Its no secret to me that my wife Kathy goes out and parties with other men, its a lifestyle we are into. She loves to fuck and I am turned on to other men fucking my wife.
We try to be somewhat discreet but once in a while she runs into friends we know and we have to make an excuse or let them in on our secret. One of those friends was Leon who I work with. As a friend he told me that he had been out at a bar and saw my wife with another man and from what he saw they were more than just friends.
Leon is black, he's married and he is a known womanizer and I know of atleast two married white women at work that he is fucking. They say he is hung like a horse and I admit I have from time to time got turned on imagining him picking up my wife and fucking her. Knowing how he is I let him in on our secret. He was surprised but said he understood and wouldn't tell anyone, but at the same time he ask me that if he saw my wife out that I wouldn't mind if he picked her up. I told him it wouldn't bother me but it would never happen bcause she has always told me she would never go black. "Thats what they all say." he said as he laughed. "She might surprise you."
I admit the thought of Leon fucking my wife turned me on but I knew it would never happen. That all changed one day when I came home from work and saw Leons car parked in front of our house.
After parking my car I was greeted at the door by my wife who was wearing black high heels, black thigh high stockings, black thong and a black bra with the nipples cut out. She looked so hot and slutty. I as her what was going on and she took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom where Leon was lying naked on our bed.
"Told you she might surprise you." he said. "I thought you might figure out that if I ran into her in a bar that it was a black bar, and that guy she was being more than friends with was me." I couldn't believe what was happening but at the same time my cock was starting to get hard.
"Come here slut and suck my black cock." I watched as Kathy got onto the bed and started working on his cock. It was so hot seeing my wife stroking his big cock and taking it in her mouth. It was obvious she wanted his cock by the way she sucked him. Licking up and down his cock and licking his balls, cleaning up any precum with her tongue.
"I have been fucking your wife for months and she is definetly a slut. But that's what you like isn't it." "Yes." I answered.
I watched as Leon grabbed my wifes head and started fucking her mouth til she was choking on his cock. It was definetly true about what everyone said and his cock looked to be a good 10". There was no way Kathy could take it all in her mouth but Leon was forcing as much as he could into it. It was such a turn on to see him fucking her mouth that way.
Kathy sucked his cock like a slut, her lips coated with his cum. It was obvious my wife wanted him and it turned me on to see her hot for a black cock.
"Fuck me bitch." he told her. I watched as she got over top of him and straddled his cock. Reaching down she grabbed his big cock and stated rubbing the head of it against her pussy. "Fuck it bitch." His big cock stretched her pussy as she worked to get it inside her. "Oh god!" she moaned as she started to fuck him. "You love my black cock don't you." "Yes I love your black cock." she said as took it even deeper. He grabbed her hips and pulled her down on him til she had all of it. She worked her hips back and forth and up and down as she fucked him, fucking him like a slut. His cock was covered with her cum as she was having orgasam after orgasam.
"Tell your hubby you love black cock bitch." "I love black cock." she said as she looked over at me. It was so hot watching her fuck him.
"Now I'm going to fuck you bitch." he said as he rolled her over and got on top of her. "Look at your slut wife spreading her legs for my black cock. You are definetly married to a slut." Kathy grabbed his cock trying to guide it in her. "Look at her trying to get my dick in her. Your wanting my black dick aren't you slut." "Yes I want your black cock" she said
He started fucking her and the deeper he went the wider her legs spread. "Oh fuck me, fuck me hard. I want your black cock." He fucked her hard, driving his cock all the way up in her. She moaned and screamed as he fuck her like a slut.
"I love fucking your slut wife." he said as he slammed his cock up in her. My cock was so hard watching him fuck kathy that way.
"My boy is getting ready to graduate highschool and I'm thinking about sharing your wife with him. Would you fuck him bitch?" "Yes I would fuck him." she said. I couldn't believe I was hearing that.
Leon continued to pound my wifes pussy and I was stroking it too as I watched his black cock sliding in and out of my wifes pussy. What a slut, but I loved it.
He fucked her hard til I saw him shove it deep as he could and hold it there as he emptied his cum deep in my wifes pussy. He must have shot a gallon of cum into her because when he pulled out his cum was running out of her pussy like a stream.
I was definetly surpried about what happend, but I was also very turned on. Leon did say before he left that he was serious about his boy. I hate to admit it but the idea of him and his son fucking my wife does turn me on. Guess we'll just have to wait and see if that happens.
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12 months ago
Maybe the son and your step-daughter and his dad and your wife would be a safe supervised introduction for her to become more like Mom!