My wife Kathy was about 33 and I was 40 when this happened. We have an open relationship in which I allow her to have other men and I have discovered that she has a thing for younger guys which I guess I can't blame her. Our sex is always hot, but for me it is one and done. From past experiences I have found that Kathy love it multiple times and these young studs can give her what she wants. I don't have a problem because it turns me on to know my wife wants to fuck these young guys and it turns me on to know these young studs young enough to be my son are fucking the shit out of my wife.
It was a Saturday night and my wife had gone out with her girlfriends to party and look for some cock. It was around midnight when kathy called and ask me if I wanted her to bring someone home for a threesome. She said she was with this young guy named Mike who was 22 and that he said he didn't have a problem fucking her in front of me if that turned me on. Ofcourse my answer was yes, and an hour later Kathy arrives with her friend Mike.
As Kathy took a shower Mike and I had a drink and talked, he was curious as to why I would let my wife fuck other guys even thought he admitted that it always turned him on to imagine doing what we were about to do. I told him that kathy just loved to fuck and I didn't have a problem with her fucking other men. He said he couldn't understand it but that he had no problem fucking my wife. My cock was already getting hard from just hearing this young k** telling me he wanted to fuck my wife.
Kathy came out of the bathroom and was completely naked. Mike and I stripped and I threw a blanket down on the livingroom floor. As she stood in front of me I reached around and felt her tits as Mike stood in front of her, my hard cock was pressed up against her ass. Mikes cock was hard to as he stood looking at her. "Tell Mike your a slut and you love young cock baby" I said. "I'm a slut and love to be fucked by young guys like you Mike" Damn your hot" he said.
As I continued to work on her tits Mike kissed her and she kissed him back, her hand went for his hard cock and his hand was between her legs fingering her pussy. Kathy was breathing heavy and squirming between the two of us, she was definetly wanting to be fucked and we moved her down to her hands and knees on the blanket. I knelt in front of her as Mike knelt behind her, Kathy had my cock in her mouth sucking as I watched Mike rubbing his hard cock against her wet pussy. What a turn on it was for me to see my wife on her hands and knees for two cocks.
Mike slipped his hard cock into her and when he did she sucked me harder. "Fuck her like a slut" I said. "Thats how she likes it. Fuck her hard." Grabbing her hips Mike started to fuck her hard, and the harder he fucked her the deeper my cock went in her mouth. kathy was fucking him back like a slut in heat as she swallowed my cock like shes never done before. My cock was so hard watching this young stud fucking my wife that way. With each stroke he was driving her down on my cock. What a slut I'm maarried to I thought, but I love it. I watched as Mike finally pulled out and covered her ass with his cum.
Kathy waisted no time in rolling over on her back and spreading her legs in front of me. "Fuck me" she said "I'll fuck you, you cock loving slut" I got between her legs and slipped my cock into her already fucked pussy. It was a turn on knowing mike had had his cock in her already. As I fucked her Mike moved around so she could suck his cock. I fucked her hard as I watched her suck Mikes cock til he was hard again and then I shot a load of cum deep inside her.
I was exausted, but even after having been fucked twice Kathy was wanting more. Thank god for young Mike. My wife laid on the floor with her legs spread for Mike. "Fuck me Mike fuck me" she said. Mike grabbed her by her ankles and spread her legs wide as shoved his cock into her again. He fucked her hard as he pushed her legs back past her head and I watched as he buried his cock deep in my wife. "Oh god fuck me fuck me" she was screaming. "Fuck me hard." Mike fucked her hard and this time filled her pussy with his cum. When he pulled out I watched his cum run down her ass.
This time even young Mike was exausted so we told him he could stay the night downstairs if he wanted and we went upstairs to bed.
We fell to sl**p and about an hour later I woke to use the bathroom and my wife wasn't in bed. I went to the bathroom and then snuck down the stairs. When I peeped around the corner there I found kathy fucking Mike again, guess she wanted more cock. I never said anything so they didn't know I was watching, instead I just wacked off as I watched Mike fuck my wife one more time.
Like I said, my wife has a thing for that young cock and she has even gone as far as to fuck one of her friends 18 yearold son. But that is another story.
82% (43/10)
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12 months ago
At least YOU didn't have to sleep downstairs and have Mike stay in your room!
3 years ago
would like to hear more of your escapades
3 years ago
Great story. I used to be the kid, later on, the husband and now ... ah hell, I'll fuck whatever woman that will have me. Thanks.
4 years ago
very interesting
4 years ago
great story
4 years ago
very hot !
4 years ago
outstanding, definitely worth the read
4 years ago
Good story, keep it up!
4 years ago
great story lets he some more of them