Our Fantasy Lives Part 1

First and foremost please understand the following is a fantasy of Mick’s that Wendy was willing to bring to wonderful fulfilment... Thanks Wend ( Missy )xxx
Once again we had arranged to meet in Cardiff, we where just another couple out shopping!!

We went into the dress shop and Pippa --a very attractive 38 year old blond --who also had a wonderful curvy figure -- introduced herself as our helper for the afternoon.

We where shopping for a wedding dress -- the fantasy revolves around making love to a bride before she is legally taken by another...
Pippa brings out several dresses that Wendy thinks she may like to fulfil her part of my fantasy, the girls disappear into the changing room, Pippa helps Wendy out of her clothes down to her wonderful new underwear I had bought especially for the day ---- a white Basque, that supported Wendy's beautiful heavy round breasts, white stockings and suspenders and a very tiny white silk thong!!

I have never liked women to wear underwear especially when with me -- but on this occasion I am very happy to see Wendy looking stunning in underwear.....
Pippa makes the comment that she thinks Wendy’s lingerie is very classy and also very sexy indeed ... your fiancé will be very aroused to see you in these she says --- Wendy looks at Pippa and says Mick is not my fiancée he is my lover ..... Pippa makes no comment just smiles as she then notices you already have a wedding ring on...

Shall we call him in so he can also help with your choice of dress --- You say absolutely!!!

Pippa calls me into the changing room -- its huge mirrors every where -and also a chez longue....
I see Wendy in her underwear and say WOW !!!! I want you like that now I joke!! -- Pippa laughs too... she does look very sexy doesn't she...
I sit on the chez , Pippa helps you into your first choice dress ---when it is on you walk to me with a beaming smile -- I love it and its a perfect fit too ---- we'll take it I say .......... But I want to try the others too --please Mick!! OK

For the next hour you are trying dresses that are all wonderful but I still love the very first one.................
Wendy I say do me a favour and just try the first one again ... This time as Pippa helps you into the dress her hands brush past your newly grown bush -- and over your mound --I also see what Pippa has just done and my cock is suddenly rampant .....

She adjusts your suspenders to --but also strokes your thighs and inner thigh ---- she comments you have wonderful strong thighs --- you thank her and say I like to ride --- she looks up from her squatting position and says I love to ride too ----- you share a very cheeky grin...

Pippa has had to pull her very tight pencil skirt high on her thigh to be able to squat down as she is ---- high enough to give me a glimpse of her stoking top ---- as she stands to fasten your dress --I move in behind her and smooth my hands over her shapely ass --- she doesn't flinch --just carries on very gently and slowly fastening your zip......

Once it’s fastened she kisses your neck --- she lifts your dress and her hot hands massage your ass cheeks open and closed ---I now have pulled her blouse from her skirt and have my hands running up her flesh around her stomach and up to her heavy breasts ----

She tells you to kneel on the chez --- you do instantly the beautiful dress is ruffled up on your back as she exposes your beautiful ass --- I undo her buttons on her blouse --- her breasts a huge -- bulging from her sexy red lacy bra ----I unclip the bra and the weight of her breasts pulls the bra off --- dark hard nipple --mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm --- I roll and pinch them -- she moans aloud -- her nipples are as sensitive as yours -- I unzip her skirt and slide it down her thighs --matching red panties --- but with a huge damp patch in the gusset !!!!

Pippa now has pulled your G string to the side and is gently rubbing along your dripping quim with her very long fingers --- collecting your cum -- she tastes her fingers and smiles --- wonderful ---- you are dying to feel her fingers working your pussy --- finally she enters 2 fingers deep inside you --- there is a squelching noise as she finger fucks you slowly and carefully --
I'm now sucking her nipple and have my hand inside her panties --- her pussy is shaved smooth -- and very wet!!!

I feel her pussy twitch and open as yet more cum runs from her --Pippa now leans forward ---- I watch as her tongue eases around your asshole -- then down along your wetness -- drinking you in!!
I see you shiver to more orgasms --- this is part of my fantasy I had never imagined and for me it’s already the best part -- Wendy being rimmed and licked by a beautiful milf while I also play with her body -----

I slide down Pippa’s panties and throw them in front of Wendy who is in seventh heaven -- when you see the panties and her white thick cream you know you just have to taste her!!!!!!!
You surprise ma and Pippa by pulling away from her tonguing!! --- you roll on to your back and tell her to straddle your face ---as she lowers herself over your face I notice the biggest smile yet ---- your mouth latches onto her pussy and suddenly her whole body shudders --- yes you have her totally !!!!
I stand in front of her and remove my throbbing cock -- she reaches forward and grabs my shaft pulls me hard toward her -- she wants me in her mouth!! And gets what she wants!!! ----- Her mouth feels amazing --this is not the first time she has had a cock in her mouth --- fuck she is good!!!!

Pippa is fucking your face now -- she is one horny woman -- and her cum is everywhere!
I pull my cock from her mouth -- and lift her from you --- your face is running with her juices ----I tell her to sit on your stomach so your clits rub each other ---- you start to kiss and play with each others nipples ---I move behind her - your pussy is touching hers I ease into you --you are so wet and still so very tight on my cock --- 3 times I ease in and out -- the 4th stroke -- I enter her fully -- she gasps as I do --- you know that she has just taken my whole cock deep inside !!!

I fuck both of your pussies like this for some time -- you reach around her and finger her asshole --- you think exactly as I do --- you want me to have her bum hole and are preparing it for me!!!

I watch as 2 fingers and then 3 easily slide in and out of her widening asshole --- you remove your fingers --- her asshole stays wide!!!!
Perfect!!!! as I remove my cock from your pussy --I am fully creamed and lubed --- I push the knob against her bum --- the muscles relax and she takes the head --- I fuck her gently with only the head --- she is so tight the sensations on my cock are intense --- I thrust deep into her so my balls slap against your clit ! you cum she cums and I know I am only seconds away --- you also know I am --- I final thrust and she falls onto you my cock is out of her --- her hole is huge as ---- you want me to cum on you both -- I stand over you --you wank my cock 3 times then I erupt over your faces !! The second gush is for
You only -into your mouth -- the third is sprayed into her hair and over her face...

You lie there for a minute holding Pippa --spunk every where!! And love juices form both your pussies --- picture perfect!!
Pippa stands -- very straight faced and says -- so will madam take the dress????????

Wendy did take the dress and looked amazing --stunning --beautiful --gorgeous --- any expletive you can think Wendy was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pippa helped us clean up and gift wrapped our package --- we couldn't wait to fulfil my fantasy now --back at our hotel...........................................

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