And the story continues. (See part 1)

Suki continued fucking hie fingers in front of me as he slowly worked her down to her knees on the dirty floor. "Thats it bitch, down on your knees where you belong." he said. As he was doing that the other guys had stripped and continued to drink and smoke weed as they circled around her in front of me.
Once he had her on her knees he pulled out his fingers and stood up with the rest of the guys there and removed his clothes. My cock was hard seeing Suki on her knees on that dirty floor surrounded by all those black guys. "Look at your little fucking cunt girlfriend now. Down on her knees like a whore." the leader of this group said. "Lets get this party started." one guy yelled. "Yeah, lets teach this bitch what it takes to be a whore." another said.
I watched as one guy got in front of her, grabbed her by her ponytail and started dick slapping her with his big black cock. "You gonna worship this black cock when we get done with you." he said. Tears ran down her cheeks as he continued to dick slap her hard and her face was red from the slapping. "Tell me what you are bitch." he said. Suki never replied. "Tell me bitch." Then he slapped her across the face with her hand. Suki cried on her knees in front of him. "Lock at me bitch. Tell me what you are." Suki looked up at him and said. "A whore." "Thats right, now look at your pathetic boyfriend and tell him." Suki looked at me with tears in her eyes and told me she was a whore. I didn't care, it was really turning me on to see her used that way.
He then grabbed her by her ponytail and d**g her over in front of me. "Suck my black cock." he said as he rubbed the head of his big cock over Sukis lips and then slapped her face with it. "Show your boyfriend how a whore sucks cock." he said as he f***ed his cock into Sukis mouth. I watched as grabbed her by the ponytail and started fucking her mouth. "Swallow that black cock you little cunt." he said as he tried to f***e his cock down his throat. Suki choked and gagged as he used her mouth for a fuck hole. Tears were running down her cheeks leaving long black streaks from her mascarra running.
"Show that bitch whos boss." one of the other guys said. They were all standing around her getting higher and higher as they watched and waited their turn.
I couldn't believe how it turned me on to watch him f***e his cock down his throat. She tried to push him back once with her hands but that didn't work as two other guys grabbed her arms and held them behind her.
He was wearing her down and slowly I watched her take his cock deeper and deeper into her throat. "Only a whore could swallow a big cock like that." he said as he worked his cock deeper. Slowly he fucked her mouth til her lips were pressed up against his big black balls. "Look at your girlfriend swallowing my cock." he said as he fucked Sukis mouth. He would pull it out and then push it down her throat til it disappeared again. I couldn't believe she was taking all of it but she was and it was turning me on to see her swallow his black cock.
"Turn the bitch loose and see if she has learned anything." he said as he pulled his cock out of her mouth and pulled up a chair about ten feet away and sat in it. The two guys holding her arms let go.
"Crawl over her whore and suck my black cock." I wasn't sure what Suki would do but she got on her hands and knees on that dirty floor and started crawling towards him.
"Look at your whore girlfriend crawling over here to suck my dick. What a slut." he said as she crawled in front of him. He held up his cock and told her to clean his balls. Suki moved closer and started licking his balls with her tongue. "Clean em good slut." he said as he looked down watching her. Suki licked and sucked his balls like a slut. As she was doing that a couple of the other guys had jacked off on her covering her back and ass with cum.
Suki continued to clean his balls with her tongue. "You might as well clean my dirty ass while your down there." he said as he slid down in the chair so she could get to his ass. I'm not sure if Suki liked being controlled like that but she didn't hesitate licking her way to his ass. I wanted to explode as I watched her licking his asshole with her tongue. "Push that tongue up in my ass and clean it good whore." he said. I watched as Suki licked around his asshole and then pushed her tongue up inside him. "Thats it you dirty fucking whore, clean my ass." Suki pushed her tonguge in and out like she was fucking his ass with her tongue. "Look at your girlfriend cleaning my black ass with her tongue."
Then he grabbed her ponytail and yanked her up to his cock. "Now suck my dick whore." he said. Suki grabbed his big cock and stroked it as she started sucking it. Time after time I watched as Suki swallowed his cock to the balls. It was a turnon seeing her suck him like that. "You cocksucking whore." he said as he grabbed her head and pushed his cock down her throat and started cumming. I could see Suki trying to swallow his cum but there was just to much and I could see it coming out of the corners of her mouth as he pulled his cock out. It dripped down her chin and onto her tits.
"Now lay down on the floor slut." Suki laid on the floor on her back as all of them stood over her. One by one they jacked off on her covering her with cum. It was a real turnon to see her dirty and covered with cum on the floor.
Then the guy she had sucked off stood over her and told her he hsd something else for her. I watched as he pissed on her face. "Open your mouth bitch." he said and she did. He pissed in her mouth til it was full and made her swallow it. He then pissed all over her tits and hard nipples working his way down her belly. "Spread your legs whore." he said and she did, letting him piss all over her bald pussy. It was nasty to see her lying there covered in piss and cum, but I loved it.
"Take her out in the alley and hose her down." he told the other guys. "The bar should be closing soon we gonna make some money off this ho."
I don't know where they took her but when they came back she was clean.

To be continued.
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4 years ago
im loving these stories they have my pussy soaking wet ive cum off of them 4 times already
4 years ago
im so fucking jealous
4 years ago
yes there is a part 3 coming up, and maybe more for our slut Suki.
4 years ago
awesome,way to go there a part 3?
4 years ago
ow, poor poor little suki?,
fuck that, she fucking loves it,
the bigger and the more black cocks the better for she likes it,
shes the top fucking slut whore anywere.
Great part 2 mate, just like suki, looking forward to part 3.
4 years ago
more more more please!
i love it so much