What is being a cuckold mean? I have always had a desire for my wife to have sex with other men and she did for several years. It was a turn on for me as much as it was a turn on for her. Now that I look back I was a cuckold because I allowed my wife to have other men in her life who she had sex with. Some were boyfriends, some old friends and some just one night stands.

While she was out with her boyfriends getting fucked I was at home watching our daughter and getting turned on wondering what another man was doing with my wife. I also was turned on by the anticipation of when she got home so she could tell me all about what went on. The thought of getting only seconds from my own wife was a turn on as was finding out that she was barebacked and her pussy was full of another mans cum. I would also help her get dressed to go see her friends.

So I guess I was a cuckold but didn't realize it.

Would like to hear from other men who get the same pleasure from other men fucking their wives, and would like to hear from wives whos husbands let them have other men. Is it as much a turn on and a desire as it is for your husband.

I'd have to think that if a wife would agree to do it that the desire for other men was already there. I believe my wife had the desire and I just gave her the freedom to do what she was already wanting to do. She always said she was lucky to have her cake and eat it to.

Let me know what you think.
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1 year ago
see my stories!
2 years ago
Great story id love to be the next bull in your life
2 years ago
I certainly have experienced the being home, and so aroused I could not stop wondering is she was being fucked at that very moment. Which she probably was.
3 years ago
I have written so far 25 stories of my wife cuckolding me , all true and have taken place over the last 34 years we have been married. Cuckold Lifestyle 1 thru 25 more to come
3 years ago
sounds familiar to me,i guess i can relate to this
3 years ago
Sounds like a very Hot Wife ,I love her. The idea that shes a mom fucking guys makes it naughty .Getting seconds is so sexy ,watching her with a hard cock in her pussy and hearing her moan makes you so hard.
4 years ago
sex is good, people need to share
4 years ago
There is nothing hotter than watching my slut wife and her black studs… Her pussy is so sweet and sensitive afterword’s… My slut deserves the best and gets it…
4 years ago
the wife deserves the pleasure of a well hung stud you have to keep them happy
4 years ago
I'll take that as a compliment
4 years ago
I think you're married to a whore.
4 years ago
An adventurous lady is a good thing.