hitch hiking in the 60's

]Back in the 60's I was hitch hiking across the state when This Van pulled over , an this couple in their 30 said where You heading , I said to Las Vegas . They hop in t. I got in the back the Girl had long blonde hair an the Guy had hippie look . She said You want some wine I said sure an drank some , She asked how old I was , I said 22 , She said hey Hun He's cute , yeah , maybe He like to party with us , she said well did ya , I said sure . We drove another few miles an saw a girl hitch hiking , an pulled over for Her too , she got in , an sat next to Me , I said Hi , she said Hello , now where You heading Missy He asked She said oh not far , she was about 21 short brown hair cute , all of a sudden they pulled over an He had a gun , He both of You are coming with us , baby take the wheel as He hopped in the back . I said Hey man , I don't have much money an the girls said the same . He laughed , we don't want You money an both laughed . She was making lefts an rights an then we were going down a dirt road an to a house . They marched us out into the house . and into the bedroom . They told us to kiss each other , so we did as we were told . then they said stand apart let us look at You two. The Woman came over tome an ran her hands over my body an groped my cock , as it got hard , hmmm, baby He getting hard and then she push me back an came over to the girl She was saying please no , the woman said shut up cunt , as she ripped off the girls clothes till she was just in her bra and panties . I looked at her an she had a big ass an big tits , the Guy told me to strip too , so I was just in my underwear . Lets make them do each other the woman laughed yeah both of You lie on the bed , so we did as the woman said play with her tits , I did the girl was trembling oh no she kept saying as I pulled off her bra an sucked on her big tits as her nipples stiffed on my lips , He told her to take out my cock , I felt her fingers pulled down my underwear as my hard cock sprang out , she gasped play with it bitch , he said , her fingers gripped my cock as she yanked up an down on it . she was doing that the couple also took off their clothes , the woman was a true blonde , her pussy hairs were golden an she was very hairy , the Guy was jerking His cock as He watched the girl jerk my cock , at that point he came over an grabbed her away from me as told her to suck his cock , she pleaded , but He pulled her to her knees in front of His cock , suck it , suck it now cunt !has He pulled her brown hair as her face push against it , open your mouth , no she said , do it the woman came over an grabbed her head an said open your mouth , the girl did as the guy rubbed it against her mouth as her tongue tried to lick it , that's it get it wet , then she opened up wide as he shoved it in as she gulped on it the woman said that's it suck it like a lollipop as spit ran down her mouth she sucked it like a pro , the woman came over to me an said oh you like that huh ? give me that cock as she gripped it an kneeled down an licked the head driving me crazy , I want you first to eat me , she push me onto my back and an sat on my face . lick it boy as she grinded her hips an her cunt on my face , after a while it was wet from her juices , she tasted good , but didn't wash for a day or too so it was tangy , oh baby You like that huh ? as she then moved her asshole across my mouth as I tongued her asshole that's it stick it in , fuck my asshole with your tongue . The Guy then pulled the girl on the bed as He fingered her cunts an her juices flowed , she moaned loud as she gobbled his cock , then he pulled her face away , he said Hun , You want a taste of this ? she said yesss as she hissed the word an crawled over an pulled her legs apart , the girl said no as the woman started eating her and sucking on her clit , the girl now was saying yes as she came , the Guy asked her do you want me to fuck you ? the girl said yes , he said yes what ? she said please Fuck me sir , he moved between her legs an shoved His cock in her pussy , she wrapped her legs around his waist . the woman came over to me an said now it your turn , fuck me , I moved between her legs an pushed my cock in her tight pussy , I fucked her hard an then slow , she kept saying fuck me over and over . as I came inside her . as the husband finished fucking the girl , they took us back to the van an dropped us off on a dirt road an left us , I stopped hitch hiking after that .
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