Fingered in the Bar part 2 ( glory hole !! )

This once more is dedicated to my very special friend Missy ... One day your dreams will come true !!!!

Charlie has arranged to watch the rugby again in the bar this time --- I don't complain this time -- not after the little fun I had the last time I was there!!!

I go upstairs and take my time to choose a very tight mini dress --- not only is it very short to show off my wonderful legs but hugs my tight ,firm ass --- the 3 inch heels I’m going to wear just emphasises these assets too ...
The wonder bra really makes my DD'S look huge --- pushing up and out ---- what a cleavage I think ----
No panties I think????? NO not today --- let’s get really wet mmmmmm
I stand in front of the mirror and turn to the side and look at the outline of my wonderful tits – and run my hands over them – the nipples are like rocks -- so fuckin hard --- am I already turned on !!! To fuckin right and am feeling so horny hoping that someone who I don't even know may be there or may not, but I hope to god that they are!!!!
I run my hands down to my stomach and round over my firm ass --- then round to my mound ---- fuck it feel so good !! When I touch my mound it’s as though I’m are plugged into the mains as my cunt throbs and pulses!! I slide my hand under the very short dress and my fingers drag along the soaking lips and round to my ass --- I'm fuckin soaking --- then smile -- yes I fuckin am -- soaking --dripping wet !!!

The finger slide into my cunt squelches!! Deeper --deeper!! I take out the cum covered fingers – and look at the creamy finger -- and taste how good it is mmmmmmmmmm
Charlie shouts up stairs for me to get my ass into gear ----
When we arrive at the bar my pussy is leaking down to my thighs the feeling is amazing --- I start to look around to see who was here last week -- it all just a blur !! I go over and stand exactly where I was last week --- Charlie gets the drinks Vodka /O J – and I wait for the game kick off the atmosphere is amazing as always against England ...
Within 5 mins of kicking off I feel my ass being touched gently --- and I smile --- scared to turn!!!! Fuck my heart is pounding out of the tight fitting bra ---and it feels like I’m a school girl being touch for the first time --- the first orgasm hits instantly
Suddenly my in shock my ass cheeks are grabbed firmly and roughly massaged open and closed – I let out a massive fanny fart as my cunt is opened and closed -Charlie laughs as he also hears it.... but just carries on watching the game.

By now my asshole is opening so wide --fuck the hands are so strong - fingers so hard but yet gentle!!! fuck I’m so desperate to turn round --but no I can't frozen to the spot !! All I do is push my ass back to give the hands better access to both of my wet holes!!!
It all stops -- nothing!!! GOD!!! what the fuck --- I feel something brush in between my thighs opening my legs expecting to get fingers in my dripping cunt --- no something totally different ........
Yes I can feel fingers but then they have gone -no touching any fingering????
What the..................... I feel something sharp on my inner thigh!! And move --its still there!! I carefully run my hand up under the dress --- what the fuck --- a piece of paper --- I take it from between my swollen lips --- the paper is soaking wet --- but it does say --ladies toilet now !!!!!

I tell Charlie “going to the toilet” -- yeh whatever is his reaction!!
Again my heart is pounding -- the note also tells me to go into the second toilet???
Fortunately no one is in there!! I close the door and sit -- now what I think ----suddenly I see 2 fingers appear through a hole in the wall ---- I know exactly what to do --- bend over and back into the wall !!! My cunt is opened up ---- the fingers slide all the way in!! --- Straight hitting my G spot --- fuckin amazing -- orgasm after orgasm...
The fingers are removed and replaced by a huge cock ---all the way into the gapping cunt -- it’s massive!! My cunt lips grab the cock as it plunges deep into me .......... the orgasms are huge and I feel weak as yet another hits me !!!

The cock is taken out ----- NO!!! I shout --please!!! Who are you!!! Please!!!
I’m still bent over almost in tears --- when my asshole is f***ed open with one trust of the massive cock --- it drives me forward -- and stuns me into another streaming orgasm --- not only streaming but gushing and squirting !!!

My open asshole is being pounded I start pushing back as hard as I can to get this stiff hard shaft as deep as possible in my bum hole --- then the stokes get shorter and faster --- then the cock gushes into my asshole load after load !!! Hot thick man cream deep into me --- I slide to the floor as the cock slides from me and I look down at the wide open cunt and asshole --what a fuckin mess I think and laugh!!! The door closes -- who ever it was has gone -- it takes me 5 mins to pull myself together and clean most of the cum out of the come filled asshole ----- mmmmmm it does taste really nice --as I have licked most of it off my fingers --that I have been fingering deep in my asshole !!!!

I apply some lippy on -- smooth down the dress and go back in the bar ---- and squeeze back to Charlie ---- and start to look around for someone smiling or looking as though they just had a fuck ---- but there was only one with a big stupid grin ---- and that was ME !!!!!
I give Charlie a kiss and stand behind him again totally bored with the game ----- I feel my cheeks being opened again --- but this time a huge gush of man cream gushes down my inner thigh and ends up on my shoes!!! This time you do turn round....................................................................................................................

94% (13/1)
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1 year ago
another great story!
2 years ago
mmmm just something so hot about stranger sex
2 years ago
You bet you are getting a following...lots of things for K and I to think about...
3 years ago
Wow...very hot it & can't wait to read more updates on your adventures...

3 years ago
Missy its the slutty things you get upto that the guys are lovin --so what and who are you doin next ????? you dirty slut ---- but we all love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3 years ago
Hi Mister I'm gald that we are getting a following on here now
3 years ago
Hell yeah! ready for more...
3 years ago
Really good story made me very hard!