First Time Sharing Her

This is a true story and happened a few years ago, right after we got married.

It was a Saturday night and we had no plans. We were both feeling a bit horny and had talked about inviting another man over to play with my gorgeous wife. She is phillipina, under 5' and curvy. She looks like an angel but loves being naughty.

I asked her if it was ok to invite someone over from xhamster, she said ok. I looked at my friends list and a guy from the South side of the city was online. I asked if he would like to share my wife that night, he said he could leave right away and be at our place in under an hour. We had never met this guy before, had seen photos but this was still a roll of the dice...

We went into the bedroom and she was wearing some lingerie and I kissed her and pulled out something new, a blindfold I recently picked up. She was a little reluctant but let me put it on her. After a nice kiss and embrace I lay her on the bed and opened her legs wide...she was so wet in anticipation of having two cocks, her wetness made my cock throb in my underwear. I really wanted to see her get fucked and suck another cock. Had to get her ready, so I ate her sweet pussy until he showed up. She came several times in my mouth squirting a lot at times.

When he showed up I told her not to move or remove the blindfold, then I answered the door and there he was, John. Twentyfive and handsome, he was not to shy about me greeting him in my underwear with a huge boner. I ushered him straight into the bedroom and told him that I had been getting her ready for him but maybe he should eat her out for a while to start things off.

He stripped down to his undies as well and started licking her juicy wet twat. I held her wrists down above her head as she let this stranger whom she still had not seen (not even a photo) eat her out. Within a minute she was cumming hard into his mouth. He was amazed by her beauty and told me so, I suggested he put her mouth to use as she needed something to suck on. John pulled his underwear off, revealing a big hard on. It was about an inch bigger then mine and the shaft was thicker by the head then mine, a lot thicker. He maneuvered up the bed and he placed his hard cock into her eager mouth.

Seeing how into her he was and the ecstasy it she brought John was a huge turn on, I took my under wear off too and put my cock to the other side of her face, she eagerly sucked on both of us. Taking turns on us and both at the same time, she was loving being a dirty wife! John and I were both so hard for my little slut and she was loving it. No regrets on my end, I was so turned on!

After a while I suggested that John fuck her with that bog cock of his and handed him a condom. he jumped between her legs after repositioning her on her back. I moved over and she kept sucking on my rock hard prick. John put his massive cock head against her tight hole and I leaned down and parted her pussy lips for him, watching as he pushed himself into her, she gasped loudly and I put my cock back in her mouth, fascinated with John's cock pushing deeper into her creamy cum filled pussy. It was every bit as hot as I expected!

He began to fuck her hard with that big cock and I stepped back kind of to let them have at it. He was like a jackhammer, pounding into her hard and faster! She was cumming hard and really loving his hard white cock filling her little brown pussy. At this point she was so cumming so hard, I decided it was time and pulled her blindfold free, seeing her reaction to seeing the strange man inside her made things even more exciting, she was into him!

Not long after taking her blindfold off John came very hard all over her then left. I fucked her hard the rest of the night and we talked about having him back over...which we did many times. Maybe I will tell you about some of those times as well.

He is the guy in our videos ;)
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6 months ago
Look in our photos...
6 months ago
Yep, one lucky guy, for sure. Can you post pic's of your hot wife?
7 months ago
Awesome story, you're a lucky guy to have such a hot, fun wife ;)
7 months ago
Great story!