Lou The Baby Sitter

This is the story of Lou My very Special Friend Missy's ( Wendy ) Babysitter...

Its a weekend late summer , and I have a busy social programme over the next couple of weeks -- birthday parties weddings etc
Charlie has arranged for our usual sitter Lou to look after our son while we are out -- in the past if we expected to be really late she just stayed over in the spare room.

This particular Sat ,I was driving through the village when my attention is taken by this statuesque figure gliding along the pavement --- 5-10 ,naturally streaky blonde hair , 36inch inside leg ( beautiful golden tan ) denim mini skirt that showed every inch of those beautiful long sporty legs walking like a trained model on the walkway --- and it just so happens she was stunningly beautiful ... I shout through the open window --- Lou you still ok for tonight ---- she beams a wonderful smile --sure be at your for 7.30 .--- see you later
I get a nice warm glow between my legs -- but this is really nothing new and so I just pass it off.
When I get into the shower getting ready to go out I pay just a little to much attention to washing my delicate smooth pussy -- my mind drifts back to seeing Lou from behind while she was walking through the village --- the sway of her ass, the long striding athletic legs ---- I shudder to a nice little orgasm with 2 fingers deep inside me ----and smile and think ---- yes I would..

Lou arrives at the house C and me are ready to go , when I let her in she says wow Wend you look fantastic --so classy in your short cocktail dress and your black silk stockings -- why thank you Lou ---- I get a little buzz from her compliment -- right between my legs .

Lou still has on her denim mini skirt and her crop top --- which for the first time I really notice the size of her young firm breasts --- fuck she is a 36 EE --- with nipples to match ---- I think fuck she is gorgeous .....

I tell her to call her mum and say we will be quite late and not to worry as I will either drive her home or she can have the spare room for the night...
I have a fantastic night out -- you flirt with a few guys but also a few women who are giving me the right signals ...
As we drive home C's mobile rings --- work --- he says OK see you in 30 mins --- what’s up I say “problems with the project ,I gotta go in ,maybe an all nighter” ----- for fucks sake I say , can't they do with out you ---- “No I have to go” ---- well drop me off and fuck off then !!! --- I am really pissed of mainly because I’m feeling so fucking horny.....

He drops me on the drive and says see you later babe -- Love you ----- FUCK OFF is my response.
I open the door and go into the lounge TV is still on , I go into the kitchen 2 empty bottles of wine on the breakfast bar --- fucker you think --- she's supposed to be looking after our son ... --- I dash upstairs in the bedroom -- he's sound asl**p -- no drama there ..... I go into the spare room expecting to see Lou in bed ---- not there.....

My bedroom door is open a little, light on; there she is fast asl**p on the bed!!!!!!!
My mind races, but at the same time I see an opportunity that I just can't pass up!!!!

Oh yes I think, oh yes!!!

I take of my shoes and walk into the room -- no movement --- I see my bedside table drew open --- fuck she's been trying my new purple vibrator --- I pick it up --its still sticky ---- then I put it to my mouth and taste ---- fuck she tastes good I think -- a sudden pain of guilt hits me --- she's only 17....
I shouldn't be doing this ------ fuck no she shouldn't have got pissed and fucked herself with my new toy -- I tell myself...........

I slowly undress in front of her -- it’s as though I’m doing a striptease for her ---- only there is going to be no teasing!!!

My new cocktail dress slides down my body to the floor,,, I step out -- and have on my hold up stockings, silk cami knickers and matching lacy bra ---- I take 2 steps toward her ----- I look at the full length on the wardrobes and think fuck girl you are a yummy mummy --- a fucking MILF just like Mick tells me in his stories ---- I do look fucking hot!!!!

I take off my bra and as I do cup my tits and squeeze my nipples till they hurt ..... mmmmmm yes I slide my silk cami knickers onto my thighs and they also slide to the floor I pick them up and taste the gusset ---- yes they do taste fucking good too !!!

Before I left for the party C had fitted the Ring to my clit --- every movement and dance tonight has been giving me so much pleasure ----- over the months of wearing the Ring I have trained my pussy muscles --- basically I can now hold off an orgasm for quite a while or I can make myself cum literally in an instant ----- tonight I have just let the wonderful sensations wash over me -- orgasm after orgasm ...

I walk toward the bed she is flat on her back -- legs slightly spread --- and long legs ---- I reach forward and run my fingers very gently from her ankle to the bottom of her skirt, then I slide my hand back down --- I lift her leg open her legs just a little more giving me a nice view of her whit cotton panties ---- with a very large damp patch!!!!!!

I hold her foot gently and climb onto the bed ----I am kneeling with her foot in my hands ---- I pull her foot toward my pussy -- then the wonderful sensation of her soft skin rubbing against my open cunt lips ---- my cream is dripping from me already --- I hold her foot so that I can use her big toe to massage my huge throbbing clit ---- as soon as it touches my clit –my body starts to shudder with a huge orgasm – I drop my head onto to the bed --the orgasm is so powerful I think that I’m going to pass out ---I give myself a minute to pull me together --- still I haven't moved her toe from my clit ----how I decide are going to take her toes deep inside me ---- I rub her foot flat against my cunt lips leaning forward --- slowly --very slowly taking all of her toes into my warm and yes oh so wet cunt ----- fuck – I literally have her foot inside me fucking you gently and rhythmically ---- again I shudder to climax ------

I remove her foot and again hold her big toe --- shall I ---- yes ---- I rub the well lubricated toe around my asshole ---- bang it all the way up and I am so relaxed and gaping I manage too get 3 of her toes up my ass ---- this time I ass fuck her toes while at the same time flicking and slapping at my encased clit --- the sensations!!!! - I feel electrified!!!!!! As though someone has plugged my clit into the mains ------ Bang ----- huge orgasm!!!!!! my head again drops to the bed --- but keeping her toes up my asshole ------- I lift my ass off her toes ---- bend forward and suck my ass taste of her toes ----- mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wonderful .

I crawl up beside her on the bed a slowly and gently lift her crop top ---- her tits fall out of the side --- beautiful rounded tits and her nipples look as though she is pregnant --- they are so big and inviting ------ I lean forward and suck and bite her nipple each in turn ----- they where already hard -- now they are huge sucking and rolling them I play for a good 10 minutes ---- she is moaning deep in her throat ----- I think the little slut is enjoying this you say to myself !! –

I move up her body --- gently touch her pouting mouth -- what wonderful lips she has ---- I kiss her full on the mouth -- she responds ---- and opens her mouth --- I push my tongue into her mouth and kiss her hard ---- the moaning gets stronger..

While kissing her I slide 2 fingers deep inside my dripping cunt --- pull the fingers out and put them straight into her mouth --- she sucks them instinctively --- sucking at my cunt cream --- I do this 4 more times --- its turning me on so fuckin much ...

I kiss down her body -- once more sucking and biting her nipples ---- this time as I bite her she moans very loud --- almost a cry ------ I get to the waist of her skirt --undo the button and very little zip ---- pull the skirt down her thighs and off ----

I kneel over her looking at her mound shaped so wonderfully in her cotton panties ---- I see she also has a wonderful camel toe ............. then I see that what was a damp patch in her gusset earlier is now a huge wet patch ----- she subconsciously has had a few orgasms also --------- interesting!!!!

I decide not to slide her panties off --- NO -- instead rip her fucking knickers off ---- if she wakes up now -- who gives a fuck --- she is going to be fucked whether she wants it or not -------------- I rip off her panties --- she doesn't move ---------- I look down at her neat smooth pussy --- no hanging pussy lips just really tight and neat ----- although she does have a rather large protruding clit -mmmmmmmmmm -----

I spread her legs wide --- no resistance at all ------ lying between her legs I taste her for the first time ---------- god have I died and gone to heaven --is this what a young virgin really tastes like mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm---- did I really taste like this ----- all strange things were going through my mind as I lapped away at her ever increasingly wet cunt..

I keep thinking got to get deeper -- need my tongue deeper ---- I push her legs up, this then opens her cunt more for me ---- I eat her for an hour taking her though orgasm after orgasm -- she's getting creamier and creamier ----I am fucking the bed with my sensitive clit and in turn keep bringing myself to orgasm ---- on one occasion our orgasms are at exactly the same time --fuck she is wonderful ----- finally I think enough is enough and reluctantly pull my face away from her now --not so virgin looking cunt ---- I lick my lips -- just like a cat mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I climb off the bed from her side and role her onto her side for the next phase --- when she is on her side I raise her top leg and bend it the leg on the bottom I keep straight ---- now I have direct access to both her asshole and cunt ---- oh yes !!!!

I go across to my side of the bed and take out the strap on ---- with a difference --- difference being it is a double dildo --- thick long one for cunt and slightly thinner one for arse --- but this strap on is different in another way ------ it also has a dildo hooked to hit my G spot ------- I slide the hook into my dripping cunt straight to the G spot --oh yes that feels so good ...the strap on is fitted now ---- again I look in the mirror and think ---- you dirty cum whore ---- taking this girls ass and cunt virginity at the same time --- hee hee I laugh and think well some fucker will one day anyway why not me !!!!

I put some lube on the asshole dildo and a little on the cunt dildo its as though I’m having a wank and its rubbing your G spot too --- fucking marvellous ----- I slide in behind her gently nestle the dildo's into place ----- easily very easily I push forward her pussy willingly opens to take the cock but her asshole is giving a little resistance -----

I take out the dildo and start to massage her asshole muscle relaxing it ----- 1 finger slides in I finger fuck her arse --- then 2 fingers I carry on fingering her arse --- try again now I think ------ the cock slides straight into her cunt --- the tip pushes into her ass ---- I push harder suddenly the muscle relaxes and I’m in all the way into both her hole --- CUNT = FULL , ASSHOLE = FULL ---

I start to rock gently at first gliding in and out of her 2 holes --- the sensation I’m are getting from the ring is making me feel as though I’m are going to pass out the sensations are so fucking strong ------ suddenly I feel her cunt and ass muscles tighten around the dildos ---- this makes it bang into the clit ring and G spot --- we both explode into an unimaginable orgasm --- 5 minutes later the sensations are still washing over me ------

I cuddle deep into her and put my arm around her to hold her huge breasts ------ I fall to sl**p so fucking content.....

C comes home just after dawn -- he creeps into the bed room so not to wake me ---- fuck me --- he says as he see's me still all the way into Lou's cunt and ass ---- he strips quickly ---- goes around to face Lou ---- starts to wank --- what he is looking at is such a fucking turn on he explodes his cum over Lou's tits and my hand --- he squeezes his cock tight as he knows he has one good pump of spunk still in his shaft ----- Lou is sl**ping with her mouth open slightly ---- he nuzzles his cock to her lips and lets her have the remaining spunk into her mouth ----- instinctively she licks and swallows his cumm --- C smile ---- YES !!!!

He climbs onto the bed behind me and puts his fingers between my ass cheeks ---- what a fucking cum mess down there mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm in seconds he is hard again,, he pushes his cock against my asshole -- I just suck his cock straight into my asshole ---- he reaches over me and holds one of Lou's sl**ping breasts ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh good nite girls he says, good nite......................................................

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3 years ago
Loved the story.
3 years ago
awesome story. Thanks
3 years ago
Very good