It was a Friday night and there I was where I belong, down on my knees between my wife Kathy and master Glenn. Kathys tongue was buried deep in his mouth as I worked on his big cock, preparing him to fuck my wife.

Kathy loves big dicks and she has made it clear to me that I can no longer satisfy her and I will accept that she will have other men to satisfy her sexual needs.

Of all her lovers Master Glenn is the one who has taken control of my wife. Kathy worships his big cock and he has turned her into his personal fuck slut. She craves his big cock and will do anything he wants for it. I have to admit that it turns me on to see how he controls her and uses her, but at the same time he controls and uses me.

"Look at your sissy bitch husband down on his knees sucking my cock like a fucking slut" he said as he pushed her away from him.

Kathy laughed. "Yes, he's a pathetic little cocksucking bitch and a poor excuse for a man."

He grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth, his big cock pushing into mt throat. "You love to see me use him like this don't you."

"Fuck yes!" she answered.

He shoved his cock deeper til my lips were pressed against his balls with his big cock down my throat. "I'm gonna fuck your slut wife just like I'm fucking your mouth." he said.

"Get on the bed and show me you want my cock slut." he told Kathy. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and turned my head so I could see her. Kathy was laid back on the bed with her legs spread wide.

"Look at your slut wife spreading her legs for me."

"You want my cock don't you slut." he said to her.

"Yes I want your big cock." she answered.

"You want me to fuck you don't you."

"Yes I want you to fuck me." she answered.

He then made me get on the bed beside her. "Lick your slut wifes cunt and make it wet so I can fuck her." he said. I leaned over and licked her already hot cunt, she was definetly wanting it because it didn't take long to get her juices flowing.

As I licked her cunt he got between her and I found the head of his big cock nearly touching her cunt as I licked her. I knew what I was suppose to do as I took the head of his hard cock in my mouth and made it wet.

"Thats a good bitch, you want me to fuck your slut wife don't you. he said.

"Yes I want you to fuck my wife." I answered.

"Put my cock in her cunt sissy bitch."

I grabbed his cock and guided it into her cunt. I licked the head of his cock and her cunt as he pushed it in a little and then pulled it out.

"Fuck me, please fuck me." Kathy begged.

"Listen to your slut wife begging for my cock."

"You want my cock don't you slut." he said to her.

"Yes I want your big fucking cock." she answered.

"You are a slut aren't you."

"Yes I'm a fucking slut." she answered.

He then pushed his cock up inside her.

"OH fuck, fuck me." she screamed as her legs spread wider and she fucked back.

"You fucking nasty whore." he said as he shoved his cock deep inside her.

"Oh god, fuck me fuck me hard." she screamed.

I licked his big cock and her hot cunt as he slammed it in and out of her. It was a turn on to see my wife being a slut for him.

"Your wife is is such a nasty dick loving slut and her cunt feels so fucking good wrapped around my big cock." he said as he fucked her harder. Kathy was fucking him back and taking every inch of his cock.

He shoved his big cock up into her to his balls and held it there as Kathy jerked and screamed as he filled her hot cunt full of hot cum.

As he slowly pulled out my tongue was all over his cock cleaning off his cum and hers, and as the head slipped out I quickly took it in my mouth and suck the rest of his cum into my mouth and swallowed it. Then as his cum dripped out of Kathys fucked cunt I lapped it up and swallowed it to.

Master Glenn has turned me into a cuckold cumslut.

88% (65/9)
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2 months ago
love it lovely story for shaging
5 months ago
See my blog. My wife told me my little cock was not satisfying her. I became her pussy cleaner and her lovers sub bitch.
7 months ago
HOT wife!
9 months ago
I keep reading this, wishing I was watching(helping) my wife being fucked!
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Our black master loves to make me beg him to fuck my wife.
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Like slut stories! This one is awesome... XXOO Bobbie
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awesome story
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Very hot
3 years ago
exactly what I love doing except that black man pulls it out of the white pussy and uses my faggot mouth for cum disposal. I crave it!
3 years ago
Excellent story! Please fuck my wife!
3 years ago
i loved your story, it is my favorite subject
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Life is goood...
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You're a cock slut just like me!
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Yes I love watching you fuck my wife. She craves your big cock and fucks you like a slut because you can satisfy her like I never could. I now serve your cock for the pleasure of my wife. I see the desire in your eyes for my stepdaughter.
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