Our Fantasy Lives Part 2

We walk through the town -hand in hand as normal lovers do...
Wendy has this beaming smile in her face -- she has just made love while buying her wedding dress --- to Pippa and me....
The cold November day doesn't bother us at all --- we run the last 200 yards to the hotel laughing like teenagers...

The receptionist in the hotel calls me over as we walk in -- your package has arrived Sir! -- I say has it been taken to the room -- Yes sir!!
While we wait for the lift Wendy is so intrigued about "the package " -- what’s in the package --- all I say is -- you will love what’s in the package -that all I can tell you !!

Then she hits me with a low blow and kisses my neck while rubbing my already hard cock through my jeans ----Please Mick tell me --- thankfully we arrive at our floor--
Wendy takes off running down the corridor --- she has the key!!!
She flies through the door -- I wait outside in the hall way for her to find her package...........................

I hear a scream then two more.... she has found the package.................
I walk in and sure enough the, Wendy is sitting on the king-size bed --- along with Cathy ---- her package!!!!!
Dressed as her bridesmaid!!!

The girls are laughing and talking so fast ---- I sit in the chair and watch how happy they both look...
Only a couple of weeks ago I had met Cathy for the very first time -- now it’s as though we have known each other for years!!! (Making love tends to do that!)
Finally the girls turn to me Cathy says I’m taking Wendy to get ready for your wedding night -- be patient we may be a while --- then winks at me and gives me a really cheeky smile.....
The girls disappear with Wendy’s boxed dress into the bathroom / changing room ----

When the door is closed --I also hear the lock click into place -- Cathy shouts just in case you can't wait!!!-- Then they both laugh!!
I sit again and put on the TV --
The other side of the door there is a little more going on --- namely --- Wendy and Cathy (friends forever) are now standing -- holding each other very tight and kissing so passionately!! The tongues are already at play --Cathy’s hands are all over Wendy’s tight firm ass!!
Like wise Wendy’s hands are exploring Cathy's breasts through her dress ---- Wendy reaches behind Cathy and unzips the dress having no straps, slide straight to the floor!!!!

The girls break the kiss -- Cathy steps out of her dress ---- Wendy looks at her with delight --- Cathy has exactly the same white Basque that she has -- the same suspenders and white stockings even the same silk G string ---- Cathy looks like a Vogue model in her matching lingerie........
Wendy pulls her to her again and another lustful kiss erupts ----- Wendy realises just how wet she is from just a simple -- Loving --passionate kiss!!!!!!

Cathy is amazed by her wetness also --- prior to our previous rendezvous Cathy had never even thought about the joys of being seduced and made love to by another woman ----- Now she loves the fact her very best friend wants to once again make love to her and with her!!!!

Wendy kisses Cathy’s erect hard nipples sucking and gently biting Cathy to several tiny pulsing orgasms --- as Wendy kisses Cathy’s Silk panties -- Cathy’s heart is beating so hard --- she has a really hard orgasm soaking the material in front of Wendy’s face ---- if she had not had a G string on Wendy is sure she would have and a face full of cream from Cathy’s squirting pussy!!!
Wendy slides the soaking patch of material down Cathy’s thighs and down to her ankles until Cathy steps out of them ---- Wendy shows Cathy just how much cream she has released --- then to Cathy’s delight -- Weedy licks the soaking material --tasting Cathy’s beautiful love juices!!!!!
The sight of Wendy doing this brings on and even bigger release of her cream --- Wendy catches the tiny jet full in her mouth!! Bringing her own gush of cream from her own love slit!!!

Wendy sucks and gorges herself on Cathy’s dripping pussy --forcing her tongue deep inside --Cathy holds Wendy’s head still and gently fucks Wendy’s face with her open gash!! Bringing herself off ---- she has just fucked her friends face!!!!!!!

Cathy has to pull Wendy by the hair as her orgasm just continues and she feels her legs weakening -- until finally she slides to the floor!!!
Not for one second does Wendy leave her limpet like sucking on her friends Pussy.....................

Then there is a knock at the door that disturbs Wendy’s concentration --- she thinks fuck --Mick is still waiting for us ---Yes he is --- 40 minutes the girls have been gone!!! For the last 30 Wendy has been servicing Cathy’s pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy shouts --five mins babe nearly ready!!!
Then I hear laughing from the girls ----
Well 5 mins turns to 15 -- finally the door opens.................
Cathy walks in dressed in her bridesmaids dress ---- STUNNING!!!
She even has her flowers!! She moves to the bedside and waits!!
Wendy walks into the room!!!!!! OMG!!! Words cannot explain or even compliment the beauty of this wonderful woman!!!!The dress is a classic of her choosing -------------- Already I have fulfilled my fantasy -- but I think that maybe now it is a shared fantasy!!!!

I have also changed -- I have on a black suit...
I walk across the room --- my eyes never leave Wendy’s ---- I stand in front of her and tell her --- you are the most beautiful woman in the world!! She believes my every word!!!
I kiss her lips -- and pull her close --- tight --- tighter........
I ease her back onto the bed -- Cathy sits next to us as we continue our kiss --- she is stroking Wendy’s arm...
I break the kiss and immediately Cathy replaces me on Wendy’s lips ---- moving down her body I kiss her mounds of breasts as they are pushed nicely above her dress by the Basque...

Moving down until I am kneeling on the floor --- Wendy’s legs are open - I lift her dress --kissing her white stocking leg as I push her dress higher and higher ---- I reach the promised land ---- the flesh above her stocking -- so warm so welcoming --- Wendy opens her legs wider ----- the gusset of her silk G string is totally transparent because she is so wet!!!! (See Wendy’s Avatar!!!)
My cock is ready to burst from my suit!!

I love her newly grown bush ---- I kiss over her mound --- around her lower stomach --- she smells incredible -- her sex releases more of her love juice seeping onto my tongue ----- the g string is tied at the side --- deftly I release the soaking material in one movement ....
Wendy’s lips are wet and very swollen -- her clit is hard and big her juices are seeping down her open lips and settling around her tiny bum hole!!!!
This is where I start to lick her-- easing my tongue past her ring and deeper into her bum hole she squirms on the bed as I do so --- but also now --Cathy has released her breasts from her dress and is biting and teasing her nipples too---- one thing that really get Wendy wet !!!
Wendy tells Cathy to straddle her face so she can once again lick her dripping pussy ---- Cathy answers -- it’s your special day my love you can ask for and get anything you want!!

Cathy lifts her dress and slides over Wendy’s face --- she has her G-string off in a second --- as Cathy lowers herself --Wendy is so happy as she decides that it is Cathy’s bum hole that is going to be eaten out this time --- Wendy moves her fingers into Cathy’s pussy as her tongue enters Cathy’s tight ass hole --- So tight --- within seconds Cathy is relaxed and enjoying the sensation of having her love holes massaged with fingers and tongue.......
Wendy now feels Cathy’s bum relaxing and as it does her tongue glides deeper into her --gathering her juices along the way mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... this alone brings about her own orgasm again plus my tongue deep into her own asshole too !!

30 minutes of rimming Wendy and I know she is now fully ready ---- she has asked me to take her bum hole with the help of Cathy -- just so Cathy can see how gentle I am ---
I stand up and remove my suit -- Cathy stands and removes her dress --- once again she looks stunning standing there in her white Basque -- no panties --- showing her fully swollen lips and finished of with her white Virginal stockings!!!
Cathy helps Wendy undress --- I say allowed -- Fuck I wend -- you are beautiful!!!!!
Her dress is now on the floor -- her nipples are massive --- her pussy lips swollen -- clit totally exposed!!!!

Wendy kneels on the bed Cathy next to her massaging her ass open and closed keeping Wendy relaxed and ready to take me deep!!!
I give Cathy the KY -- she massages the tip of my cock with the jelly --- her touch is electric --- then she holds my cock so tightly -- just above my balls --- my knob is purple!!! And fat --- the veins in my cock are sticking out --fuck Cathy is strangling my cock --- but it has mad me so fat!!!!!
Cathy wipes me against --- Wendy’s cunt gathering more juices to add to the lube ---- then she offers my cock to Wendy’s little chocolate star ----- Mick it will hurt her --please don’t!! She says ---- She will be fine my darling Cathy I promise --- I would never hurt Wendy!!!!

Cathy totally trusts me ----- she eases my knob against Wendy ---- then she sees Wendy push back --- and then Cathy knows I am not hurting her at all ---- I say just ease the tip in -- no more.....
She is amazed as my knob is readily accepted by Wendy’s asshole..............
Cathy is still holding me tight -- guiding me in and out ---- she notices the noises that Wendy is also now making.......
I say --she really loves her ass being made love too!!!!
Cathy says I can see ----- will you take my virgin ass later Mick --- Please!!!!! I smile a d say of course my love!!!
Cathy removes me fully and sees Wendy gapping wide!!!! The she surprises me by sucking my cock hard!!!!Then returning me back into Wendy’s bum............
Wendy’s screams -- Cathy’s thinks I have hurt her -- but no Wendy wants my full length deep and hard as she is already staring her own massive orgasm --- I tell Cathy to slide under Wend and lick her ---- knowing she will be covered with Wendy’s gushing cum!!!
She starts to eat Wendy as I slam the full length deep all the way to my balls in Wendy’s asshole!!!

Four deep strokes later -- Wendy explodes her juices and so do I ---- Cathy is gulping down Wendy’s love juices as my own juices are washing the inside of Wendy’s asshole.......................
Cathy herself cums as she realises the extent of the pleasure Wendy has had from her powerful orgasm!!!

I ease my cock from Wendy’s bum hole ---- immediately Cathy has me deep in her mouth sucking what tiny amount of cum is still in my tubes ---- as she releases me ---- my cum is now oozing from Wendy’s tightened hole --- but she has been taken so hard and deep she is still gapping slightly even though she is clenching her muscles hard!!

She knows Cathy is in position to no take the full load ---- I have moved in front of Wend who smiles and says thanks Mick that was amazing --- then she takes my still hard cock into her mouth ----- also massaging my balls --- I release a little more cum which she greedily drinks!!!! But her concentration is now on Cathy’s mouth working her asshole so well ----- Wendy shedders to another orgasm and falls face down onto the bed and Cathy.................

The girls roll side by side stroking each others nipples --- easing themselves from such sexual highs ---- I lie so that Wendy is in the middle --- my fingers work her pussy gently stroking and teasing her --- Cathy whispers into Wendy’s ear ---- Wendy just says he's ready now if you are my darling ------- I ask what am I ready for ??????
To take Cathy’s bum hole virginity!!!!! Wendy says and smiles......................
Cathy’s rolls onto her side then her knees --- Wendy positions herself at her side again massaging Cathy open!
Then she spreads Cathy as wide as she can and once again rims her and opens her!!!
Wendy rubs the KY into my knob --- the sensations make me shiver -- my nerve endings are so acute!!!
Wendy grips me hard just as Cathy did ---- wipes me along Cathy’s wonderful pussy ---- she eases me into her pussy --- stoking me deeper and deeper -- gathering more of her juices on my cock !!!!
Then as she pulls me out Cathy is gapping her pussy wide!!!!
Wendy eases my knob against Cathy’s virgin hole ---- holding me tight and bouncing me gently back and forth --- the rubbing effect again relaxing the tense muscles!!! Cathy slowly begins to open accepting me!!! Wendy is smiling as she watches the full knob end slowly disappear!!!!!!!!! Wendy is has her other hand underneath Cathy --gently but firmly massaging her clit --giving Cathy maximum sensations!!!!!!

Cathy is now backing on to me wanting more cock inside her ---- Wendy feeds me deeper ----- and deeper ---- then she lets go of my cock as Cathy now takes every last millimetre of my cock ---- Cathy is also backing onto me hard and forcing the pace of the love making to a greater intensity ----- she screams and gushes on Wendy's fingers -- more cum more gushes --- once more I am ready to cum --- Wendy wants me to leave my cock deep inside ----- I do as she wishes ------

She removes my cock gently -- and immediately takes me in her mouth!!! Sucking and slurping at me --cleaning me totally............................
Wendy’s total attention is now focused on cleaning her best friend and lover.....................................
When Wendy has cleaned Cathy totally also --- we just lie there holding each other --- me Wendy and Cathy -- this is the start of something really special
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