I wasn't shocked when my wife called me at work and told me that she was out having lunch and some guy was trying to pick her up because it is something that has happened before. She loves to fuck other men and I don't mind. It only turns me on to know my wife is hot for another mans cock and it turns me on to know another man is fucking her.
What was different this time was that the guy was wanting to pay her for sex, something that had never happened before. I admit the thought of someone paying my wife for sex turned me on but I wasn't really sure just how she felt about it. He told her she could think about it and meet him at the same retaurant the next day if she was interested so we decided to talk about it that night.
When we went to bed we discussed what had happened. My wife has fucked other men so that wasn't an issue, the issue was getting paid for it. Like I said the idea turned me on so I ask her how she felt about it and she admitted that it kind of turned her on. I told her that if she did it that it would be prostitution and could she handle that, she said that wouldn't bother her. My response was that she fucks other men anyway so why not get paid for it once in a while. In the end I told her I would leave the decision up to her and if she wanted to do it I was fine with it.
The next day when I got home I went upstairs to our bedroom to change clothes and there on my dresser was was a crisp and new one hundred dollar bill. She had done it and it only turned me on to know that my wife truely was a whore now.
I was undressing when my wife walked in with a smile on her face. "You did it" I said. "Yes, does that bother you" "No" I said. "Did you like it?" "Yes" she answered.
My cock was already hard from just talking. "I think you liked what I did to" she said as she stared at my hard cock. "What you did was become a paid whore. Did you like that?" "Yes I did"
We were both naked as I ask her what she had to do for her money. She got down on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. "I sucked his cock for the money" she said. "Did you like being his whore?" "Yes I liked being his whore" she said. "Did you like sucking his cock" I ask. "I loved sucking his cock"
I moved her onto the bed, spread her legs and shoved my cock into her. "I'm gonna fuck you whore while you tell me about it."
She told me that she met him for lunch and drinks where he made her the offer of one hundred dollars for a blow job and she accepted. He told her it was a turn on for him to see another mans wife turn into a cheap whore for him.
"Are you a whore" I said as I fucked her. "Yes I'm a whore"
I fucked her hard as she told me how he took her to his limo and as they drove around downtown during the busy lunchtime she was naked and sucking his cock. My cock was so hard imagining my wife naked in the back of a limo sucking his cock and being his paid whore. I exploded into her as she told me how she sucked him off and swallowed his cum and then he stuffed a hundred dollar bill and a business card in her bra as he let her out. "If you'd like to make some more money call me" he told her.
When I as her if it was something she would do again she said she would and she did. I handed her the money and told her to keep it for herself because she earned it.
It was something I would never forget and that turned out to be very true because the guy was a local businessman who I see in his commercials on tv and it turns me on every time I see him to know he paid my wife to suck his cock.
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6 months ago
There is something very cool about knowing someone who thinks they fucked your wife illicitly... but actually you know and are laughing your ass off, enjoying the deliciousness of it!
1 year ago
Hmmmmm, a hundred dollar blowjob, sounds like a nice arrangement!
1 year ago
Fabulous. You should use the money for something symbolic. For example, my wife found herself in a similar situation at a club with her girlfriends. At first she refused, but then gave in under the pressure from her girlfriends. She sucked and fucked her way to $500 from a wealthy Arab man onc his yacht. She used the money to buy a beautiful diamond necklace...which she wears at family gatherings as a constant reminder to me that my wife is a true whore.
2 years ago
Amazingly hot story.
4 years ago
awesome, tell her to keep doing it. that's good money on the side
4 years ago
4 years ago
crazy u
4 years ago
4 years ago