Lou's Birthday present

You have meet Lou in Previous stories -- This is written by Missy -- Wendy who Lou babtsits for ......... Enjoy
Lou's birthday present from me is that I will give her extra driving lessons in my car ---- she almost eats me alive -- she is so happy --
But as usual I have other ideas!!

She turns up at the house at 1.00 pm as arranged --- I have just watched those long tanned legs in a very short mini skirt all the way from the corner of the road to the front door ---- after my recent play days I have had only one thing is on my mind --and its not driving!!

When she came to me when I was where ill I had really got a shock at how much she had learned from us in such a short space of time...
The door bell rings and I try to act casual but my heart is pumping and pussy is soaking wet ---- I too have a very short skirt on and a vest with no bra ---- Oh and also -- No panties!!! I’m determined to enjoy Lou's driving lesson...
We hug each other in a way not really suitable for a driving instructor -- plus I grab her ass and Lou mine – I say you look amazing for a driving lesson and she says I’ved scrub up pretty well too!!
So Wendy -- I’ve had 4 basic lessons --In driving!! And know the Highway Code well too....

Ok I say I’ll drive the car out to the old airfield and you can show me what you know before we go on the roads!!

I jump behind the wheel and she gets in the passengers’ side....
The airfield is about 15 mins drive away but I make it last 20 as we chat about anything and everything -- particularly her new B'friend who I met at her party --- at the time I thought you would fuck him yourself -- but he is only 19 --- then she whispers but he has a huge cock !!! And we both laugh loud ---- “I hope he hasn't used it on you Lou” --- no not yet but I do want it in me very soon!!!
“ Fuck” Lou telling me this just made me cum and I feel it run down my inner thigh ...

“So how do you know he is so big” I ask ---- “I’ve sucked him off!!!!!” Lou tells me. I nearly piss your self as she just comes out with it!!! “And did you spit out the cum “ I ask ??? “No I swallowed every drop and wanted more -- I love the taste of cum--- you and Mick have given me a real appetite for spunk and pussy cream -- especially mixed!!! “

I turn into the old airfield --- drive along the runway and park at the end --- Lou reaches across and says -- Thanks Wendy I really do appreciate this --- she kisses me and her hand is on my thigh and getting higher!! I never want the kiss to finish or her hand ----
Lou’s fingers are on my mound and I open my legs further to give her easy access to my lips and clit -- but she breaks the kiss and says if I touch me now I will never drive today at all !!!

I laugh at her and say absolutely right lets change seats quickly!!
Thinking to myself I am definitely going to fuck her today --- one way or another!!!

The driving goes well the basic manoeuvres’ are pretty good -- so I say lets call it a day and do this once more tomorrow and then try the roads!!
I jump out and go around the back of the car see something in the woods nearby!!!

I know exactly what it is and smile to myself!!
As I start the car she is about to put her seat belt on but I tell her not to --- Ok she says...
I drive over to the tree line and park up.....

Now young lady we need to talk about payment ---- she knows exactly what I want ---- she leans across and starts to kiss again --
Her hand glides up my inner thigh and straight to the mark --- my lips are dripping and wide open to accept 3 fingers straight off --- the pussy grips her probing fingers and muscles spasm on them bringing on little orgasms --- within a second she is massaging the G spot so expertly --- I break the kiss now and f***e her head down to my tits -- I put my hand in my vest and take out my big round breast -- nipple so fuckin hard --- she suckles it immediately ----

I tell Lou to kneel up as she will be more comfortable so she kneels and sucks me again her fingers never leave my soaking cunt!!
I was right --!!!! I see them again --- a guy and a woman --- dogging!!!! They come to the window behind Lou --- her ass is up in the air as I reach over and pull up her skirt so they have a great view of her young cunt and asshole ----
The woman has his cock out wanking him -- he has her tits out and he has his hands up her skirt ---you open Lou's window -!!!!!!

The woman reaches in and strokes Lou's asshole right on her little star!!! She shudders as she cums... I can't see it but a huge amount of Lou’ s cum is running down her leg and soaking into the leather seat!!
She is sucking my tits so hard now and her fingers are working me overtime too...

The woman opens Lou's door – I can see how big the guys clock is -- I shake my head NO --- but then I tell Lou to change position I want to finger her -- I kneel up and open the door.
A second later the guy has his cock buried into his balls inside me pumping at me for all he is worth and his cock is huge – my lips are grabbing his cock as he pulls out --- fuck he is big!!!!

I started to rim Lou and so hot and horny Lou is licking out the woman at the same time all I need now is for the guy to cum and my perfect day is even more so!!!! As he unloads his cum I can't believe how much cum he has -- pounding my cunt walls washing them down -- fuck its amazing, I will have to get his number or at least his name !!

As he pulls out his woman is there cleaning me and licking so deep I cum 3 more times as she cleans up his mess...
When they have gone I sit up and pull down my skirt --- Lou says well is that what driving is all about ----- “if you do it correctly it is” --- I say -- and burst into laughter ----

I tell Lou that I felt every drop of the guys cum splash inside me!!! And she drank every last drop out too!!!
As I drive home Lou has 3 fingers buried deep inside my cunt all the way to her front door ---- just before she goes in the house she shows me her fingers and puts them in her mouth!!!!!! Then shouts thanks Wend same again tomorrow!!!!!!!!

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