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It was summer and we had met up with friends at a bar in Brixton, Emma was looking good as always in a vest top, no bra, short denim skirt and red indian moccasin boots. We were all drinking quite a bit and were soon very tipsy, especially Emma. Suddenly the lights went down and a band started to play, Emma wanted to dance so we went onto the floor and danced to the very rythmic music. She was getting alot of attention from the mainly black crowd in the bar as we danced together when a bloke came over and asked to dance with her, she said of course, smiled at me and started to dance with him. I went back to our friends at the bar and chatted with them while i watched Emma dance with this black guy, his hands on her waist, her hands on his shoulders. Our friends said they were going so i went to tell her but she said she wanted to stay so i said ok and said good bye to our friends. I stood at the bar watching Emma dancing when another bloke came up behind her and started dancing with them with his hands also on her hips, making a human sandwich with Emma as the filling. The two blokes started to gyrate and grind against her harder making her put her arms around the first blokes neck because they were so close together, her tits being pressed against his chest and his leg pressed between hers so that her pussy must have been rubbing against it as they danced. The music stopped and Emma came over to inform me that we were going to a party. I told her i didnt think it would be a good idea but she just told me to chill out and they were nice fellas and they had only been dancing. We all went outside the bar and a car pulled up, they said for me to get in the front and the three of them got in the back. Just as the car pulled away another black bloke came up and asked if we was going to the party, they said yes and to jump in. That now meant that Emma had to sit on one of their laps, the car drove up the road , music blaring. Over the sound of the music i could hear Emma saying, no, stop it but in a giggly voice. I turned around to see one of her vest straps down and the three blokes admiring her left tit, beautiful they said as she looked at me and blushed, then one of them started to play with her nipple which instantly became hard. Stop she said pushing his hand away and lifting her strap back up to cover herself, as the blokes just laughed. I noticed the driver adjust his rearview mirror and realised he was looking at Emma, in fact he was looking up her short skirt at her white thong which she was accidently showing due to the way she was sitting on their lap, nice, very nice, i heard him say. The car stopped outside a house with music banging out of it and we all got out and went inside, it was then that it dawned on me that we were the only white couple there. I mentioned this to Emma who just told me to stop being so negative and enjoy myself, as a drink was placed in her hand which she downed before being ushered to where everyone was dancing. I found the makeshift bar, shrugged and started drinking as i watched Emma dancing. They started to pass her about, each bloke on the floor taking turns to dance with her, which she seemed to enjoy. As the night went on she got more d***k as they fed her drinks and started taking more liberties with her as they danced. One bloke had his leg between hers and his hands on her bum which he started to grope, she tried to move his hands but couldn't, she looked over at me and now d***k and thinking shes her own worst enemy, i shrugged at her. The bloke dancing saw me shrug at her and smiled as he started to lift her skirt, she tried to stop him but couldn't and was now dancing in front of 40 people with her skirt above her waist and her thong and gorgeous arse on dislay. They started passing her from bloke to bloke again on the dance floor, as they stroked her bum and rubbed her tits through her vest until one of them pulled it off her. She was now on the dance floor in just her thong and boots and her skirt up round her waist, as one bloke started to snog her as he played with her tits and f***ed her hand onto his bulge in his trousers and made her rub him. Someone else came up behind her and as he danced against her he took down her thong and started to finger her pussy as hard as he could till her legs buckled and she fell to her knees gasping. The bloke she was rubbing dropped his trousers and grabbing a handful of her hair pushed his cock towards her mouth, she looked at me pleadinly then opened her lips and took him in. He held her by her hair and started to fuck her mouth, forcing more of his cock into her, making her gag. Most people had stopped dancing and were now watching the pretty young white girl gagging on the blokes black cock as he fucked it into her throat. Here was my young wife only 22, naked in front of 40 people being fucked in the mouth by a stranger. The bloke behind her was finger fucking her hard again and licking her pussy and arse hole, making her bum wiggle and her moan on the other ones black cock. Suddenly her eyes grew wide as the bloke in her mouth blasted his cum into the back of her throat, making her gag again as she swallowed it down. He took his cock from her mouth but was quickly replaced by another bloke who started fucking her mouth straight away, as the bloke behind her took out his cock and pushed it into her wet and finger battered pussy making her gasp out and start to moan as he fucked her with hard strokes, the two blokes getting into rythem so they both pushed at the same time. The bloke in her mouth grunted as he came in her mouth and she swallowed the second load of strangers cum and the bloke fucking her turned her so she was facing me on her hands and knees, she looked up at me blushing as he started to cum in her pussy. One of the black girls walked past her and spat on her calling her a white whore as the next bloke got behind her and started to fuck her hard and another pushed his cock down her throat, until he pulled out and came in her face. She had now been fucked by about 8 guys and swallowed the cum of at least another 12 or 13. She rested on her elbows exsausted and covered in sweat and cum, when she suddenly felt a finger push into her bum hole which made her wiggle and moan, then her eyes grew wide again as she realised a cock was being pushed into her arse making her moan and gasp as he entered her. I dont think she had had something that big up her arse before and she started to scream out as he fucked her as hard as he could, slapping his balls against the cheeks of her arse. OH,OH, OHHH PLEASE, STOP, PLEASE NOT SO HARD, OHH, OHH, OHHH GOD, I'M GONNA CUM, YOUR MAKING ME CUM, OHHHHH GOD YES as her head fell forward and she convulsed. Emma was fucked in every hole for the next two hours, cumming herself numerous times, and now lay on her back breathless and exhausted. Suddenly a girls voice rang out,"DIRTY WHITE WHORE" she said as she walked over to Emma. She hitched up her dress and removed her knickers, then straddled Emma's face and lowered her pussy on to it, ignoring the pleas and complaints from beneath her pussy lips. "YOU BETTER START LICKING BITCH" she said as she started to slap Emma's thighs with f***e, Emma squealing in pain until she gave in and started to lick the black pussy on her face. "PUT YOUR FUCKING TONGUE UP ME WHORE" she said as she ground her pussy into Emma's mouth. Everyone was gathered around watching as she was riding the white girls face until she came on Emma's tongue. Then you raised herself off slightly and said "this is what you are to us you fucking white whore bitch" and started to piss on Emma's face, who screamed and struggled to get away as the piss went in her mouth to the joy of everyone there who were clapping and cheering. The music was turned back up and everyone started to party again, ignoring the pretty white girl covered in cum and piss laying on the floor. Emma got up and came over to me looking flushed and embarassed, she pulled her skirt down but couldn't find her knickers or her vest. We left the party and hailed a cab in the street pretty quickly, i suppose the fact that her tits were out helped. We got in the cab and the driver watched her all the way home in his mirror. She will never learn.
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I liked it!