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[Story] Discovering My Mom's Stash

I was 11 and in the 6th grade, but at a even younger age one would call me a cum slut (that is if I knew how to make myself cum back then). I knew how to pinch and rub my nipples and I knew how to play with my clit and little pink pussy, but there was something missing. A climax of course but something else. I watched porn in my room before but my big b*****r would come in and ruin it when he wanted to sl**p. So I'd be on the top bunk of our bed and I'd use my doll babies and my b*****r's action figures to put on alittle show for me to get off on.

I was so addicted to watching people fuck... Continue»
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[Story] Fun with my mom accidentally.

This is another freaking day of my life which I can never forget.

It was a warm afternoon of mid-spring season. My dad was on official tour and my b*****r and his wife went to our native place to attend a friend’s wedding. I was studying in my bedroom and my mother was cleaning house with our maid. It was almost lunch time and our maid left for other work. Suddenly, I heard a loud scream “Aaaahhhhh” and I rushed to the living area. I saw my mom was lying on the floor and asked her what happened, she replied “farsh par paani pada tha , maine dekha nahin aur gir gayee", I asked her "K... Continue»
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[Story] Taboo with Cousin s****r

It was winter holiday and we had long vacation in school, I was at my cousin’s place with my cousin s****r and b*****r. Our parents went to our native place and we 3 of us were alone at home. We all ate together, lived together and even slept together.

My Cousin s****r is 2 yrs elder than me, and b*****r is 3 years younger than me. It was quite a chilly night when all this had happened. Me, Anita (My cousin s****r) and Abhay (cousin b*****r) had dinner and were about to sl**p. From last few days, I was sl**ping on couch and Abhay was sl**ping on small mattress next to couch. Anita in turn w... Continue»
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[Story] Mommy and Me

A few years ago, my mom and I were vacationing at the beach. Our hotel room was cheap, so we shared a bed, but it was worth it just to see the waves every morning. It was the summer I turned 16 and a summer I was very very well going to remember.

My mom and I have always been close, I am the youngest of her three daughters. I have always found her attractive. She and I both look a lot alike. Her plump, curvy figure looked so yummy in her bathing suit. Her short wavy red hair and hazel eyes. And her huge tits. She wore a 46DDD. I wore a 48DD, I have long read curly hair and green eyes.

W... Continue»
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