My wife and I had been on the road all day and decided to get a room for the night. We pulled off the interstate to find a room but all of the good motels were full and the only thing we could find was a cheap and sleazy looking place that was back behind a truckstop where all the semis were parked. It wasn't a place we would usually stay but I was dead tired.
After checking in and getting our room I jumped right into bed. My wife said she wasn't really that tired and that she was going to go next door to this lounge and and get us something to drink for later. I ask her if she was going to change because she was wearing this tight little denim miniskirt and a red tanktop with no bra on, she said she would be ok and left as I fell asl**p.
Needless to say I woke up a couple hours later and my wife was no where to be found so I got dressed and headed over to the lounge where she said she was going. When I went in the place was crowded with truckers and lot lizards looking to make some money. I went to the bar to get a drink and then looked around to see if I could find my wife, as I looked around I spotted her sitting in a booth in the corner with this huge guy with tattoos who looked like he hadn't had a shower in a week. Not the type of guy I would expect her to be with. He had her pinned in the corner kissing her and feeling her up, and she didn't seem to be resisting him.
When I walked over she sat up like she was surprised to see me. We have an open relationship and it was not the first time she has been with another man, but the look in her eyes was like I had never seen before. She had this wild and crazy look. After she straightened herself up a little she introduced me to Tom.
"You married this slut" he said. "Yes this is my wife" I said "No this is a slut. Right bitch." "Yes" she answered.
"Your slut wife owes me some money and she's going to fuck me for it. Aren't you bitch" he said. "Yes I'm going to fuck you" she answered. "Your wife is nothing more than another lot lizard like the rest of the women in here."
"What does she owe you money for" I ask. "This" he said, and he showed me a small baggie with some white powder in it. He could see i was surprised to see what he was showing me, and that explained the look in her eyes. My wife loves to drink but I had no idea she was into anything else. It was too late to do anything now and it was actually turning me on the way he was treating her.
"The bitch is a fucking whore for it and she'll do anything I want" he said.
I watched as he turned toward her and kissed her, and she kissed him back. She didn't seem to care he had his hand between her legs rubbing her pussy as they continued to kissing. Her breathing was geting heavy and she was moaning as he finger fucked her right there in the booth.
"You want my cock don't you" he said. "Mmmm yes" She answered. "You want to fuck me don't you." "Yes I want to fuck you" she answered. It was turning me on to see my wife being such a slut.
"Lets go fuck bitch" he said as he grabbed her by her arm and pulled her out of the booth. I followed them out the door and through the lot full of trucks. It was like walking into a different world and there were other women around engaging in different sex acts with other men. It was like a big orgy.
"You sure you want to watch" he said when we got to his truck. "It could get ugly" "I'll watch" I said.
He stood my wife in front of me as he stood behind her. I watched him reach around her and grab her tits, squeezing them hard. "You fucking cunt" he said as he ripped open her tank top, tore it off her and threw it on the ground. "I haven't had a married whore in a while" he said as he ran his hands down over her tits til he reached her skirt and unzipped it. My cock was so hard as I watched her skirt drop to the ground leaving her with nothing but panties on.
"Your wife is so fucking hot" he said as he reached around and ran his hand between her legs and ripped her panties off. She started humping his hand as he rubbed her pussy and fingered her. What a fucking whore" he said as he fingered her and she fucked his hand. I couldn't believe how hot she was.
By now a couple of other guys were watching and invited them over and ordered my wife to her knees to suck their cocks. She did as he said and sucked off both of them. Cum was running down her chin and onto her tits as she stayed on her knees in front of Tom. His pants were off and he grabbed her head and ground her face into his crotch. "That's how you like it isn't it bitch" he said as he ground his cock and balls in her face. "Yes" she answered. She licked his cock and balls as he held her head. His cock was every bit as big as he was, about eight inches and thick. my wife had a hard time getting it into her mouth but he f***ed it in anyway. "Damn your wife looks good with my cock in her mouth" he said. "She sure knows how to suck a cock, but I'm wanting her pussy bad."
He took her around to the front of his truck and had her bend over and put her hands on the bumper so her pussy was fully exsposed to him. He then moved behind her and spread her legs a little wider as he teased her by rubbing the head of his big cock against her dripping wet pussy. She wanted it bad as she tried to get on it but he wouldn't let her.
"Look at your slut wife trying to fuck me. I'd say she's wanting my cock aren't you bitch" he said "Yes fuck me" she screamed. I watched as he allowed her to work her pussy down onto his big cock, her pussy was stretched tight around it. "Damn your wifes pussy feels so fucking good around my cock" he said as she fucked him. It was such a turn on to see her fucking him the way she was, she was definetly being a slut.
He grabbed her hair and pulled on it as she fucked him. "You like my big dick don't you whore" he said "I love your big dick" she screamed. He pulled her hair and started fucking her hard, my wife fucked him back like she was in heat for him.
"Damn your wife is one hot fuck" he said as he had her slammed up against the grill of his truck fucking her hard. She moaned and screamed as he drove his big cock deep inside her and filled her full of cum. "What a fucking slut" he said as he pulled his cock out of her. I'd like to say that was the end but it wasn't. My wife had a few more truckers before we went back to our room that night.
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1 year ago
great story
2 years ago
3 years ago
very hot love noing there are other girls out there that a slut like me
3 years ago
3 years ago
I used to be a trucker ... would have loved to meet her ... or maybe I did ...
3 years ago
would love to hear or read a true to life story just like this. I have an ex who always wanted to go across country with a trucker and be traded from one truck to another as a cross country whore. Too bad she was nuts. Her temper was something I could not live with
4 years ago
more detail of her slut acts
4 years ago
great wife
4 years ago
Good girl
4 years ago
this one got me hard :)
4 years ago
wow that was fantastic would have loved to have been there maybe you can write hat went on 3iththe rest of the truckers there real wild thanks
4 years ago
loved to be there
4 years ago
very hot story, lets hear more.
4 years ago
That was so hot, my cock's as hard as a rock! You're a lucky guy.