My stepdaughter Anna and I have become quite close since I fucked her. (Read STEPDAUGHTERS REVENGE) We talk about anything. Anna and my wifes younger s****r Joanna are only a year apart and hang out a lot together.
Joanna is a cute little thing about 5'-3" tall, 100lbs, small tits, tight ass and great legs. I admit I have had fantasies about fucking her.
Recently Anna and her went job hunting and I was a bit surprised when Anna told me that Joanna had decided to take a job at a local strip club dancing. Not what I was suspecting to hear but at the same time had me already imagining her up on a stage stripping. I figured I'd better stay away from that because even though my wife and I have an open relationship I wasn't sure how she would feel about me going to watch her s****r strip.
I never did go til Anna talked me into doing it, she said it would be fun and against my better judgement I went. Anna looked really hot in her short little skirt and tight top that showed off her big tits and I was alredy having thoughts of wanting to fuck her before we even left. She was definetly very sexual like her mom. When we got there Anna sat beside me next to the stage and we had a couple drinks waiting for Joannas turn to dance.
Finally it was her turn and at first I had a hard time looking at her, but as the clothes came off I couldn't take my eyes off her and I was throwing monney at her just like every other guy there. As Joanna danced in front of me shaking her ass and showing me her pussy Anna reached over and rubbed my hard cock through my pants. "I think you like her." Anna said. "Yeah I guess." I said feeling a little embarassment. What was not to like, my stepdaughter rubbing my cock and my s****r inlaw naked in front of me.
We stayed till Joanna got off and then we went to her apartment and had some drinks. Joanna was asking me what I thought of her dancing and And told her I thought she was hot. Then jokingly I told her that I was hoping I could have gotten a lap dance.
I certainly wasn't expecting what happened next as I watched both Anna and Joanna dancing and stripping in front of me. Anna came over and had me stand up, then as she danced in front of me as she removed my pants and got on her knees and sucked my cock. "Damn your good." I said as I looked down on her sucking me. She then got up, pushed me back on the chair and got on my lap. Anna started humping my hard cock and sliding her wet pussy up and down my cock, her big tits hung right in front of me and I couldn't keep my hands off the as I sucked her hard nipples. "I better sop or you'll be fucking me again." she said. "Your absolutely right." I said as she got up.
Next was Joanna as she came over and got on my lap. "We won't tell will we." she said as rubbed her pussy against my cock. "No we won't." I said. I couldn't help but grab her hips and grind my cock against her pussy as she was doing the same to me. I was hoping my cock would just slip up into her hot pussy. We kissed and I sucked her small tits and hard nipples as she continued to hump me. I was about to get off but she got up before I did.
As I sat there with my cock hard as a rock Anna walked over to Joanna and kissed her, and she kissed her back. Obviously they were closer than I thought. It was so hot watching them kiss and feel each other up. Anna was definetly in control as she pushed Joanna to the floor and got on top of her, her hand between Joannas legs and her finger up inside her. They kissed and then Anna worked her way down to her tits and licked and sucked them as she continued to fuck her. It was fucking hot watching them. Then Anna worked her way down til she was between Joannas legs licking her pussy. Joanna was humping her tongue as she licked her. I never dreamed of anything like this happening.
My cock was so hard and I just had to get in on the action, so I moved down on the floor and offered Joanna my cock, which she didn't hesitate in sucking. It was so hot seing my s****r inlaw sucking my cock and my stepdaughter eating her pussy. What a turn on.
"She's ready to fuck dad." Anna said as she looked up at me. We switched places and Joanna licked Annas pussy as as I got between her legs. I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs as I slid my hard cock into her. Her pussy was so tight and it felt so good around my cock. I couldn't believe it, I was fucking my wifes s****r and she was eating out her daughter. How fucking hot.
I fucked Joanna hard as I watched her eating Annas pussy. I couldn't hold out any more and as I shoved my cock deep in her pussy I exploded. At the same time Anna was getting off on her tongue. Being a slut must run in this f****y I thought as I realized that I had now been fucked by my wife, her daughter and her s****r. What a lucky man.
It took me a while to recover but when I did I slipped in Annas bed and fucked her that night to.
I guess it was fortunate that my wife was spending the weekend with one of her friends and she never found out what happened.
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11 months ago
What would happen if your wife found out about it?
3 years ago
agree with mikey ... loving this one
4 years ago
this i can get into
4 years ago
great story.
4 years ago
i love family stories
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