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My buddy and I were just finished playing basket ball , when We came back to my place for some beers . After a few beers ,Eric asked if I had any porno , I said yeah , what kind would You like to watch , He said dunno , I asked if He ever watched any she male , He said no , so I put one in an it got to some interesting parts . I could tell He liked it , His shorts had a big lump in them an He kept tugging on it . I asked if He like it , an He said yeah. So I had to use the bathroom an when I came out , He had pulled His cock out an was jerking it . I stood back watching Him as my cock was hard an I put my hand down my shorts to grab it . After a minute or two , I walked over an He jumped up , saying Im sorry , I was hot watching this film . I said its okay , an sat down next to Him , Why don't We jerk off together , so I pulled down my shorts an underwear an said its okay You can do the same . Eric was a blond an had a nest of blond hair around His thick hard cock an looked at my hard cock an asked why I shaved the pubic hair off an it looked good that way . So We sat next to each other jerking our cocks , as our arms touched , I said why don't I jerk You an You do me ? He said sure , His big hand encircled my hard cock as He jerk it it up an down as I placed my hand on his hard cock as I jerked it up an down slowly , He moaned , I saw a big drop of pre cum on the tip of His cock an put my finger an wiped it up an licked it off my finger , I said why don't We go into the bedroom . WE got up an I watched his cock shake an bonce as We walked into the bedroom . We both stood face to face as our cocks rubbed together , it felt very good as His hands gripped my ass cheeks an pulled me closer to Him as He said I want to kiss You an placed His lips upon mine . I never kissed a guy before an my mouth opened as his tongue seeked mine as We stood there rubbing our cocks together an kissing hard as my hands came around His ass cheeks as my fingers squeezed them as we both fell on to the bed squirming as his hand seeked my cock , He said let me suck you please as he kissed his way down my stomach kissing my balls an then licking them . I grabbed His hair as He licked around my hard cock . then placed His warm mouth on it , it felt great as He sucked on it hard , His head bobbing up an down , making slurping noises . After a bit of that He rolled over onto his back as I moved down to suck His cock , it was salty with pre cum as I sucked on it hard as I could , He said oh yeah suck it , I then placed my fingers onto His asshole an rubbed it till it enter it . He moaned loud as I sucked him an finger fucked His ass. We moved into a 69 an we both sucked each others cocks , I felt my cum rising , as He slurped on my cock , I sucked even harder on His as then He groaned as cum shoot into my mouth as I tried to swallow it , it was very salty an sweet . I after He was done , I pushed Him onto His stomach as I licked between His ass cheeks as I rimmed His ass hole as He moaned , I then moved up an placed my cock against His ass hole , He said no wait , I didn't as I push it inside Him , He then relaxed as I humped His ass , I then turned Him around as I fucked Him face to face His legs around my waist as I hammered His tight ass as He kissed me our tongues mingled together as I started to feel my cum rise an pulled out an shoot my load onto His open mouth , as I finished , I licked my own cum from His face . We meet once a week now .
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6 months ago
well your story went down well, I would suggest that you put some paragraphs in to make it easier to read. you may come over and suck my cock off tomorrow.
6 months ago
The start of many great stories, I'm sure.