Old Friends New Lovers -Part 1

This is our Story as written By Misssy - (Wendy)

It s a typical Nov. day in the UK -- cold and wet!! Very grey and dark!!! This is the down side --- the upside is that I’m meeting my long time friend Cathy -- we go back a long way -- to the day they would ride together again....

Now our lives have moved apart in distance but are still good friend’s...
We have arranged to meet half way between where we now both live --- a little get away I tell Charlie -- and when I tell him I’m meeting up with Cathy he wants to come along too ---

I was talking with Cathy on face book a couple of weeks earlier and said that I had been in a cyber relationship with this guy and he was a bit of a story teller -- he sounds like good fun Cathy says – “well I sent him your pic and he thinks you are gorgeous !! Oh and by the way he wants to get in your knickers!! “I tell her.

I turn up at the country hotel we have arranged to meet at – after checking into the room I have booked --- no sign of Cathy -- so I go to the room and unpack my overnight bag!!!! A big suitcase with all sorts of clothes in!!!
“Right down to the bar for me” --- I sit at the bar and order a favourite glass of wine.....
A few minutes after sitting down -- Cathy walks into the bar -- as beautiful as ever with a beaming smile --- god she looks fantastic –I think!!

We hug -- a real warm hug --- she feels so good too...
I order Cathy a wine also and go and sit at a dinner table --- we fall straight back into the stories of what we had done together -- where we had been etc -- laughing and drinking -- having a great time.....

I have my back to the entrance but Cathy sees this guy walk in --- he is smiling to himself ---- she carries on talking --- then after he has a drink at the bar he walks toward our table ---- smiles at Cathy --- and kisses me on the cheek !!!

Cathy is smiling -- but not sure what to say!!! --- Cathy -- meet Mick!!! –He walks around the table to kiss Cathy on each cheek ---she is beaming --- “sorry Cathy but I invited Mick along also -- so I can see him before he leaves for Spain again -- I hope you don't mind.”..

Not at all.........................

We are introduced within 30 mins it’s like we are all old friends!! Shall we eat ladies --Mick asks – “I’m starving ----but first I need to get showered – I’ve been on the road all day “---- I give him the room key!!! “Back in a few -- Steak is good for me hun -- you know how I like it!!”
When he’s gone -- Cathy is like the inquisitor --- so many questions ------ when did he get here --- have I slept with him -- is he staying the night ---...

“Relax Cathy -- he really is a nice guy --- yes I have slept with him -- and yes he is staying tonight -- he flies back tomorrow...
So I wanted to spend time with 2 really good friends -- what’s wrong with that??”
Nothing Cathy says –“but --- but nothing babe he is a real nice guy!!!”
When Mick comes back the meal is just about to be served – “hope I’m not to casual girls but -- I feel much more relaxed in jeans and shirt.....”

The meal is really nice the chat is wonderful --Cathy is really relaxing and having a good time -- we have more drinks and move into the lounge for coffees and cocktails.....
Mick looks at his watch – “well girls I have to make a couple of calls and than I’m off to bed I fly early tomorrow -- Cathy it has been an absolute pleasure” – He kiss her on the lips -- really gently -- I see she has her eyes closed -- and smile!!

Mick moves across to me and we kiss so tenderly and passionately ---- Cathy feels a warm sensation --- she knows exactly what it is!!!!!

“Later girls “he says and he’s gone ----- Cathy is again full of questions – “so is that it – goodbye” ---- I ask “why do you want a different ending Cathy--- he has come to see you --- and he has -- don’t you want to sl**p with him”??

Cathy then surprises you and says – “yes I fuckin should Wendy ---I should fuck him so hard he wants to keep coming back to see us” – “and he will my love he will – I say “we have something so special already” ----- Now I lean into Cathy and says --- “I saw how you reacted when he kissed you too” --- she says what do you mean --- your eyes were closed and “I bet you are wet too!!!” –

Cathy laughs and says “just a little!!! -- Fuck Wendy where on earth did you find him “-- you know where -- and we just really get along --- “Mick is my relaxation from the real world” ---- Then Cathy says – “I wish I could do that” ---- I jump right in --- you can babe --relax with me and Mick tonight – “I know he really finds you sexy “-- how do you know that asks Cathy --- “because he told me so -- that’s how I know -- I can talk to Mick about anything and everything he listens and doesn't judge -- unlike most people ---- so --- I am going to Mick’s room now and I want you to come with me “--again I lean into Cathy and kiss her full on the lips -- her mouth opens and our tongues play ---- we hold her hands --- they are sticky with sweat -- nerves maybe -- but not for long !!!

I say nothing more we stand together and walk -- no words spoken until we arrive at my room --- just so happens to be Mick’s room too.
I knock the door – and Mick opens it and kisses me --- just a brief peck --- then he steps forward and kisses Cathy --- on the lips --- tender this time Cathy responds by opening her mouth -- they tongues play --- he pulls her into his body holding her tight --- hands are in her hair holding and moving in rhythm --- hands run down her back --- they stop at her hips --- she is pushing her mound into his stiffness --- making him breath hard.

Cathy is now very much part of us -- our private group of 3 --- 2 old friends and 1 new friend ---- Mick’s hands are massaging her ass cheeks
Opening and closing her --- she feels her wetness dripping from her lips --- her panties are soaked – I now join the welcome -- standing behind Cathy as I kiss him and raises Cathy’s' dress – I move Mick’s hands and takes over massaging Cathy’s ass cheeks open and closed ....
I start kissing Cathy on the nape of the neck sending shock waves down to Cathy’s pussy --- she feels so alive and very very horny ----- still not one word has been spoken!!!!!!!!!!!!

We break the kisses --after quite a while Cathy opens her eyes and smiles at him ---- I make Cathy a little more comfortable --- Mick has already had her dress over her head --- standing there in her bra and soaking panties -- 5 seconds later she is naked I lay her down on the bed --- and kiss her full on the mouth deep long passionate kiss --- Mick is sat next to us on the bed --- watching and amazed at how erotic it is to see friends kissing so passionately ---when we do break he moves around the bed and help me out of my dress -- no panties for me -- Mick asked me never to wear them and I have done as he asked – he is so pleased -----

Cathy is amazed as she sees how smooth and shiny my pussy is and so fuckin wet ... as he removes my bra my nipples are huge -- so hard and sensitive!!! --- I kneel back on the bed and offer a nipple to Cathy -- she very willingly accepts -- sucking and playing dark brown nipple --- I have a small orgasm as she sucks me so well --- Mick removes his top but I stop him and tell him to kneel on the bed --- I sit Cathy up -- and take it in turns undoing Mick’s button fly ....... I open the last one ---- put my hand inside --- then I speak for the first time ---- “Cathy see how much pre cum Mick has --- it tastes incredible too!!!! “I ease out his large thick manhood--- Cathy says nothing -- just licks his eye tasting the pre cum!!--- I say “don’t have it all I want some too and laugh!!”
So here Mick is kneeling in between two beautiful women who are sharing his cock!!!! This has to be heaven ----

He reaches down to us both and find my very hard nipples -- he rolls and plays with each of us -- taking it in turns left nipple right nipple ----

I push him back onto the bed -- and takes off his jeans ----- I also push Cathy onto her back -- Cathy automatically opens her legs wide --- offering her a very very wet pussy to her old friend and now -- new lover --- I go down --the wonderful smell and aroma of fresh hot pussy is one of my favourite ---- Mick watches as I run my tongue along Cathy’s dripping lips -- tasting her cream --- I lick around Cathy’s asshole too --- she shudders --- she really likes this --- then I lick back all the way to her clit !!!—

A huge orgasm washes through Cathy’s body --- she shivers and shakes ---- and her cream runs freely from her gaping pussy lips!! I’m like a wild woman eating and drinking as much as I can ---- Mick slide by Cathy’s head --- her eyes are closed so intense are her orgasms hitting her --- he turns her head to the side ---- she looks in to his eyes and smiles --- she mouths “Thank you” ---- and he smiles back at her --- and kiss her mouth -- very very gently ---- she comes again on my now cum covered face!!.

When they stop kissing she reaches for his cock -- then she takes it deep into her throat -- taking all of the cock and sucking so hard --- Mick’s sensations are going wild --- he has never felt his cock being sucked so hard --- “am I going to cum before we have started” he cry’s out --- NO – he tells himself -- but Cathy has such a wonderful mouth ---- Cathy realises Mick’s problem and lets the cock free from her mouth --- and she knows how close he was!!! –
I’m however is now feasting on Cathy’s asshole -- my tongue is deep inside – I’m also spreading Cathy’s cheeks as I do so!!--- it now seems like Cathy is having one continuous orgasm -----Mick slides down the bed and position himself behind me ---- His cock is throbbing so much – He dare not enter me as for sure he will cum straight away !!--- The he spreads my thighs wide --- and then ass cheeks -- both holes are wide and welcoming ---- Mick rims me -- which he knows I adore --- he feels my cum squirt from me!!! Splashing the bed --- he’s tonguing my ass so deep --- “you tastes amazing” he says --- “I really need to taste your cream” – He licks down my slit and my mouth in turn latches onto Cathy’s clit!! I bite her --- she squirts on me --- I bite her she squirts in my mouth --- the last time I bite 3 times she squirts into me and over me !!!

The orgasm is so strong that I -- fall face first into Cathy’s pussy ---- Mick laughs and sit on my ass --- slapping and riding me --- I come up for air – “help me Mick “—“what’s wrong babe” -- thinking he’s hurt me --- “get my strap on --- I want Cathy now” !!!!!
Mick feels in my bag and sure enough there is a strap on dildo!!! Fuck me “Cathy says” --- “no not you Mick” Wendy ---- Then I say kneel up babe --- and she does immediately ---- Mick helps me on with it ----- then I just open Cathy’s wet cheeks --- and Mick watches as I slide into her !!! fuck ---- its so fuckin good to watch me -- thrusting into her -- and pulling her onto me --- Cathy is taking the whole 8 inches and loving it too ---- again orgasm after orgasm until she also collapses onto the bed face down --- I just carry on pounding her pusssy so hard --- Mick drags me off her and roll me on my back ripping off the dildo and spread me wide -- He has never seen me this wet before ---

Mick kneels between my thighs and wipes his throbbing cock along the length of my dripping gash – down to my asshole --- I thrust up trying to take his cock inside me –he pulls back and laughs as he is teasing me ----- “get your cock in me now you fucker – or I will bite it off “--- I demand

Mick eases into me gently --- he always does --- but I am so wet – immediately my pussy is making very loud fanny farts as he strokes his cock in and out –the pumping is getting faster and harder ---- Cathy is eating my nipples – they are so sensitive – my cunt is just one long hard orgasm now --- it feels as though I am pissing on his cock –but I know it is just pure love juice!!!!!!!

Cathy kisses down my stomach and is amazed as she watches Mick now pounding me so fuckin hard --- as he thrusts into me my cum is splashing onto Cathy’s face !!!
She asks Mick to pull out --- he does ---his cock is covered in thick white pussy cream ---- Cathy takes him into her mouth --- and cleans my juices from his shaft ---
Mick’s breathing gets very hard --- Cathy and I know he is about to cum!!---

She sucks harder –I’m still laying legs and pussy wide open ----- Mick pushes Cathy away --- Just in time --- he rams his cock deep into me!!! 2 more thrusts and I feel him explode deep into my womb --- washing and spraying the walls of my cunt --- Fuck – he has never cum so hard in me before !!!!! He is enjoying himself????

As Mick slowly withdraws – believe it or not he is still so hard ---Cathy moves Mick from between my legs and to my wonderful amazement she goes down on me to clean Mick’s cum from deep inside me ---- with her mouth and tongue!!!!!
I orgasm immediately ---- Mick moves up the bed and turns my head toward him --- he wipes his cock across my lips --- I taste my pusssy and his cream --- what a cocktail it is too --- I suck him so hard –sucking every drop of his cum from his tubes and maybe even direct from his balls !!!

Cathy is doing an amazing job --- but now again she surprises me --- she is fingering my asshole ---It just doesn’t get any better than this -!!!!!!
Well I didn’t think it could –!!!!!

Mick pulls out of my mouth to my great disappointment ---- but then he goes around behind Cathy ----He wipes his cock along her –now –gaping pussy ---- and eases himself all the way deep into her creamy soaking pussy – his balls rub against her clit – so deep is his cock – and she takes it all --- willingly --- and again a surprise as she starts to back onto his cock --- fucking herself on him!!!!

I lift Cathy’s head from my cunt --- only for a second –so that I can work my way under her stomach and down to her pussy!!!!

Perfect ---- I can now lick Mick’s cock and balls as her is pounding Cathy’s dripping pussy --- the taste of her and Mick is driving me wild --- plus the fact that Cathy is now once again eating me out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remove Mick’s cock from Cathy and suck all of her cum from him --- then I ease him back deep inside her ---- 7 – 8 times I do this --- then again the tell tale sign – Mick’s breathing hard and pumping so fuckin fast his balls are really banging against Cathy’s Clit ----- he stops suddenly ---- I watch his balls twitch – several times --- he is releasing his juices into Cathy – deep and long ----- I bite his balls to make sure he has fully emptied himself ---- as he withdraws slowly ---- a big blob of his cream hits me in the eye ---- my mouth goes straight to –Cathy’s dripping cunt -----

Fuck its amazing my two best friends feeding my appetite ….................................... My huge dirty sexual appetite...........................

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