I can't exactly tell you why but as a white male I have always seen black men as dominant and that I should submit to them. My desire to submit was so strong that it eventually led to me doing it. There was no hesitation on my part to get down on my knees for him as it felt like what I was suppose to do. From that day on I knew it was what I was suppose to do and it seemed like they could sense my submissiveness to them.

Recently I was traveling and stopped by a roadside rest. It was late in the afternoon and it wasn't very crowded.

I went into the bathroom and as I was standing at the urinal a big black man came in and step up to the urinal beside me. He was a good six inches taller than me and I could feel him looking down on me. I kind of looked up at him and he gave me that "What you lookin at white boi." look. I knew I couldn't deny him if it came to that and it did.

He kind of rolled his eyes inviting me to look at his cock and I couldn't resist, he knew I'd give him what he wanted. When I saw that big black cock I knew what I was suppose to do.

"Comon bitch." he said as he headed out the door and I followed. He led me down a dirt path through the woods behind the rest area. I don't know if anyone saw us going there and really didn't care.

"Strip them fuckin clothes off you white fag." he told me. I did as he said and was soon naked in front of him. While I was stripping he had removed his pants.

"Come here and get on you knees where you belong white boi." he said. I got down on my knees in the dirt in front of him.

"Suck my big nigga dick white boi." he said as he slapped my face with it. I immediatly started licking his balls and cock like a slut.

"Suck it bitch."

I put my mouth around his hard cock started to suck him off.

78% (27/7)
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4 months ago
Typical cuckold sissy bitch. You must have cuckold written all over your face. He knew as soon as you looked at him. The eyes always give it away. Did you tell your wife you you played slut for a stud?
8 months ago
Nice story, I do travel a lot I love going to rest areas at night usually around 3 AM love doing black guys in the rest area. So hot not to get caught. :-)
12 months ago
mmmmm...luv the outdoors
2 years ago
u lucky guy i have travel a lot n stop at a lot of roadsides but never happen to me always empty or to manny people
2 years ago
god i love that!
2 years ago
sounds good but it was to much on your side of the story to be believable and actually true for word for word am sure it was close to the event but not as interesting hey maybe if he spoke his first words to u like " u looking to get down with this" and shook his big black snake at u in the begining i would total belive that would or could happen but the whole " follow me bitch thing" to start with after what u looking at whitey" would of robable got home skillet one foot straight to the fam jewels and am as sumissive as they come and cholate pole is prob. my most desirable treats bud, gots to show a little respect to be break ground then am slutfag what ever u want it just feeds most sub dont u think anyways good story keep at it and excuseme if am mis judge it but am have abilty to see through written or spoken things like no other late man!
2 years ago
i have actually had this happen several times,because i went looking for it,i had a sexy black man tell tell me i was the best dick sucker ever.....i still have a smile
3 years ago
Mmmm.I have also had a very powerful urge to be treated like that by a black, or a Mexican stud! It just seems right, somehow, to be submissive like that. (I mean, we as whites have been such jerks towards other races---collectively, that is.) I guess there's this part of me that feels that giving a black guy's cock a great blow-job would make a start towards attonement. Maybe it's just a sterotype, but black guys seem to have bigger dicks that us white guys, and I like big dicks, and so, that's probably part of the attraction!
3 years ago
Hot start looking forward to more thanks
3 years ago
I also can not resist dropping to my knees when a Black man shows me his cock. Please continue with the story.
3 years ago