My sexcapades

This is a true event.
My greatest wish was to one day be fucked by two guys. I would always masturbate at nights to the thought of having not one but two dicks pumping sweet cum in my tite pussy. i so wanted a big cock in my pussy and the thought of two had my pussy seeping at just the thought.
I went to the club one night and there i saw the hottest guy i've ever seen in a long time dancing on the dance floor. I went over introduced myself and asked him if he wanted to dance, he answered yes. i moved my body close to him and gyrated my hips so my pussy was touching his cock through my dress. I leaned in real hard so there was no mistake as to what i wanted. He got the message real quick and whispered in my ear Do you want to get out of here.
We went to his place and as soon as he opened the door i was unzipping his pants and in two seconds His dick was in my mouth. It was about 8" and i devoured it as if it was only 1".
'Oh yes' he moaned, 'suck my cock, take it deep you bitch'
I started pumping his cock in my hand whe he held my head and shove his cock all the way to the hilt. He started fucking my face like there was no tomorrow.
'You cocksucker this is what you wanted , right'
'Suck me good ' I felt his balls then tightened and he unloaded at the back of my throat. 'Lets go to the bedroom he said.
In the bedroom he told me to get undressed and went to the kitchen. he returned with a bowl of ice and set it on the night stand.
'Spread those legs for me i want to taste that pussy'
I spread my legs and he immediately started to lick my pussy. I was going out of my mind. 'Yes' i said 'lick my pussy' lick it good' oh fuck that feels good, i want you, i want your cock in my pussy, yes my clit suck my clit, i'm gonna cum, im gonna cum, Thats when i felt it ice going into my pussy, i could not contain ti any more i started to cum.
He then put his 8 inch cock in my pussy and fucked me hard,
You like that bitch, you like my cock going in and out of your pussy, im gonna fuck that ass too. Yes bitch take it take my dick in your pussy. oh your pussy is so tight it is gripping my cock real good,
I want to fuck that ass but this pussy is so good im gonna cum and he erupted blasting his seed into my pussy it felt so good i came too.

If you like i will continue, there is more to add
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4 years ago
very good start
4 years ago
finish the story!
4 years ago
yes...more please!!