Its another Friday and here I sit in an empty motel room waiting for my wife Kathy and her boss James to come in from a night out. Kathy recently turned 35 and her boss James is a hung and young black man at 28. James is hung with a thick 9" cock that Kathy is addicted to.

This is not the first time I have done this, Kathy was only 26 the first time I watched her fuck another man. I am 9 years older than her and that night I watch as she fuck a young 21 year old guy over and over for hours. I had no idea she loved to fuck that way, and it was obvious I wasn't going to be able to satisfy my young wife the way she wanted.

It was the next day when I gave her my permission to see other men for sex. and she did. From then on it became a part of our marriage and Kathy was not goint to give it up. She told it was my idea and I just needed to accept that it was the way it was going to be. I accepted, and now its the way it is.

Kathy has been fucking James for about a year and she's addicted to his big black cock. She's a slut for his big cock, and not only does he love fucking her but he loves making me watch what a slut my wife is for him.

When he wants to fuck my wife he calls and tells me to get him a room and whatever else he wants me to get for him. Then he comes to the house to pick her up and I get their room ready for them. So here I sit waiting.

About two in the morning I hear the door open and I sit in the corner as if I am not there. Its obvious that Kathy has had a few drinks, and she looks like a whore with her face all painted up and wearing the tight little dress she had on.

James wasted no time in moving her over in front of so I could watch. He kissed and she kissed him back as he ran his hands dowm her back and over her ass, feeling her up in front of me. I watched as he pulled her dress up to her waist and ran his hands over her bare ass. My cock was hard watching him feel up my wife in front of me, and Kathy had her hand down his pants stroking his cock.

"You want my big black cock don't you." he said

"You know I want your big cock James." she answered. "I love black cock."

"Call me boss bitch." he yelled. "Yes boss." she answered.

He then pulled her dress up over her head and removed it, her panties and bra must have been removed while they were out. She stood naked in front of as he pulled his shirt and pants off, Kathys eyes were on his big black cock swinging between his legs.

"You want it don't you slut." he said. "Yes boss."

"Thats right, I'm your boss and your just a cheap white whore I hired to fuck me." he said.

"Get on your knees whore and show your hubby what you do at work." he told her. Kathy got down on her knees in front of him and started sucking his cock.

"Look at the fucking whore you married sucking my black cock." he said. My cock was so hard seeing her on her knees with her mouth around his black cock sucking him.

"Before you suck me off slut lick this off my cock." I watched as he spread a white powder down the length of his cock. Kathy started at the head of his cock and cleaned the powder off of it with her tongue.

"You like that shit don't you slut." "Yes" she answered.

"By the time you suck me off you'll be ready to fuck all night and hubby will see what a whore you are."

He grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth, as the d**gs kicked in Kathy was taking his cock deeper and deeper.

"Thats it whore, show hubby how you suck my cock." he said. I couldn't believe what I was seeing as I watch her suck and swallow his cock to his balls.

"Suck my cock you cheap fucking whore." he said as he grabbed her head and pushed his cock down her throat. Kathy swallowd and sucked him as he emptied his cum down her throat.

"Show hubby how you love that black cum." She swallowed all of it and licked his cock clean.

"You want fucked don't you." he said.

"Yes I want fucked." she answered.

"you want to fuck my friends too."

"Yes I want to fuck you and your friends." she answered.

James got on the phone and started calling.

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8 months ago
Cool start to a story, like the white powder on his BBC and need to service him as well as anyone he seems fit to do your woman :-))