My wife Kathy definetly loves to fuck, and since I have given her the freedom to have other men I never know what she will do next.
It was a Saturday and I had to work, but I finshed up early and figured I would surprise my wife. I was the one who would be surprised.
When I got home and wemt inside I didn't see Kathy anywhere so I went to the back of the house and there was my wife and our neighbors son Karl sitting on a sofa in out sunroom sucking face, I mean my wife had her tongue buried in his mouth and it was obvious they had no idea I was there.
Karl is a black boy who had been cutting our grass in the summer since he was probably 13 or 14 years old, and I am assuming that he was 18 because he just graduated highschool with my stepdaughter.
I positioned myself so I could watch and not be seen, it was such a turn on to watch that young black k** making out with my wife, feeling her up and slowly undressing her. He had my wife hot for him and it was a turn on to see my wife wanting him.
Kathy stood up in front of him completely naked as Karl sat on the sofe infront of him wering just a pair of shorts. "Damn you hot bitch" he said. "You make me hot Karl" she said. I watched her bend over and kiss him and then slowly lick her way down his body til she was on her knees in front of him. By this time I had my hard cock out working on it.
Karl looked down at my wife on he hands and knees as she removed his shorts, the k** was definetly much bigger than me. "You think I'm a slut" she said as she looked up at him. "You slut bitch" he answered. Kathy grabbed his cock and stroked it as she licked her way up the inside of his thighs til she reached his balls and started licking and sucking them. She was definetly hot for him and it was such a turn on to see my wife on her knees licking a young black k**s balls.
He watched as she started licking up and down his cock and then take it in her mouth and sucked it. His cock was a good 8" and very thick, Kathy had a hard time getting it in her mouth but she f***ed as much of it in as she could. "Damn you good bitch" he said as she sucked his cock. I couldn't believe Karl was calling my wife a bitch and a slut but it turned me on and it was obviously a turn on for both of them. Kathy rubbed his big cock all over her face smearing his precum all over it. Karl grabbed her head and f***ed her down on her cock. "Suck my dick bitch" he said as I watch him fuck my wifes mouth. It was a turn on to see karl trating my wife like a slut.
Kathy then got up on the sofa over top of him and giuded his cock towards her pussy as she tried to take him. I watched ass she managed to get the head of his thick black cock inside her, her pussy was stretched tight around it. "Oh god your cock is so big, but I want it" she said as she started to fuck him and taked more of his cock. She kissed him as she slowly took more and more of his cock in her and he sucked on her hard nipples as she started to fuck him. "Oh god" she kept screaming as she rode his big black cock. "Fuck me Karl fuck me" He grabbed her hips to pull her down on his cock, but she was still having a hard time taking him. "Your cock is so much bigger than my husbands" she said. "You like that bitch" "Oh yes" she answered.
Karl flipped her over on her back she spread her legs for him as he got between them. "You want my black dick bitch" "Yes I want your black dick. I want you to fuck me Karl". I watched as she grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy as he pushed it in. "Oh fuck me Karl" she screamed as he pushed his cock into her. "You like my black cock bitch" "I love your black cock" she said. Karl fucked my wife hard and fucked like I never could, it was a turn on to see her fucked that way.
When he was ready to cum he pulled out and shoved his cock in her mouth filling it full of cum. I came to from seeing my wife with his black cock in her mouth and his cum running down her chin and on her tits.
I went to clean myself up and give them time to do the same, when I walked in like I had just come home they both looked surprised. If they only knew.
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7 months ago
Would love to see my wife doing the same thing!
8 months ago
HELL YEA SEXY,sweetie!
1 year ago
She just has a really deep need and she's a man eater!
4 years ago
nice story
4 years ago
Im loving this story. U have to me.............Fiction or non-fiction?
4 years ago
nice story. i am writing an erotic novel myself, but hardly have tthe time. thanks for the post.
4 years ago