doing house work

My G/f and Me needed to pick up a few dollars , so We saw a post at the food store , It said needed can use a couple to help with home with pay . So We called the People an they said they were willing to pay Us to do some work , so the next weekend we went . The Lady who came to the door had long straight brown hair she wore a short summer dress , she smiled and asked us in . The Husband came out an said hello . They said the bathroom needed some plumbing work and the house needed dusting . So I went into the bathroom an started working on the pipes , I had to lie on my back as I worked . I heard the wife come in , she said so You mine a glass or soda ? she stood over me that I could see up her dress , seeing some brown pubes , I felt my cock stir some she came back an sat on the side of the tub with her legs open , she said How long You an your girl been together ? I said a year her bare foot was rubbing my leg as she spoke . I then heard some yelling and the Husband had my girl around her waist , He said I caught her stealing something , my girl said no I didn't I was about to get up but his wife said You better stay there or we will call the cops on you two . So they made us go into the bedroom my girl was a blonde with a tee shirt on an shorts as they took them off her so she was in her panties an bra , they told me to strip too , they took my girl an tied her on the bed , an the husband started rubbing her tits an pulling her bra off as her boobs shook loose with her pink nipples they had her gagged too the wife said Ted make her cum , make her Hot! He pulled her legs open as He rubbed the front of her panties she was moaning as the wife pulled down my underwear and said look Hun at that nice cock .He said Go make him want it , as she dropped to her knees an licked my cock an my balls , damn that felt good She started then to sucked softly on the head The Husband then pulled off my Girls panties as her blonde pubes were wet with desire . Then the wife stopped an said let Me taste Her as she got between her legs an started licking her pussy like ice cream , my girl was moaning load as the took off the gag an put His hard cock in her face , suck it bitch , she turned her face , suck it or else ,His cock rubbed her face , she took it in her mouth and suck it , the wife said yeah make her suck it , as She came over to me an told me to lie next to my girl as she hopped on my hard cock , she was very tight an had good muscle control , it felt like a vise on my cock as she grinded her ass on it . the husband said I want to fuck her as he squeezed between her legs an glided His cock in her wet cunt , the wife said Im not thru with her yet and hopped off my cock sat on my girls face an said Your going to eat me bitch , she said no im not that way please ,the wife laughed an told me to stand over my girl as the wife said eat it , eat my pussy bitch as she lowered her cunt on my girls mouth as she slowly licked her the wife said give me your cock boy ! as she started blowing me as my girl ate her pussy and her Husband was fucking my girlfriend the Husband said Im cumming an shot His cum deep inside my girlfriends pussy . about a minute later my cum shoot from my ball into the wifes mouth as she ate it like a hungry Person. the wife climbed off my girlfriend face an kissed her hard French kissing my girlfriend like a man giving her my cum and tasting Her own pussy . They said You two earned Your money , We got dressed an they paid Us big time . We come back from time to time .
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