My wife Kathy worked at a carpet store as a salesperson and quite often would go out with contractors, clients and other men that she came in contact with there.

A lot of times she would let me know that she was going out with someone after work and she would take clothes with her to work to change into. After everyone left she would use her bosses office to change in. On average at that time I'd say she was going out a couple times a week and her sales definetly showed the results.

What Kathy didn't know was that Joe, a big black guy who worked in the warehouse, often stayed over filling orders for the next day and had been spying on her. Eventually I guess he couldn't take it anymore and he walked in on her one night. He told her he knew what she was doing and that he wanted in on the action. She admitted to him that he was right about what she was doing but that she would never fuck no nigger.

When she told me about it my cock started to grow immediately. She told me she would never go black, but for me the ultimate turn on is for a black man to have my wife.

He called her a slut that night and told her that if she kept fucking around like she was eventually some nigger was going to take her pussy wether she wanted it or not.

One night shortly after that my wife and I decided to go out to a local strip club for some drinks. Kathy was looking especially hot with her short little white white mini skirt and red tubetop with no bra.

While I sat next to the stage watching the girls dance Kathy was flirting and having drinks with other men. I didn't mind, it only turned me on to know they were wanting to pick my wife up and fuck her.

We hadn't been there too long when Joe walked in and came over and sat down beside me. As we had some drinks and watched the girls dance he made a comment about Kathy being over by the bar talking to other guys. "You know she fuckin other guys." he said. "Yeah I know Joe, and I know you tried to pick her up at work one night." I said. "Yeah I did, but she say she not fucking no nigger."

It was obvious what was on his mind and the we talked the more it was turning me on. "I've seen your wife out slutting around and I want some of that pussy." he said. "Does that bother you." "No." I said. "But she's not going to give it up to you." "That makes me want it more." he said. So I told him to go for it if he wanted to try.

He got up and went over to where Kathy was and sat beside her. I continued to watch the dancers and lost track of time. When I looked over by the bar I noticed my wife and Joe were gone. I looked around inside and didn't find either one of them so I went outside.

I checked our car and she wasn't there, then I noticed Joes car and it was empty to. There is an alley that runs behind the club and for some reason I decided to walk back and check there. As I walked down the alley I past a trash dumpster and when I looked back I found them behind it, they had no idea I was even there.

Kathy was naked and down on her kness as Joe fucked her mouth. "Thats it you fucking white trash whore, suck my big nigger cock like your suppose to." he said. "I told you some nigger gonna take you one day and that nigger gonna be me." My cock got so hard hearing him talk to her that way.

I watched as Joe had her by her head fucking her mouth. Kathy was gagging and choking as he f***ed his cock in and out of her mouth using it as a fuck hole. "Fuck yeah, I been wanting to shove my black cock in your mouth since the day they hired you at the store." he said.

Kathy was actually starting to suck him and it turned me on to see her getting turned on to his big black cock. Her tongue was all over his cock and balls as she licked him. Thats what I thought, you dick lovin whore. You want this big black nigger cock." he said as he watched her sucking his cock. He was right, after telling me for years she would never go black here she was in a dirty alley sucking a big black cock like a slut.

"Mmmmmmmm, that fucking white mouth feels good around my black cock. You a cocksuckin whore." he said as she sucked him. "Tell me you ain't wantin my black dick, every white woman wants black cock."

I watched as Kathy sucked his black cock like a whore. My cock was so hard seeing her suck him like that. "You ain't nothin but a nigger lovin alley whore." he told her. "Tell me you want my nigger cock ho." he said as he pulled his cock out of her mouth and dick slapped her with it. "Tell me ho." as he slapped her harder. "I want your big nigger cock." she said. I couldn't believe I was hearing those words come out of my wifes mouth. "Thats what I thought ho." he said.

He stood her up and bent her over in front of him, she grabbed the side of the dumpster and held on as he kicked her legs apart. "I been wantin your white pussy." he said as he stood behind her stroking his cock and looking at her pussy. "You be a nigger lovin whore when I get done fucking you."

He moved up closer to her and rubbed the head of his big cock against her pussy, then he pushed it in. "OHHHHHHHHH FUCK!" Kathy screamed as he pushed into her. He was definetly larger than anyone she had ever had but he didn't care and just grabbed her by her hips and pushed harder. "OHHHHHHHHHH GOD!" she screamed as she begged him to stop. The more she begged the harder he pushed. Kathy held onto the side of the dumpster as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper. Hearing her scream just made Joe want to fuck her harder.

"Fuck me white trash whore." he said as he slammed her up against the dumpster and drove his cock all the way up inside her. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Kathy started to moan. He was fucking her hard and deep. "Ohhhhhhhhhh god!" she moaned as started to give in to him. "You wantin this nigger cock don't you." he said as he shoved his cock hard into her. "Ohhhhh yesssssss." she screamed. "Yes what whore." "Yes I want nigger cock." she said. "Thats what I thought slut. Now fuck me."

Joe moved back a little and as Kathy held onto the dumpster she started working her hips and pussy down the length of his black cock til she had all of it inside her. It was a turn on for me to see her fucking him the way she was. "Fuck me whore, fuck me." he yelled as she fucked him like a whore in heat. "You a nigga lovin whore now."

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh Fuuuuck!" she screamed as she pushed her hips back against him with his cock deep inside her, she definetly wanted his cock. Joe grabbed her hips and held his cock deep inside her as he unloaded his nigger seed into my wife.

"You love nigger cock don't you" he said as he pulled his cock out of her and his cum ran down her thighs. "Yes I love nigger cock." she said. "You gonna fuck me again." he said. "Yes I will fuck you again." she said.

I can't wait til she does.
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4 years ago
That was nasty, good job.
4 years ago
I like,but the dumpster sex is a no,take the black man home
4 years ago
It is so hot to watch your wife grab a big black nigger dick and guide it into her sweet white pussy! Better yet when the husband grabs that black dick and guides it into his wifes pussy1
4 years ago
great story very hot
4 years ago
yes a good story
4 years ago
Good story, like my wife and me...
4 years ago
good story
4 years ago
good story