My girlfriend Suki is wanting to get married but I keep putting it off because I don't think I am finacially ready. I have a good job but my boss for some reason always overlooks me when it comes time for raises or promotions. I sometimes feel discriminated against because the majority of the employees are black, but being a little submissive I appreciate having my job.

Jack my boss is black and definetly a dominent alpha male. I think sometimes he enjoys the control he has over me because I am white, and I always submit to his excuses why I didn't get a raise or promotion and I keep on doing my job.

I had to try for a raise or promotion or something to better myself finacially so I made an appointment to go talk to him. A couple days later I was called into his office.

He was sitting at his desk when I walked in and he told me to shut the door and sit down. He ask me what I wanted to talk to him about and I told him that my girlfriend Suki was really wanting to get married and that I was hoping that maybe he could give me a raise or promotion to help me out finacially. "Is Suki that hot little asain that you brought to the company party?" he ask. "Yes that is her." I answered. "And you just expect me to give you a raise or promotion so you and her can get married." he said as he laughed. "Well I was hoping so, but if you can't I understand."

"How bad you want that raise." he ask. "What do you mean." I said. "What would you do to get that raise. That's what I mean." I thought about it and then I told him I would do anything to get a raise so Suki and I could get married. "Anything." he said. "Yes anything." I told him. His demeanor changed all of a sudden and I wasn't sure what he was going to ask me to do.

"Show me your loyalty to me by submitting your girlfriend/future wife to me and if she's worth it maybe we can work something out." he said. I wasn't sure what to say but my submissive side was telling me I should do it.

"You want me to give you Suki for sex." I said "I want you to give me your girlfriend/wife to be my whore." he said. My desire to be submissive and dominated by blacks took over and I told him I would do it.

"Thats what I thought." he said. "Now I want you to prove your loyalty to me." he said as he got out of his chair and stood in front of me. "Get out of that chair and get on your knees where you belong." he said. I hesitated just a little but I knew I was going to do it. "Do it." he said. I slid out of my chair and onto my knees in front of him. He dropped his pants and pulled out his cock. "Suck my black white boy."

I moved closer and put my lips around the head of his big cock. It was obvious I wanted to submit to him as I started sucking his cock.

"Thats it, suck that big nigger cock like a bitch." he said. "Suck it like your firlfrind/future wife Suki is going to suck it." He started fucking my mouth and then pulled it out and held it up exposing his balls. "Lick my balls bitch." he said. Without hesitation my mouth was on his balls licking and sucking. "Fuck yeah, your a bitch just like your girlfriend." he said. He then shoved his cock back in my mouth and fucked it. I could feel his cock stiffen and swell as he was about to explode. His cum hit the back of my throat as he f***ed me to swallow it.

"Now bring your girlfriend to me Friday night." he said as he pulled up his pants and told me to get out of his office.

Friday came and as I was leaving work my boss handed me a box and told me it was something for Suki to wear for him. I took it but didn't look at it til I got home.

When I got home I told Suki that my boss had invited us over and he gave me a present for her to wear. Suki opened it and was as surprised as I was. Inside was a pair of 6" black heels with with ankle cuffs around the top of them, a pair of black thigh high stockings, a shear black garter belt, a shear black camisole, black leather wrist restraints and a black leather collar with a leather leash attached to it. "I look like whore wearing this." Suki said. "You like." "Yes I like." I said. "Boss like." she said "Boss like." I answered. "You like Suki." I ask. "Suki like." she answered. I was hoping that would be her answer.

"You want me be whore for boss?" Suki ask. "Boss give me more money so we can get married if you be his whore." I said "Suki want to be whore." "Suki be whore." she said. I had no problem with that because I want my boss to have her, but I didn't know just how much of a whore he was going to make her.

Suki went to get cleaned up and about an hour later came back downstairs dressed to go to my bosses place. I love Suki but she sure looked like a whore dressed in the outfit my boss had given her, my cock was already hard seeing her dressed like that and from the idea of my boss having her. I gave her a coat to wear because she was wearing no panties and the camisole she was wearing only came down to her waist. Her firm 34b tits and hard nipples were also visible through the shear top. I wasn't sure if Suki was going to accept what was going to happen or not.

We finally arrived at my bosses and after parking the car went to the door. My boss answered the door and invited us into the living room. He removed Sukis coat and threw it on the couch. "Sit down." he told me as he stood in front of Suki checking her out. Suki looked at him nervously.

I watched as Jack moved in front of Suki and placed his hands on her hips. Suki jumped back a little when he touched her. "Relax bitch and get use to it, your boyfriend signed your ass over to me." Suki just stared at me saying nothing.

He ran his hands up under her camisole and grabbed her tits hard as Suki stood there. "You gonna make a fine ho bitch." he said as he pulled her camisole up over her head and removed it. "I'm gonna teach you to be a black cock whore." It turned me on to hear him tell her that.

"Down on your hands and knees slut." he said as he slapped her ass hard with the leather leash attached to the collar she was wearing. Suki hesitated and he smacked her ass again. "Down on your hands and knees where you belong slut." This time Suki submitted to him and got on her hands and knees in front of him. "Look at the slut you want to marry down on her hands and knees for a nigger. She gonna make you a fine fucking wife and a fine fucking whore for me."

He stood over her wearing only a pair of shorts and you could see the size of his cok straing against them.

"Lick my feet ho." he said "Show your respect to this nigger." Suki just looked at him and then at me, he slapped her ass again with the leash leaving a welt on her ass. Suki screamed as he slapped her ass again. "You will respect and worship all niggers." he said as he smacked her ass again. I didn't want him to hurt her but it turned me on to see my girlfriend whipped into submission. I could see the tears running down her cheeks as she bent down and licked his feet.

"Look at your fucking slut girlfriend licking my feet." he said. "You will respect all niggers and be a whore for them." he said as he whipped her ass again.

"On your knees slut." he said as he yanked her up with the leash. He then told me to get up and remove his shorts. "Show her what you want her to have." I pulled down his shorts revealing his huge black cock.

"Tell your bitch to lick my balls." he said. "Lick his balls Suki." I told her. Suki didn't move fast enough and he whipped her ass again with the leash. "Lick them nigger balls bitch." Suki moved up and started licking his balls. "Fuck yeah, lick my black balls slut." he said as he stood over her laughing. My cock was so hard seeing Suki used by him.

Then he looked at me. "Lick my ass while your bitch licks my balls." I got down behind him and started licking his ass. "Hell yeah, you both know your place in this world."

I then heard him tell Suki to suck his cock. He dick slapped her face and then shoved his cock in her mouth. "Thats it slut, suck that big nigger cock. Keep cleaning my ass while I teach your girlfriend how to suck a niggers cock."

I could hear Suki gagging and choking as he fucked her mouth with his big cock. "You gonna learn to swallow that big nigger cock like a whore cunt." he said. He had her by her head forcing his cock down her throat, and he didn't care that he was choking her.

"Your fucking slut girlfriends mouth is feeling real good around my black cock. Oh fuck she's swallowing it." he said.

"Lick my balls while your bitch sucks me off." I moved around and started licking his balls. I could see Suki sucking his cock. I watched as it slowly disappeared into her mouth til her lips were pressed up against his balls and I could touch them with my tongue.

"Look at that bitch suck." he said. "Your girlfriend wanting this nigger like a fucking whore."

Suki sucked his cock while I licked his balls. Thenas she swallowed his cock I could hear him scream. "Ohhhhhhhhh Fuck." Just as Suki had his cock deep in her throat. Suki was choking but he kept pumping her throat full of cum. Cum was coming out of her mouth around his cock and dripping down onto her tits. He then pulled his cock out and had us both clean it.

Suki never said a word that night but it turned me on to see her submit to my boss. He said that was enough for one night and that he would have to think about my raise. "Maybe after we meet next Friday." he said.

Story to continue.
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wild story
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but you not finish training me???
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what a whore she is
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great story keep them cumming
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suki like!
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next time i dont wanna share!
I like more n more