It always turned me on to think of my wife Kathy fucking other men and to imagine other men fucking her. After six years of marriage I finally got up the nerve to bring up the subject and to my surprise Kathy seemed open to be open to the idea.
Kathy was 26 at the time, auburn hair, 120 lbs, 5'-6", 32b tits, nice ass and very hot legs. She was a flirt and other guys flirted with her which I didn't mind. I was a little older at 33.
I put an ad in a swingers mag and in no time was getting requests from mostly single men wanting to meet. It was a turn on to imagine all those men wanting to fuck my wife and Kathy was even getting turned on hearing what these men wanted to do to her. Eventually we decided to meet with a 21 yearold guy named Rick who lived nearby.
We met Rick about a week later at a local strip club and after a couple hours of drinking we left and went to Ricks apartment. Rick and I had another drink while my wife showered and shortly thereafter she walked into the room completly naked. There was no shame on her part about what we were getting ready to do and that turned me on.
Kathy came over and sat between Rick and I an the sofa and in no time we both had our hands all over her. What a turn on it was seeing seeing Rick kissing and feeling up my wife and she was loving it too. Her pussy was dripping wet as we both fingered her. It was a little awkward for all of us so I suggested that Rick take my wife to his bedroom to get better acquainted and I would join them later. as I sat on thr couch I watched Rick take my wife to his room.
It seemed like an hour but it was only twenty minutes before I couldn't wait any more. My cock was so hard wondering what they were doing. When I opened the door I found them botn naked on the bed, Rick was laying on his back with his legs spread open and my wife between them sucking his cock like a slut. As she sucked his cock I reached between her legs and found her pussy to be hot and dripping wet. It was obvious Kathy was into what was going on and that really turned me on.
Kathy rolled over and spread her legs for me to fuck her, she was wanting some dick in her hot pussy. What a slut I thought as I rammed my hard cock up into her and watched as Rick face fucked my wife. It wasn't long before I was filling her hot pussy full of cum as I watched her swallow Ricks cock. Kathy was wanting more dick in her pussy and I watched as she got up on the bed and spread her legs for Rick. What aturn on it was to see my wife spread her legs for another man.
Rick fucked my wife hard and she fucked him back like she was really wanting his cock bad. I watched my wif e take his cock and eventually take his cum deep in her pussy. It was a real turn on to see Kathy fucked that way.
I figured that was probably the end of our evening because between my wife and I it is usually once and done, and I thought that having both of us was probably enough for my wife. But it wasn't.
My wife wanted more and in no time had young Ricks cock hard again. I never dreamed of Kathy wanting to fuck like that but she turned me on to watching her fuck Rick four times that night. I was married to a cock loving slut and that turned me on.
When we got home Kathy admitted to me that she loved fucking Rick, she loved having two cocks at once and she loved me watching her fuck someone else. I couldn't believe it but I loved it.
My wife showed me just how much she loved it when she called Rick on her own and made plans for us to meet him again. That was just the begining.
96% (30/1)
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2 months ago
I Love the story and just how much your Wife Kathy reminds me of my Late Wife, Alice... My Wife Loved having threesomes. Whether it was with me & her best friend, me, her and my best friend and even in a threesome with the neighbor's Big Furry St. Bernard! She was molested by her Daddy and I by Grandma, my own Mom and an Older Man, the first time when I was just eight years old... but none of that compared to when Alice and I would play with and pleasure ourselves with our Daughter!
As anyone can imagine, I do have a treasure trove of memories that I Jack Off & Cum too... Regularly!
3 months ago
Very hot story. I agree with the others and will read your other postings.
5 months ago
That's a wonderful moment indeed.
11 months ago
Me too! Great start I'm ready to read 'em all!
2 years ago
Great story! I'm going to read the rest.
2 years ago
Hot lucky man
3 years ago
4 years ago
interesting but i am to posesive(sp) to let it happen
4 years ago
That was great she really loves have her cock wow you are great this is hot thanks
4 years ago
so fucking hot when you see her fucking back, her pussy responding to his hard on, then you know she is really into it, and so hot seeing a new dick in that familiar pussy, her writhing on his new shape. great
4 years ago
My wife loves meeting younger men and she has no problems letting these guys explore any fantasy they have with her!
4 years ago
My wife and I did the same thing with the lead singer of a band.