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Shemale Animated Gifs

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Posted by ff42004a 2 years ago

Various Hot Gifs

Wish she was at my gym

what a hot ass

Wonder if she works out at the same gym with the girl above

Gianna likes it!

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Posted by Entities 1 year ago

Shemale, ladyboy, femboy & crossdressers gifs

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Posted by TSL_over 1 year ago

Some of my favs big dick shemales 2

1.- Sabrina Suzuki

2.- Natalia Coxx

3.- Suzzane Holmes

4.- Angeles Cid

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Posted by toropekah 2 years ago

[Story] My dirty ol' neighbor (part 1)

My first sexual experience with someone was with "Mr.Smooth" who lived next door.My parents left early in the morning for work and usually didn't return till way past dark so during the summer I had a lot of time to explore all the fun things boys can do.Mr.Smooth had a shop behind his house and I would always go over and watch him do his wood work,it was very interesting to me,and it wasn't long until we were good friends.Mr.Smooth was probably in his fifty's,he had mostly gray hair and a scruufy thin beard.He was lean and toned for his age and I would occasionally see pretty women come and g... Continue»
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