Missy naughty (slutty) schoolgirl !!!

Once more the adventures of Missy and her cumslut slave Trisha ...
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Four weeks since we last met --- four long weeks since my last hot creampie ( both holes )--- but tonight will put that all right again --- Mister is in town and we are going to party hard -- 2 nights we have together as i have "a girlies weekend away "
I turn up at the Hotel with the "special" clothes that Mister wanted me to bring .
As always we meet in the bar --Fantastic welcoming kiss -- and a bottle of cold crisp white wine to chat over -- fortunately our meetings are getting more frequent now His new business is starting to take off .( ideally he would move back to the UK - but this would throw up so many new problems for us both )
As we talk and laugh His tactile nature takes over ( thank God !! ) her strokes my hair gently rubs my thigh strokes my hand --- every time i find myself tingle with anticipation and just look into his eyes --- he really does love and want me --- its such a wonderful feeling and to be told you are wanted and beautiful makes it even more satisfying ..

He leans into me as though to whisper something but instead nibbles my ear --- fuck me i feel my pussy leak !!! i know for sure i am so wet just from sitting here talking ..

After his nibble he says lets go to the room ,i can't stop myself from making love to you right here in the Bar !! I tease and say go on then --i'm game !!! LOL
his hand slides off my thigh and round under my bum --- he squeezes so hard it hurts --- and feels so fuckin good too ...

Get your ass in the lift i tell him -- as i lean forward to get up i "accidentally" put my hand on his balls and squeeze !! Fucker he says --- as i laugh !! don't worry babe i say -- i'll kiss em better in a few minutes ...

As the lift door closes he pulls me to him and our mouths lock --- i actually close my eyes when we kiss ---
His hands are on my ass pulling me hard into his hardness --- as always -- he is hard and ready for me -- as always -- i am so wet and desperate to have him inside me ..

The lift stops -- we don't --- the kiss and ass massage goes on --- the door closes again and away we go --- this time as the door opens we break the kiss and pretend we pressed the wrong floor ---- the young couple who get in stand in front of us -- Mick is behind me still working my ass --- i swear they can here my pussy slurp and glugg as he opens and closes my holes ---- i certainlly can !!

The lift stops at our floor i squeeze past them and smile Mick brings my case and says thanks guys ---- as the doors close we hear them laugh --- obviously they did hear my pussy !!!! LOL we had a good laugh too all the way to our room .

Mick opens the door and lets me past -- just little things like this mean so much to women --- as the door closes --- i stand there looking at Mick he stands looking at me --- What i say ?? No smile --- he just walks to me and he lifts me off my feet and lays me on the bed climbing onto me -- straddling my stomach --- he bends forward -- i put my arms around his neck and pull him down to me --- fuck we do kiss well !!! his hands massage my breasts outside my dress --- pinching my nipples and teasing them so well ---

Suddenly he jumps off and says come on lets get ready for tonight --- Fuck Mick don't we have plenty of time --- i'm dripping here !!!
and don't tell me you don't want my wet pussy tight around your cock !!!! He smiles and says strip and get in the shower -- NOW !!
mmmmm he's gonna fuck me in the shower -- that works for me !! hehe

It takes a nano second to strip and leave my dress in a pile on the floor ,bra too --- (don't wear panties anymore !!!)

Mick is already in the shower --- as he turns --- mmmm my hand holds his length ---- fuck he's really hard --- i slide myself closer and rub his knob against my mound ---- ohh that feels so good --- i get on my tip toes and ease as much as i can into me ----- Mick leans me against the walll takes out his cock and lifts me off my feet --- holds under my thighs and lowers me down --alll the way down his shaft !!!
his hands cup my bum too and his fingers find my special hole --- yes this is what i want ---- as his finger slides all the way in -- i cum on his cock and squirt on his stomach --- my head is buzzing as he pounds my pussy ---- this is hard fucking not just passionate there is something else tonight -- aggression ?? not sure but what ever it feels fuckin wonderful ---- as i cum for the second time on his cock i feel his shaft twitch and pulse inside me --- Yes !!!!! he leans me against the wall again and i slide off his cock ---- Mick turns and leans against the wall and slides down ---- you OK babe --i ask --- he is panting like fuck --- good babe -- what a fuck --you where amazing he says ---
I thought i would pass out when i came he says !!!
He stands and starts to wash my body -- standing behind me -- he bites my neck -- no marks -- just nibbles and kisses --- his big hands cup and wash my breasts -- always teasing my nipples -- down my stomach over my mound !!! fuck my juice is still running down my leg mixed with his load he left deep inside me ----- his hands wash my thighs and then my ass cheeks -- he opens me wide and closes me --- fuck if i don't cum again i soap his cock and he slides along my crack -- not fucking me just sliding over my open sex !!!!!

We wash away the soap and Mister gets the towel and pats me dry --- i go into the bedroom --- Fuck i shout -- what he says -- it's time for Tasha !!!! she will be in reception !!! just call down and get her sent up ...

Tasha is our special guest at the fancy dress party tonight , plus we have a few things planned for " MY cumslut " .........

The knock at the door --- i open and seeTasha smiling and i must admit looking very fuckable --- hey Missy she says --- and gives me a big hug and kiss .
Mick comes out of the bathroom towel wrapped around him -- but still so obvious he is hard and ready to go again !!! hehe
he comes over nad kisses Tash -- just a little to nicely --- i slap his ass and say --- hadn't we better get ready !!!

Fucker -- he smiles at me and says sorry babe i got carried away ---- yes you wil be -- teasing bastard !!!!

I open my case and get the clothes out --- i strip Tasha completely --having a little squeeze of her fine breasts and just a little finger play on her pussy too ( only 3 fingers inside !!!! hehehe )

Mick just sits on the bed and watches --- when i turn to face him -- he is smiling a huge grin ---- What ?? i ask --- you enjoy playing with her way too much !!! She owes me big style for what she did with my hubby and she will be paying back for a long long time to come --believe me ----- Mick laughs and says yes i do believe you babe ...

Me and Tash get into our costume --- St Trinian school girls ----

white school blouse , black half cup bra , fishnet stockings and garter belt , pleated mini skirt ( way above stocking top !!! and just showing panty ) white cotton big panties !!! high heels ..
We both have pig tailed hair --- blouse open to reveal lots of cleavage !!!

Mick comes out of the bathroom he's dressed as the head master Mortar board hat too --- AND ----- Cane !!!!!!! he walks toward us slapping his hand with the cane , smiling !!!

So he says in a stern voice --- you 2 girls have been acting like real sluts !!! i think you need some punishment ---- i say it was all her idea Sir !!! she's a real slut -- takes it up the bum too she does !!!!
Is that correct Natasha ??? yes Sir --she says ---- bend over girl !!!!
She bends and i lift her skirt over her bum --- white panties tight across her shapely ass !!!
Mick positions himself at her side -- then runs his fingers over her panty covered bum ---- her pulls the cane back and ---- whack !!! she jumps forward and screams --- i hold her tight --- one more --whack ---- she pulls free and says that hurts ---- Mick smiles and says its supposed to --- you Slut Letting C fuck your virgin bum !!!!!
I laugh so hard i nearly wet myself --- Mick is playing this role so well ....
I pull her panties to the side --seeing her wet gash --- and also 2 red lines across her bum cheeks !!! i run my finger along her slit and show Mick --- then i taste her -- mmmmmmmm fuckin wonderful ...
Now Missy he says --- bend over !! --- why me she's the slut !!! Bend over he says !!! i bend next to Tasha -- she is still bent ---- whack i hear the stroke but feel nothing --- he's hit her ass again this time she falls on the bed ... Mick just taps my bum and says help your friend Missy she might need some ice !!!
I know where this is going i think !!!!
I go to the mini bar and remove the ice tray --- 2 cubes should do it i think ...
Mick eases her panties across --- i rub the ice over her 3 red lines --- does that feel good i ask her ---- yes thank you she says --- as they start to melt Mick spreads her cheeks wide --- 1 cube goes into her soaking pussy ( she is so wet ) and the other --i f***e into her open bum hole .....
She screams --- Mick puts a pillow to her mouth while holding her down ---- i hold her cheeks closed ----- slowly she stops struggling as we let her go -- she jumps of the bed --- legs open and water and her cum running into her panties ---- tears are running down her face ...Why ?? she asks ---- Mick says because you are a SLUT !!!! and Sluts get punished .....

Now He says Tash -- as you know Missy is always hot and horny --- and tonight she is very very horny so will you help me satisfy her needs ??? OHHHH yes i will do anything for Missy ---- Good he says ...

Mick drags across the 2 seater sofa to the side of the bed --- Tasha kneel on the sofa , she does now lean forward so your tits hand over the back of the sofa ----
I think what the fuck has Mick got in mind now ---- i haven't got a clue but i'm loving every dirty second !!!!

He takes out some lengths of silk cord --- he spreads her legs as she kneels and ties her ankles via the leg of the sofa then he walks round the bed and kneels on the bed --- lift your arms he says to her --- then he ties her arms stretched out to each end of the bed ----
are you comfortable he asks ----
I am looking at her an i just want to **** her myself --- fuck !!!!

Mick goes back behind her ---- and raises her skirt to expose her soaking panties --- then he pulls her blouse out of her skirt and litterally rips it off --- he unclips her bra ---- her breasts dangle over the back of the sofa ---- her nipples are huge ..
Finally Mick stands behind her with a pair of scissors in his hands --- What the fuck now i think !!! he pulls her panties away from her skin and cuts a neat slit all the way down to expose her cunt and bum hole --- then he pulls her panties tight again ...

What he has just done looks so fuckin erotic i cum in my panties just watching -----
Mick looks at me and says she is all your Missy --- do you worst !!!!!

I walk past Mick and Kiss him briefly on the lips --- thank you i say !!!!!

I sit next to her on the bed and reach under her hanging tits -- i weigh them in my hands ---- mmm firm heavy tits --fantastic --- i roll her nipples and T starts to moan her pleasure ..... both nipples at the same time soon brings her to a nice little orgasm ...
Me too !!!!!

Mick sits watching me play her nipples --- he smiles and blows me a kiss ..
I leave her just for a second and sit on his lap and kiss him and say thanks ---- you never fail to amaze me i say -- how do you think these things up ???
I haven't got a fuckin clue he says laughing !!!
I rub his cock and say to him you going to fuck her now ?? No he says you are and i'm going to fuck you while you do her !!!
Fuck if he hasn't bought me a strap on !!!
He helps me into it ---- i look down at my cock !!!! fuck its a big one ---- i open her cut panties and see how wet she is --- her pussy lips are puffy and covered in her thick white cream .
i rub the cock up against her opening her lips as i rub -- watching inch by inch disappear into her wetness ---- slowly i start to fuck her ---- she really is moaning loud now -- loving every deep thrust of my rubber cock ...
i feel Mick gently rubbing my bum opening and closing me as i thrust into T ---- as i withdraw i feel his cock enter me ---- deep !!!
as i thrust into her his cock leaves me --- i end up fucking her and myself on his cock --- i am controlling my own fuck and orgasms --- amazing !!!
twice i cum on Micks cock before he holds my hips tight --- he takes over and pounds my cunt so hard ---- doing this he f***es me deeper into T too fuck if we don't all 3 of us cum at the same time ..... i get the wonderful warm sensation deep in my womb ---- i ease out of T and lean back into Mick as he eases from me i feel our coctail of cum gush from me and run down my inner thigh ...
i drag my figers along my thigh catching all of our juice and eating it greedily mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Mick says get in front of T and get her to lick you out -- i have something to do for a second ---- i lie on the bed ---- strap on removed and ease under her face ---- she doesn't need to be asked to eat me out ---- she loves my cunt so much and when i tell her to rim me she cums herself !!!...

Mick shows me a big Butt plug i smile and nod !!! he wipes it along her pussy before sliding it --quite easily into her gaping bum hole --all the way ---- Mick leaves it in and pulls her panty slit closed ..
He joins me on the bed and says its time Missy !!!

Fuck --i had forgotten our original plan while all this was going on ...

I get off the bed and say be back in 5 ----- No fucking her while i'm gone !!! ---- i'm serious Mick ---- Ok he says --- No i say promise me ...--- I promise Missy i will only ever fuck hger when you say its ok !!!

I go down in the lift i put my hand in my panties and sure enough there is a fresh load of mine and Micks cum ---- mmmm tatses fuckin great ...

Now my task is this to go into the fancy dress party and seduce guys into thinking they can fuck me in my room !!!!! that should be quite easy !!!

Sure enough 5 mins later i'm in the lift with my first of the night ---- we kiss ( eyes not closed --- i wonder why ?? ) his fingers find my wet panties and i think fuck it let him finger me give him a tatse of whats to cum !!!! hehehe i am a slut really or am i ????

He tatses his fingers and says i have the most incredible cum he has ever tatsed ---- i don't have the heart to tell him most of its Micks !!! hehe

I open the door to the room and he is faced with T's panty covered ass --- i walk up to her and open her panties to reveal her dripping gash -- in seconds he is all over her --- wiping his cock in her slit --finally burrying himself all the way to his balls ---- as usual it doesn't take him long until his breathing changes and he is ready to cum ---- i drag him out of her and i grab his cock --- wanking him into a pint glass !!! as soon as he has cum and i have drained every drop from him --i say thanks now its time to go !!!!

Mick laughs at how i handled him and says i'm glad i know you !!! hehehe

Tasha is still panting --- she hasn't said a word !!!

I say be back in 5 Mick --- No fucking !!!! yes i know he says !!!
I laugh to my self as i walk to the lift ...
Same drill find a guy ask him if he fancies a fuck in my room and away we go !!!
Again we kiss in the lift -- this fucker is really horny --he tries to fuck me in the lift !! i let him get his fingers wet just to keep him interested --- plus the fact i love being fingered !!!! LOL
We get to the room --open the door and he passes me on the way to T --- he doesn't even let me open her panties --- bang he's straight into her -- unfortunately he only last 10 strokes !!!!! fuckin typical i think---- i drag his cock out and again drain him into the glass ...

Thanks for your donation i say now fuck off and smile !!!
Mick says when can we fuck babe or are you going to get every guy down there to fuck T ???
just let me get 10 Mick and then i will make it a night to remember !!! promise i will !!!!

sure enough i go down and get another guy --- his friend is watching me flirt i say you want to fuck as well ----- fuck yes is the answer --- they are a bit young but hey us women love a toy boy or even 2 hehehe .

in the lift i have my hands full of 2 young hard cocks --- fuck i am so tempted to fuck both of them but no -- maybe another time just so happens they finger me like real pros --- fingers in my pussy and bum hole too !!!!! OMG i squirt in the lift --- fuck i am so tempted !!!!!! NO i can't ....
i open the door and say there is your fuck --knock yourself out guys ---- no cumming inside her --- you cum inmy glass here !!!
The younger guy tries to take out T's Plugg --- Ohhh no you don't just fuck her pussy ----- he's pounding her for ages --- real good action and rythmn Mick sees me watching her ass so closely he slides behind me and slides his hand into my panties ---- i turn and say fuck off !! then realise its Mick not the other guy ----- his fingers ease into me ---- fuck i want him now .....
Bastard the guy starts to moan and i pull him out wanking his thick cock into the glass --- fuck me this guy has so much spunk ---- it just keeps coming --finally he stops --- his mate has already replaced him in T's puffy twat --- she looks like she's been well and trully banged --- actually she has but there is more to cum ....
The next guy doesn't last so long he'd been wanking playing T's tits all the while his mate banged her ---- he knew the score he pulled out and i wanked him into the glass --- nice good thick load again .....

I look at Tashas pussy, fuck she is leaking so much it looks like the guys actually shot inside her !!!
Mick is now lying on the bed naked --- T sucking him !!!!!! that fuckin bitch is at it again !!!! i shouldn't but i actually feel a litle jealous !!!! this is more serious than i will admit --- i don't do jealousy !!!! Fuck what do i do ????
I tell the lads to go --- and jump on the bed with Mick i kiss him so he will never forget !!! i feel him thrusting into her mouth as we kiss ---- she is not having his load !!!! i drag him away from her mouth --- what he says ---- Fuck me i say !!! i want your cock now !!!!
i pull my panties to the side and slide down his shaft mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that feels so fuckin good ---- i just sit there rocking gently ---- he pulls me down and says why not move down so T can lick you as we fuck babe ----- good call Mister !!!!!
I have diferent plans tho --- i slide off Misters Cock thick cream running round his balls mmmmmm yes that will be mine mmmm
i lick my juice from him then face away from Mick and hold his cock tight swelling him even more , push him against my special hole i relax and he eases millimeter by millimeter into me past my muscle --- fuck he is bigger or i am tighter than i have been for a long time -- but it feels amazing !!!! T watches litterally inches away from my pussy as i slide onto Micks Cock -- even before he is in she is lapping at my cunt --- now my senses go into overdrive fuckin hell in seconds i'm squirting into Tashas mouth ---- Mick releases her hands --- seconds later she's fingerfucking me and lapping at my clit !!!!i'm riding Micks cock and he is lying there loving every second ....
i reach forward and pull hard on T's Nipples fuck i'll pull her nipples of if i pull any harder -- dirty bitch wants it harder !!!! she will not beat me !!!! i lean forward and Mick almost slides out of my bum hole but he gets himself all the way back in ---- in my new position i can suck her nipples !!!!! and Fuckin bite em as hard as the bitch wants !!!!!! in minutes she is pleading as she comes hard when i do let her nipple slide from my mouth they are bruised and swollen !!!!! Now for the other one !!!!!
As i cum hard again on her fingers i accidentally bite down a little too hard on her nipple she screams as she too cums fuck if Mick doesn't cum in my bum too ---- this time her nipple slides from my mouth there is a little bl**d on her aureol not much but maybe i did bite tooo hard !!!! oops .........

As Mick takes his cock out i turn so Tasha can clean my bum hole --- fuck do i love this part !!!! Mick gets off the bed and stands so i can suck the last of his juices from his balls OHHH and my ass juice too mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck what a wonderful taste ....

Mick is still so fuckin hard ---- he takes his cock out of my mouth and whispers in my ear that he is going to do T now ---- OK i say !!!!
Not thinking !!!!!! i hear her moan louder into my bum hole --- then the butt plug lands on the bed beside me !!!! Fuck he is doing her bum now !!!!! I shoot of the bed , definately in jealous mode !!!! i see him thrust and she moans loud ---- what the fuck i say to him ??? what he says --- fuckin her bum --- i say !!!! What he says ???? you fuckin her bum i say !!! he stops dead !!!! come here he grabs my hand and pulls me close all i can see is his cock disappear into her cut panties !!!! then he eases them aside her bum hole is gaping wide and he is deep in her cunt --- Fuck whats wrong with me i say to him ------ his response -- Maybe your getting to like me !!!! A Lot !!!
i ease his cock from her pussy and taste him and her juice --- i rip off her panties and i push his cock into her bum hole !!!! --- i just need to say when he can do her bum thats all !!!!!! because now i can have her pussy as he pounds her bum !!!!! hehehe

As we fuck and lick her to orgasm i struggle to think of how things where before we met .....
I'm holding MIcks balls as he Fucks T's Bum my nails drag and dig into him --- sure enough i feel his balls twitch as i know he is shooting into her gaping bum hole as he eases from her a stream of Micks cum runs out of her hole and down into my waiting mouth mmmmmmm

Fuck this is great ...

Mick disappears into the shower as i clean T's huge bum hole ---- i untie her and we join Mick in the shower -- as soon as we are all in the shower Mick tells T to kneeel and suck him !!! i know whats coming next ----- he kisses me and i hold his cock ---- sure enough the stream of piss hits the back of her throat -- she drinks as much as she can but i pull him out of her mouth and wash her tits down ...

Suddenly i remember the glass of cum !!!!! Fuck i shout and run out of the shower !!!
What Mick calls after me ??? I come back in with half a glass full of still warm cum !!!!! We get Tasha to stand and i tell her not to swallow but she must take it all in her mouth then let it run out and down over her tits and down to her swollen cunt ...

She does just as she's told !!! i stand infront of her and massage all of the cum into her tits and then down into her open cunt ---- i then press my tits hard against her and we massage all of that wonderful man juice around our bodies ....

I need to pee i say --- T is on her knees in a flash i put a foot on Micks thigh and open myself ---- she gets the full f***e in her mouth ---- her mouth closes on my cunt licking me as i pee in her mouth ----

Mick washes us down and and both Tasha and me go into the bedroom , Mick follows --- 6 hours we have been abusing poor Tasha but hey she still deserves it !!! plus i think she is really becoming a dirty cum slut too >>>

Tash gets dressed --- and leaves the room to make the 2 hour drive home ---
we kiss and hug her --- but now is our time just me and Mick ...
I run and jump into bed ---- i pat the bed ---- its a private joke between us that he always gets the wet spot !!!!! hehe
but tonight i know the bed will be awash with both our juices .........................

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Love the story
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very good
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Fantastic time had by all - great read