Fingered in the Bar

This story is written by a very special friend of mine ---- the following experience i know for fact did happen .............

Charlie had arranged to go a bar to watch a football match when we get there the bar is rammed --- I had dressed to impress as always nice short mini dress and high heels -- I'm not really into watching football, but the clothes make me feel really good and KNOW I look amazing ..... Showing my legs and wonderful cleavage mmmmmm...

I look in the mirror before going out and think to myself --yes I would fuck me -

So I finally manage to get a drink and have to stand by a high bar table --no seats!! Fucking great I think!!
Everyone is so packed in bodies are very close and banging into each other when even taking a drink!!

Suddenly I feel a very light touch on my ass --- I pass it off as some one walking past and brushed into me -- seconds later it happens again ---- it feels quite nice --and I hate footy anyway --- Charlie is engrossed in the match - as usual ....
The gentle brushes across my ass turns to a nice fondle --mmmmmm I think -- and realise I'm getting wet!!
The fondling stops!!! Shit I think --- but then feel a warm gentle hand in between my hot thighs ---- fuck I think --what do I do?? . Nothing as I love the sensations it is giving me --the fingers are massaging my inner thigh --- wonderful!!
I now have a huge smile on my face --- just at that second Charlie turns to me and says “great game I can see your enjoying it --good girl !!” ----

Fuckin good girl my ass -- "I hate football but I'm getting touched up here right in front of you and I'm fuckin soaking wet --not because of you or the football but because I'm getting groped by god knows who --- who cares anyway it feels wonderful" !!

The warm fingers move to in between my ass cheeks –I grasp for breath -- fuck me I think am going to get fingered --- I fuckin hope so ---- I spread my legs the fingers glide over the gusset of the G string --fuck my cunt is dripping now -- who the fuck is doing this to me ??? But i am too scared to turn --I want every thing now!!!

The fingers again glide over my cunt the g string is now in between my swollen cunt lips --- god this is wonderful --- suddenly the fingers find my clit ---- a huge orgasm shakes my body!!!! I say aloud “fuck me !!!!” just as a bad tackle had been made on the TV -- Charlie is very proud that I’ve voiced my opinion !!! Little does he know!! Hee hee.

I push my ass back to give the fingers easy access to my now throbbing wet cunt --- finally after what seems an eternity --the fingers move the string from along my soaking pussy -- but to my surprise and horror --- who ever it is pulls down my g string !!! Fuck no I think --- But feel them coming down my thighs!!! OMG OMG --- down my calf ---- then I think fuck it and just step out of them ---- I am so turned on by the last 30 seconds --it is the most excited I can ever remember -- EVER !!!!

I stand and push my ass back again -- waiting!!! Waiting!!! OMG for fuck sake ---- I feel warm breath on the back of my knees --- who ever it is picking up my panties ---- then I feel the warm breath at the hem of the dress and on the back of my thighs !!!
I close my eyes in anticipation, waiting!!! Nothing --- fuck I hope he hasn't gone --- please be there!! Then I smile as the warm fingers glide back over the cheeks of my bare ass, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cum is now running down my inner thigh --
This time I feel two hands spread my ass cheeks --- cum gushes from my cunt and I feel it splash on my ankle as it hits the floor!! I’m being opened and closed so easily -- wonderful massaging action mmmmmm...

The massaging stops and the fingers slip along my gaping pussy lips 1 - 2- 3 -4 fingers glide into teasing my g spot --- who ever this is they know exactly what they are doing -- my body shudders as though I’m are cold -- far from it I am so fuckin hot and getting hotter --- orgasm after orgasm --- it is all I can do to stop from screaming out FUCK ME!!!!!

All of the fingers slide out, leaving me empty but yet fulfilled ----- Thank you so much who ever you are!!!

To my shock 2 fingers are f***ed all the way deep into my asshole ---- the biggest orgasm yet hits me -- my legs go weak -- a hand supports me from behind to stop falling!!! The fingers are fucking my asshole like a steam hammer --- pounding into my ass cheeks until finally ---- I feel hot wetness between my legs that’s not mine --- I run my hand to the new wetness ---- and look at my fingers -- thick white man juice – I taste it mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and love it !!
The fingers gently ease out of my gaping ass hole ---- I’m completely fulfilled!!! Sexually -mentally ---- physically.............

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1 year ago
ooh fuck that's hot! Wish this happens to me one day!
2 years ago
wow, so frigging hot!
3 years ago
mmm, i love it when a girl gets used in a crowded place like this
3 years ago
3 years ago
A fantastic experience.