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Where do I start? I had dated a bisexual woman when I lived in Southern California. She used to work as a stripper at Cheetahs in Vegas. She was very kinky and into some wild sex. One day she called me at work and told me to meet her and Eileen for dinner at a local restaurant. They were already there when I arrived and I joined them at the table. Laura (my gf) leaned over and asked if I was ready for a wild night. Of course I replied yes. Laura told me she was taking Eileen into the bathroom where she was going to make her lick her clean. They got up and disappeared for about 20 minutes. I made a trip to the Men’s room and could hear muffled moans from the ladies room as I walked by. They came out a little flushed, and obviously satisfied. Laura had me lean close, reached into her purse, and pulled out her panties. They were a pair of light blue thongs. She instructed me to go into the bathroom and put them on. I noticed that the thongs were rather soaked and only guessed what from. As soon as they were on, I became erect immediately. Every now and then Laura would reach under the table and squeeze my cock to make sure I stayed hard. After dinner we went to the mall, where the two of them dragged me shopping. Every now and then, one of them would reach in my pants and stroke my cock to ensure it was hard. I could feel the thong in my ass and the material straddling my balls. I walked around the mall ¾ erect the whole time. As we went from store to store, Laura would tell me to squat and one of them would stand in front of me, lift their skirt and have me lick their pussy for a minute. They tasted so fucking good, they were nice and wet and loved my tongue as it separated their pussy lips and penetrated their cunt. Once I was able to lick Eileen’s asshole. It tasted so good and swelled when my tongue reached it begging for more. As we were leaving the mall, Laura instructed Eileen to drive. Before I got inside the car, Laura yanked down my pants, panties and all. I was visible hard. I got in the car, she then hiked up her skirt and climbed in on my lap. Eileen was driving, and Laura was positioned slightly in front of me, I was to keep one hand between Eileen’s leg slowly rubbing her clit, and the other between Laura’s legs doing the same. When my erection would seem to diminish, Eileen would reach over and stroke me a little to maintain the erection. Any and all precum was wiped away on a finger and given to any of us to lick clean (I am a huge fan of my cum). About half way home, with my cock rock hard, Laura suddenly sat up and plunged her soaking pussy onto of my cock…In one swift motion, she took every single inch, wiggling her ass to make sure she took it ALL. I almost came right there. But for Laura threatening me if I cum, I would have. She slid up and down only 2 or 3 times and just remained sitting on my cock for the rest of the ride. I could feel her pussy contract every now and then from being full of cock. I was ready to burst any moment. We reached the house and Laura had me lay the seat all the way back and started to ride my cock up and down, telling me to only cum when she says. She had Eileen reach between our legs and using her own pussy juice, lube my asshole with her finger. Eileen was then instructed to slide her entire finger in my ass, and at the same time, Laura told me to cum inside her. I unloaded a torrent of cum deep in her cunt. As soon as I had finished, she jumped off of me and walked hurriedly inside telling us to follow. Once inside, Laura sat on the end of the couch and told Eileen and I to kneel before her and lick my cum from her cunt. Her pussy lips were swollen and I could see the slightest trace of cum dripping from her. She propped up her legs to expose her asshole and had us alternate between her two holes. After perhaps 10-15 minutes of licking her, Laura had Eileen bend over the couch arm (a puffy wide one) exposing her pussy and ass, and instructed me to pleasure her with my tongue and fingers until she came back. I of course did as told. I used my hands to spread open Eileen’s ass cheeks giving me the best possible amount of pussy and ass to lick. After maybe 5 minutes, Eileen reached back and held open her own cheeks, allowing me to utilize my fingers to keep her wet. Her moans were once again making me hard. I didn’t know that Laura had returned behind us until I felt her mouth around my cock. It felt amazing. I was hard in seconds. Laura also made sure to lick my asshole as she trailed her tongue from my cock head, to my balls, to my asshole. Meanwhile, Eileen was DRIPPING wet! Between my saliva and her cunt juices, we were making a mess. Suddenly, Laura placed a jell set of anal beads we owned in hands and instructed me to slide them in Eileen’s asshole. They went in without any trouble. Slowly, I slid them in and out, hearing moans of pleasure each time a beads passed through her asshole. Meanwhile Laura continued to stroke my cock and lick my asshole. Every now and then, she would slide her finger inside me. I know she used her own juices to keep me wet. Once the entire anal bead string was inside Eileen, Laura told me stand, Laura grabbed my cock and pulled me toward Eileen’s cunt. Laura whispered in my ear what she wanted done. The head of my cock was used to separate Eileen’s cunt lips, teasing her. Her lips were very swollen. I pushed the tip of my cock in her pussy then pulled it out immediately. Her lips shut tight. I pressed my cock against her cunt and this pushed the whole head inside, stretching her open and immediately pulled out again. Next, the head and an inch of cock was slid inside her and pulled out. She BEGGED to be fucked. Again, a little more, only to be pulled out again. I could feel the anal beads each time I pushed my cock in her pussy. It felt amazing. And Eileen was begging for more. Then Laura whispered to slam my cock all the way inside her pussy! In one swift motion, my cock filled her completely up. She instinctively clenched her cunt and ass, popping out a portion of the anal beads. Laura slid then back. I started to slowly fuck Eileen with long slow strokes. Each time pulling completely out. Laura was sliding the anal beads in and out matching me stroke for stroke. Eileen came hard and fast. I felt her pussy tighten on my cock, I was ready to cum again. Laura sensed this and yanked me out of Eileen telling me not to. What I didn’t know was Laura was wearing a strap-on. She immediately took my place and rammed her cock into Eileen. I positioned my self in front of Eileen so she could lick her juices from me. Laura wanted me to remain hard and told me I was next. I felt Eileen slightly bite my cock right as she came again. Laura, sensing Eileen was done, grabbed me by my cock and led me to the bedroom instructing Eileen to follow. I laid on my back and Laura knelt on the floor and started to rim my ass and stroke my cock. She reached into the nightstand and pulled some of our lube out and squirted my ass down. I knew what was next. Eileen got on top on me so I had access to her soaking pussy. She took my cock into her mouth and pulled apart my ass for Laura. I felt the pressure of Laura’s cock against my ass and could feel it vibrating. She then, gently pushed it inside me. It hurt and burned but felt amazing. I could feel my cock twitching in Eileen’s mouth and my ass contracting around Laura’s vibrating cock. I could tell Laura loved it, she was giving all the indications that she was close to cumming as well. Her breathing quickened, and her thrusts became erratic. It was not long before I was ready to cum. As soon as I told Laura I was ready, she thrusted deep in me, moaning and screaming. I felt the warm wash of her cum start to drip down my legs. I let loose another hot stream of cum right into Eileen’s mouth. I felt as if I unloaded more than ever. Eileen sat up and deeply kissed Laura. My cum dripping slightly from their mouths. Laura then leaned over me and kissed me passionately and deeply, passing what remaining cum was left to me. She then kissed me on my forehead and told me to rest up. I would need it for later.

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