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Remember that guy i met at the club, well his name was Kevin. That night was so good that we would constantly meet at the club and then go home to fuck. I told Kevin my fantasy of having two dicks and his response was i have a friend who will be willing to do it if you're game. I said sure.
I was home one day when Kevin called and told me to come over.
I arrived at the house and there was Kevin naked
'Get undressed and suck my cock' he said, 'suck me fast and hard' i started sucking on his dick, my head was bopping up and down on his shaft, my pussy got so wet and was twitching so i reached down and started to rub my clit. Kevin took my head in his hand and started to fuck my face real hard. 'i'm cummin, oh yes swallow my seed you bitch. I felt my pussy juice running own my leg 'why dont you clean her up Xavier' kevin said. Who the fuck is Xavier i thought to myself. I turned around and there was this guy standing there with a huge dick in his hand stroking it up and down. I was in a trance that dick was magnificent and i knew i had to have it.
I turned to Kevin and said i have waited for this for a long time i dont need my pussy sucked i just want that dick in my pussy right now.
I laid down on the carpet and opened my legs, 'my pussy is ready' i said 'fuck me'
Xavier bent over me and put his dick at my pussy entrance, i came immediately. I couldnt believe it i came and his dick didnt enter me yet. He slowly entered the crevice of my pussy, my pussy contracted, it had to get use to the invasion of this huge cock. He then made a giant thrust and was buried in my twat.
'Oh yes fuck me with that fuck machine, fuck me hard. That dick feels so good in my pussy'
Xavier then slowed down and started to move his hip in a slow circular motion, my pussy was on fire
'I want to ride you' i said, he rolled over and i was then on top i started to move my pussy up and down on his huge cock.
'Oh yes' he said 'ride that dick'. i leaned over and he started to suckle my nipple. I was so wrapped up in fucking that totem pole that i forgot about Kevin until i felt the head of his cock touching my ass.
'Told you i was gonna fuck that ass' he said and rammed his cock straight up my ass. The pain was excruciating he gave me no warning and i was not lubed.
Oh my God i thought i have two dicks fucking me.
Kevin and Xavier started a rhythm that turned my world upside down. When Kevin pulled out Xavier was all the way in my pussy. When Xavier pulled out Kevin was buried in my ass.
This so good . 'OOOOOhhh yes fuck my tear my ass and my pussy up fuck me hard. I started to fuck those dicks as if my life depended on it.
OOOOOOOOOOO im gonna cum im gonna cummm then i erupted. I then felt Kevin shoot his cumm up my ass followed by Xavier in my pussy...
We looked at each other and smiled. Then Kevin looked at the window , there was a movement there
Its my cousin Donald, he said
What would you say to three guys he said......
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4 years ago
yes the 3 guys very hoy & sexy
4 years ago
So did you have all 3 guys and get all holes creampied?