he pumped Suki full of more cum. Cum drained out of her pussy and down her legs. Suki was being fucked like a cheap whore.

The third guy stepped up behind her and shoved his big cock up into her hot pussy. He had her shoved up hard against the table as he pounded her hard. "You fucking little whore." he said as he fucked her even harder. Suki was bent over the table moaning and screaming as he fucked her with no mercy. "You ain't nothin but a black cock cum whore." he screamed as he filled Sukis pussy with more cum.

After that it was a free for all as money was thrown on the table and Suki was fucked and used over and over and over. By the time everyone had left Suki laid on the bar floor covered from head to toe in cum. I wasn't sure how I would react to seeing her fucked and used like that but I have to admit it turned me on to see my girlfriend being a whore for all those black guys. I might have created a monster because Suki is wanting to do it again.
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4 months ago
I loved it I wish I was Suki and they all did me that way
4 years ago
i love it reece!
4 years ago
nice job u done with that mate,
u gota do a follow up thouhg,
maybe get suki fucked in the ass, pussy and mouth all at the same time by some dirty smelly fat black cocks, just know she would love that.
4 years ago
great story
4 years ago
Great job with the story!!
Thank you sooo much!
Luv it all!
4 years ago
great story.will there be more?