"Fuck yea white boi, suck my big nigger cock." he said as he looked down on me sucking his cock.

"You know you was born to be a bitch for black men just like your women don't you."

"Yes" I answered him.

He started fucking my mouth as I sucked him pushing the head of his cock to the back of my throat. "Comon you white fag bitch, suck my dick."

I knew what was coming as he grabbed the back of my head and started to f***e his cock down my throat. I gagged and choked as he tried to push it deeper.

"Swallow my black cock cunt." he said as he held my head and used my mouth as a fuckhole. I gagged and puked all over his cock as he pushed it deeper.

"Fuckin bitch, clean your mess up." he said as he pulled his cock out and stood back. Puke covered his cock and balls and was running down his legs.

"Clean it bitch." he yelled.

I started licking the puke off his legs and worked my way to his cock and balls, cleaning him with my tongue and swallowing it.

"Fuck yea, you the niggas bitch ain't you boi."

"Yes I'm your bitch." I answered.

"You a slut for the black mans dick aren't you."

"Yes I'm a slut for black mans dicks." I said.

With that he grabbed my head and slowly but f***efully worked his cock in and out of my throat til my lips were pressed up against his balls. I had totally submitted to him.

It wasn't long before his cock exploded and he used my throat to dump his cum. I swallowed his cum and then cleaned his cock and balls with my mouth and tongue before he left, taking my clothes and leaving me naked.
85% (27/5)
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1 month ago
The first time you serve a Black dick, you are never the same again. You spend the rest of your life deferring to Black men in every possible way.
4 months ago
wow that was so exciting made me cum all over my panties and I love to stop at rest areas I've suck to may cocks there and I have even had my ass pussy fucked goo there
5 months ago
What a slut. Did you report to your wife how he used you? How many more cocks did you suck off and how many loads did you swallow in the woods that day? Bet the stud told other guys you where there and wiling to suck and swallow. LOL
9 months ago
I too love sucking off black guys in rest areas one of my favorite past time. :-)
11 months ago
Jack here. I am so hard. I wish I could find that rest area. I love a dom guy like that.
1 year ago
got me horny..wish I was there
1 year ago
I am so so so so wet right now!
3 years ago
So fucking hot, I have many times thought about something like that happening to me, really hope it do. Black cock is the best and they really know how to use a white bitch like myself.
3 years ago
3 years ago
another wm shoots a load thinking about sucking a blk mans cock