Old Friends -New Lovers !!!!! Part 2

I have just drained Cathy’s wonderful pussy of all of Mick’s wonderful love juices ---- she rolls on to the bed, Cathy in the middle of me and Mick...
I am kissing Cathy and whispering sweet nothings in her ear --- telling her how amazing she is and such a wonderful lover....
Mick has his arm across her stomach --gently playing with my clit -- just teasing stroking --- it’s a wonderful way to wind down after such a hard session of love making ----
Mick however is insatiable --- he changes position --- now his thighs are by Cathy’s shoulder and his head is on her thigh he reaches back across to me and eases my thighs wider
My god he is ready to go again!!!! Lucky we are too!!!He he
He lifts Cathy’s thigh and slides his head under her leg - she spreads her leg across his shoulder --- now he has full access to her beautiful soaking pussy ------ he very gently licks her -- starting the amazing sensations all over again --- but this time there is a very big difference --- Cathy is now totally comfortable with Mick --- she has seen just how passionate and gentle he has been and sampled these for herself -- with wonderful warming wet effects!!!
The licking continues as we kiss and talk --- the scenario is totally surreal ---- my pussy is also being rubbed but so gently it is giving me something I have never experienced before ---- I can't even describe just how good it feels --but my god it feels incredible......
Cathy and me are playing with each others nipples --- nipple play is one of my favourite ways to relax --- and so it is too for Cathy....
Cathy’s cum is flowing --- her pussy muscles are twitching but no screaming --- she has fallen into a wonderful --satisfied sl**p ----
Her breathing is very shallow --- I kiss her forehead and slide down the bed ---- I also lift her legs and slide my head under her ----
I move Mick’s head --- he looks at me ---- and a beaming smile ---- I kiss him --- what he has done for me and my best friend can never be repaid ----- but I am certainly going to try --- the best way I know possible!!!!!
Mick gets up from the bed and goes into the shower --- I have replaced him tonguing Cathy’s cream filled pussy ---- I expose her clit fully -- pulling the hood back on her clit ----- when my tongue touches it -- her body jumps!!--- I stop --- was she dreaming and had a reaction??
I lick it again --she jumps ---- Fuck her clit is super sensitive ------ my mouth goes completely over her clit --- I suck gently -- she comes again --- her cum is running around her asshole --- I lick that up too --- again she jumps !!!!--- Cathy is now totally fast asl**p and her senses are going wild ----- I lick her hard and deep -- my nose is rubbing her clit off --- I can't count the orgasms now --so fast are they coming --- I’m sure she is pretending to be asl**p --but no its for real ---- Mick has showered and climbs back on the bed ---- he comes across to my side and spreads my legs ----- I can't tell him what I want as I am not going to take my mouth of her running tap !!!
He knows exactly what I want and need anyway --- we think along the same lines -- all the time!!!
Sure enough he starts to rim me!!!!! Fuck its amazing -- I really want Cathy to see him do my bum hole --to show her how wonderful I think it is and also to show her again how Mick really is so gentle with me!!! Until I don't want him to be!!!!!! But no she will miss this time but maybe later before he goes she can help him have my bum!!! But that for later --- Mick is really tonguing me so deep --- I know how big he is making my bum --- and I love every second of it!!!
I am lying on my side -- bum pushed back --- and dripping wet pussy!!! -- Mick kneels and eases his hard cock into me --- it goes all the way in until his balls rest on my thigh s!!!
It gives me such a great sensation as he feeds inch after inch into me --- God I want to wake her and tell her how amazing it feels!!!!!
Instead I just continue eating and licking her pussy ----- Mick really has kicked up a gear now and is pounding my asshole --- all the way in and all the way out!!!! His breathing once more changes and I know he is about to cum!!! I want every drop --- every single drop in my asshole!!!! And Thank you Mick -- he obliges and fills me up yet again ---- my own orgasm is at exactly the same second I feel Mick’s load hit me inside!!!!!!!!!!! I accidently bite Cathy’s clit --- she Squirts on me!!!!! I’m in heaven getting cum at both ends --- my 2 best friends........................................
Finally Mick drags me from under Cathy --- the bed is soaked!!!!!!!!! he carries me into the shower --- we stand under the shower kissing and stroking each other ----- He says -- thanks Wendy --- I ask what for ---- for all of this --- this will live with all of us forever !!!
I smile and say Mick I am so glad we met --- this has bought freshness to my life and I know it has to Cathy also.....
He kisses me as never before ---- I’m cumming by being kissed --- it is really meant to be like this!!!!
We go back to bed Cathy has turned onto her side so I spoon into her -- then Mick spoons into me ---- his arm comes across me and holds Cathy’s breast --- her nipple actually --- she sighs and --- a smile appears -- but she is still asl**p --- Mick kisses my head ---- I feel his hardness between my legs ----- I open my legs and he slides right into me ------ so good --so fuckin good!!!!
We fall into a wonderful sl**p Mick inside of me!!!
When I wake -- Mick has gone --- but Cathy is still fast with a huge grin on her face --- I go to the loo --- a letter on the bedside table --- addressed to me --- Lots of really personal stuff -- but it makes me feel so good to read exactly how Mick feels about me -- even though I already knew ----- tears well in my eyes -- when will I see him again --I don't know -- but what a couple of night s we have had!!!!
Cathy comes round she is beaming --- hey Wend -- god I feel amazing --- I reach down and touch her face -- you look amazing my love --truly amazing!!
Where's Mick? She asks -- he had to leave earlier -- so I missed him too!! ---- She says --I really do like him Wend!!!
Then she sees the letter and the tears --- Oh no she says has he broken up with you ---- I laugh -- no far from it he has told me exactly how he feels about me!!!!! And is it good --- its wonderful!!! So you should be happy then -- I am!!
Cathy pulls me to her and holds me as only a true friend and lover can..........
Lets get something to eat then go for a nice long walk -- and talk about everything...
As we walk past reception -- the guy calls us across and says that our car will be here in 45 mins!! for what I say -- to go to the stables you are scheduled to ride in an hour --its already booked ----- Fucker I say a little to loud -- sorry madam -- no not you then I smile --- what’s going on Wend Cathy asks --- well Mick knew we used to ride together so he has arranged it for us today !!!!!! That’s really nice but I don't have any gear --- neither do I --- mmmmmm
The receptionist says no problem ladies -- the stables is fully kitted out boots jodhpurs every thing...
Fantastic lets eat then and go riding -- I say to Cathy........................................................
The car picks us up and takes us to the stables -- we get kitted out --- neither of us have a bra or panties so to see each other in jodhpurs and white blouse is very erotic -- I smooth my hand over my mound in front of Cathy and my god how good does that feel !!!!
She does exactly the same --- a huge grin on her face!!!
Wendy can I ask a question -- sure -- did you get wet when we used to ride years ago --- Cathy my pussy was dripping!!!! But I used to wear panties then!!! He he - --- that’s good she says I thought it was just me and it was abnormal!!!!! No hunny I say it is so normal particularly when you are getting your pussy pounded by a saddle!!!
We laugh and mount the horses --- there are set routes to ride -- we head off --- this is brilliant she shouts as we get into a gallop...
2 hours later we ride back into the stable ---- we dismount --- my legs feel shaky ---- I see Cathy looking at my crotch --- I look down --- fuck I have leaked so much cum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks as though I have pissed myself!!! Then I point to Cathy’s groin!! And laugh too --- OMG she says we really are in a bit of a mess here Wend!!!! Nothing I cant lick clean I say and push her over onto a straw bale!!!
in seconds her jodhpurs are around her ankles and I am cleaning her dripping pussy lips -- but so turned on is she --that she cums again and again -- the more I lick and clean her the more she cums --- looks like I could be here all day !!!! I laugh!!
We hear talking and jump up quickly -- Cathy is panicking pulling up her jodhpurs --- it really is funny to watch --- just in time!!!! A couple walk into our stall and ask where the grooms are --- right at the end of the barn I say ---- Cathy is flustered and red!!! The guy never took his gaze from our groins!!!! Hope he has a hard on now I think!!!!
We change and go back to the hotel to check out ---- the bills already paid!!! So we go to the room to shower and change!!!
We hear the shower running --- I look down -- Mick’s bag??? I rush into the bathroom and see him showering --- I run in and hug and kiss him hard --- wow!! I have to leave again he says!!
I'm dripping under the shower fully clothed!! Do you really feel as you wrote??He smile s and I know he does!!!!
I kiss him so hard he can hardly breath ---Cathy is standing in the doorway watching us..........
As Mick carries me out of the shower -- he strips me and leaves a pile of my wet clothes on the floor ---- I ask why he is back --- missed my flight --- no you didn't you just didn't get on it!!! He smile s what if I wanted you just once more he says!!!
I really hope you do I say other wise I might just have to **** you!!!! He says –I’ll surrender do your worst woman!!!
Mick dries me and carries me into the bedroom -- places me on the bed --- sits beside me and again we kiss ----- I [pat the bed for Cathy to sit next to me ---- we then share a 3 way kiss!!!Wonderful ---- Cathy takes of her clothes -- no prompting from us!!! And lies next to me!!!
She slides down the bed and spreads my legs ---- OMG her tongue is so good on me -- after the pounding my pussy got riding she feels so soft and gentle --I whisper in Mick’s ear --- please get Cathy to help you take my Bum!!!!! I want her to see you have me!!!
We let her lick me for ages Mick is happy that I am sucking him and I am very happy doing it!!
I feel I am ready -- I push Cathy’s head away --- she looks hurt -- until I kneel and offer her my bum and pussy!!! She eats me so very well!! Mick joins her and takes some massage oil --he rubs it into my bum and my bum hole too --- shinny ass mm love it
His fingers start to gently open my bum hole -- 1 finger then 2 --- Cathy is watching hi now!! Doesn’t say a word --- Mick’s hands are amazing at massage -- he opens my holes so easily!! Massaging them wide and then closed!!!
He says to Cathy can you help me please -- but it will hurt her she says --no not at all --- I promise -- I would never hurt Wendy --you know that!!!
Hold me tight as tight as you can ---- perfect -- now just ease the head into her --- no more just the head!!
She does it perfectly --- when she sees the response from me she really does understand how I love Mick’s cock in asshole!!!!
She fucks me with his cock --for ages!! He then tells her to let go which she really doesn't want to do!!! But she does!!!
Mick’s cock wipes my gaping hole --- he eases inch after inch into me!!!! I cum again and again -- she is amazed as he penetrates me fully --- his balls rest against my clit ---- I cum on his balls!!!
As he removed his cock totally --- Cathy just looks at my huge gaping hole --- Mick eases back in all the way -- then back out!!!
This time she sees my juices all over Mick’s cock --- and sucks him clean ---- he loves that!!!! She puts him back inside me watching with amazement as he fucks me --- finally he puts his hand s on my hips and pulls me onto him -- I know he will not belong before he cums!!!
I back onto him splashing my dripping cum from my pussy lips!! He stops thrusting but I carry on!! He releases his load deep into me!!!!! It feels wonderful to me --- I am totally fulfilled!!!
As Cathy takes his cock out Mick is amazed that she sucks the last drips of his cum from his tubes!!
And to my total amazement she tells me to squat over her and f***es the cum from me!!! Which I willingly do!!!
Next again Cathy surprises me!!! she holds all of the cum in her mouth and shows me ---- we kiss _- a long very wet kiss swapping and sharing Mick --- his cum too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......................................

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