wine bar meeting

Dreaming about meeting you in a wine bar your sitting at the bar and I am standing close behind I can smell your perfume my hand strokes your bare back your skin is soft and the fine hairs on your neck are standing up I move in to kiss your neck my hot breath on your neck my hand moves down to your bottom I can feel through your dress you have nothing on underneath I stroke your pert bottom we are both oblivious to anyone around.
My cock is already rock hard you can feel it throbbing against you it's staining against my jeans, you reach behind you to stroke it, it jumps in anticipation.I open the top button to give you access to the top of my cock you run a finger around the tip of it and it reacts against your warm hand.
You stand up and push your bum into my groin grinding slowly teasing my rock hard throbbing cock.
I reach round and put a hand on your stomach pulling u towards me pushing my cock against your bum and slowly move my hand down until I feel flesh.
The wine bar is packed so no one can see when I slip a finger into your moist cunt ! You let out a little moan as I tease your swollen clit !

After slipping my finger into your lovely moist cunt I slip it into my mouth to taste you ( you taste Devine is that the pre cum !! )

I can tell that you are gaging to be fucked,so I take your hand and lead you into the alley at the back of the soon as we are outside you un button my jeans and release my hard cock you take it in you mouth hungrily sucking on it as if it's a ripe hand is holding your hair and I'm now fucking your mouth.!

My fingers are now in your cunt 2 then 3 fingers your so wet I have to taste you I kneel in front of you and put my hot Tongue inside you you taste lie a sweet g****fruit soft and juicy you are cumin already lots and lots and I am drinking it all up as fast as I can you now beg me to fuck you so I bend you over and take you from behind slowly at first then I grab your hair and pull it back as I thrust deep inside you. You are squealing as I fuck you hard as I feel myself about to cum I pull out of you and shot my load all over your face you lick it all up as if you have never tasted cum before.

I hand you a tissue to clean yourself up and head back to the bar. As we walk in to the bar everyone stops looks at us and start to cheer and clap we look up at the large tv screen showing clearly the alley that we have just been fucking in on the screen !

We both smile take a bow finish our drinks and leave to finish our night in the comfort of a warm bath and even more fun in bed !

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