I am posting this fantasy story for tnanna here on xhamster. Anna Marie is a 33yr old submissive, cocksucking housewife from tennessee who likes it rough and like to be used by other men.

From her profile pics you can see she is a hot blue eyed blonde with a hot ass, shaved pussy and nice tits with big nipples.

We agreed to meet and her husband didn't seem to have a problem lending me his wife for a night. I had booked a secluded cabin in the mountains and invited some friends to meet us there.

Anna was just as hot in person as she looks in her profile pics, and on the way to the cabin I stopped at a sex shop to get her something else to wear besides the bluejeans and sweatshirt she was wearing. Inside I found her a pair of skin tight silky red shorts and a white seethrough tube top.

They didn't have changing room so she had to use the mensroom. I made her strip down and hand me her clothes which I pitched in the trash. I couldn't help but let her stay in there naked for a while as guys went in and out before I gave her her clothes. She looked so fucking hot when she came out.

"I feel like a whore." she said. "You are a fucking whore." I told her. "You think so." she said. "I know so bitch." By the look on her face you could see that she sensed my change in attitude towards her.

Everyone who came in was stareing at her. Her tight little shorts were stretched tight against her ass and the material between her legs was sucked up in her pussy. The shear material of her top revealed her tits and her hard nipples nearly pushed through it. A pair of high heels were added and we were ready to go.

"Pay the man." I told her. "But I don't have any money." she said. "Then suck his dick. That should cover the cost." The guy behind the counter nodded yes and Anna was quickly down on her knees with his cock down her throat.

"What a fucking whore." I said as I watched her suck him off and swallow his cum. Anna then cleaned his cock and balls with her tongue like a pro before we left.

The drive to the cabin took a couple hours and I had Anna drink a special mixed drink I had made for her to loosen her up. I think she was a little surprised when we pulled up to the cabin and she saw about a dozen black guys on the porch drinking and smoking dope. Anna was feeling the drinks so I helped her out of the car to the porch.

"Dis da fuckin marrried white whore." one said. "Yea man, you like." I said. "Fuck yea, dis a fine white cunt. Your hubby know you a nigger lover." he said as he stood beside her and ran his hand down over her ass. Anna jumped a little when he touched her. "Easy bitch, you got a long night ahead of ya."

"The bitch is yours" I told him. "You hear that cunt, your mine now." he told her. "Aint nothin hotter than a married white cunt being a niggers whore."

I found me a place on the porch where I could watch. Nothing turns me on more than seeing a white wife used and abused by black men. Anna Marie was about to be one of them.

I watched as they all gathered around her, and there was nothing she could do to stop them. One of the men grabbed her arms, pulled them behind her back and cuffed them. As he held her another one ripped her top off as a couple more ripped off her shorts. "You fine lookin married white cunt." one said. "Fuck yea, nother white for black fucking." another said.

They were all over her, one kissing her, several feeling up her tits and ass and one had his fingers up her pussy. Anna squirmed as she was held there. "You gonna be a black cock bitch when we done with your married white ass." one guy told her. It was a turn on to see them all over her, and by now they were all naked.

"Get down on your knees for nigger cock you white trash pig." the guy holding her said. Anna hesitated just a little and he pushed her face down into the dirt. "Get on your knees bitch." he told her.

Anna struggled trying to get to her knees with her hands cuffed behind her, and as she rolled around on the ground several of them pissed all over her. "Fucking white pig." one guy told her as he pissed all over her face and then pushed it into the dirt. "Get on your knees cunt." a guy told her as he grabbed her hair from behind and yanked her up. Annas face and tits were covered with dirt and piss.

One of them stood in front of her, his big black cock hanging in front of her face. "Tell me your a nigga lovin white whore." he said as he looked down on her. The guy behind her grabbed her by her hair and yanked her head back so she was looking up at him. "Tell him what you are cunt."

Anna looked up at him and said. "I am a nigger lovin white whore." "I couldn't fuckin hear you bitch." he said as he slapped her face with his hand. "I am a nigger lovin white whore." she answered.

"Thats right, another nigga lovin white wife." he said as he slapped her face with his cock. "Suck my black dick cunt." he said as he rubbed the head of his cock accross her lips, smearing the with precum. "Taste that nigga juice pig."

Anna opend her mouth as he pushed the head of his cock into it. She licked around the head of his cock and then down to his balls. "Thats it you fuckin slut, you wantin that nigger dick." he said as he grabber her head and ground her face against his balls. "Fuckin white cunt." he said as move up and and rubbed his ass in her face. "Cleand my ass you fuckin slut." I watched as Anna tongued his asshole. "Thats it, push that tongue up my ass and eat my shit you cheap ass whore." Anna rimmed his asshole. "Fuckin nasty shit eatin whore."

He then yanked her head up and shoved his cock in her mouth. The guy behing her held her head as he started fucking her mouth. I could hear Anna gagging as he pushed his cock deeper. "Fuck that bitches mouth." I could hear one guy yell. "Lets do the fucking whore." another yelled. They were all starting to get into it.

He grabbed Annas head and started forcong his cock down her throat. I could hear her gagging and choking as he did but that didn't stop him. "swallow my black cock cunt." he yelled.

The guy holding her head pinched her nose shut as the other one f***ed his cock down her throat. I watched as inch by inch his cock disappeared down her throat as she choked and gagged. It really turned me on to see her used like that.

Anna finally relaxed her throat and I watched as his cock slid down her throat to the balls. "Fuck yea, swallow that big nigger cockyou nasty white cunt." he yelled. Cum and spit ran down her cheeks and chin as he fucked her mouth like a cunt. I watched as he pushed his cock down her throat and held it there as he shot his load down her throat. "Swallow that nigger seed whore." he told her as he held her head and f***ed her to swallow his cum. When he pulled out he wiped his cum on her already dirty face. "The dirty cocksucking white trash whore is yours guys." he said.

I watched as the rest of the guys circled around her. On her knees and with her hands still cuffed behind her there was nothing she could do. I kind of felt sorry for her but she was getting what she deserved and wanted.

One by one they f***ed their big cocks down Annas throat and used her mouth for a fuck hole. I admit it turned me on to see her used that way. They covered her in cum and pissed all over her. When they were done she lay there in the dirt covered with piss and cum and her hands still cuffed behind her.

But they wern't done with her and the story will continue if Anna Marie tells me to finish it.
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WhoreKuntWife training time and CuckHubby can't wait to see her Nigger cock used again !!!!!!!!
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mmmhh this story made me wet ;)
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wild story
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OMG would love to be used with her by all those nasty black cocks. yummy cum for me.
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Hmmm.. tell Him to finish slut!!
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