My dirty ol' neighbor (part 1)

My first sexual experience with someone was with "Mr.Smooth" who lived next door.My parents left early in the morning for work and usually didn't return till way past dark so during the summer I had a lot of time to explore all the fun things boys can do.Mr.Smooth had a shop behind his house and I would always go over and watch him do his wood work,it was very interesting to me,and it wasn't long until we were good friends.Mr.Smooth was probably in his fifty's,he had mostly gray hair and a scruufy thin beard.He was lean and toned for his age and I would occasionally see pretty women come and go from his house.One day I went to his front door and knocked and he said to come in.He was sitting in his easy chair and when I walked in he had stopped a video he was watching and his t.v. screen was blank.He said to me now now you aren't wearing my favorite shorts today I see and I said well,which ones do you mean? and he said you know the little light blue ones with the white trim.I said ok well I'll go put them on and be right back.I was kind of confused but he wanted me to wear them so I returned shortly with the shorts he liked and I was also wearing a white half shirt and athletic type socks.He said thats better but pull your shorts up a little higher so I did and he said now come over here in front of me so I can check them out so I did.He pulled them up a little higher on me and said now turn around,ofcourse I wasn't wearing any underwear so I was a little embaraced but anyhow I turned my back too him and he said pull them a little higher and so I pulled them slightly higher and he said is that as high as your socks can go and I said oh no and pulled them up to my knees and he said is that it? and so I pulled them above my knees and he said ah thats better.He said lets get those shorts up a little higher now so again he asked me to turn around again so I did he sat up on the edge of his chair and with my back to him he gently pulled my shorts all the way up in my ass.Well,this felt really good to me and by now my round ass cheeks were very much hanging out.He must have approved because he said in a long low toned voice mmmmm thats the way I like them.Stay tuned for part 2...
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7 months ago
reminds me of my mothers friend who liked boys
1 year ago
good start
2 years ago
Bring on part 2
2 years ago
good start
2 years ago
lov this cant wait for part 2
2 years ago
Love part 1, hope part 2 is dirtier. :)