Girl giving her first blowjob

The story I’m going to narrate was written in the perspective of Valentine’s day, but it took me pretty much time to complete it. The story I’ll be narrating is written as a protest. Protest against the general thinking of boys who treat every girl in the same manner i.e LUSTFUL. I’m writing this story to tell you that SEX doesn’t always happen because of Lust……! Rather it can happen because of love.
The story I’m going to narrate is a true one. And I’m writing it to you because I want you guys to change your perception towards girls. I want you to respect your girlfriends or every other girl you see, meet or date. It is disheartening to observe that almost all the guys think that ALL the girls are sluts, whore and bitch in heat.
Every boy here seems to be treating his GF as an object of lust. You guys think that every girl who lets you play with her or has sex with you is a slut. It is not always true. No doubt we (the girls) are also human beings, we too have natural desires, we too wish and need regular sex, we too get sexual frustrated at times….
But… apart from it, we also wish to be treated in a respectful manner and handled with care. When we are emotionally broken or sexually hyperactive, we are vulnerable to any sexual advancement but believe me, apart from very few girls, all other girls allow you guys to have sex merely because of the sincere love that we have for our respective boy friends.
No doubt we too get sexual relaxation this way, but mind you guys, we (the Girls) have very strong control over our sexual desires. We can do without getting an orgasm even if a boy has spent time playing with our boobs. The nature has made us this way else this world would have become a mess.
So mark my words, Most of the times we allow it just because it’s hard for us to see the disappointment on the faces of our respective beloved ones. But you guys think that it’s because “The bitch was in heat”. SAD. Remember, some guy might be saying it to your s****r too because I seriously believe that in this era,
every educated girl having dwelling in some metropolitan city gets naked plenty of times with at least one boy before getting married. I am describing my story, because of two basic reasons. Firstly, as a token of thanks for my beloved who always treated me in a respectful manner, who loved me deeply and who never thought that I’m a slut,
even when I allowed him to do anything with my naked body except to take my virginity. I’ll be getting married to him in 6 months or so and I want to thank him for loving me so much. The second reason for writing it is that most of the stories that I have read here are not aesthetically good, historically correct and appealing to mind. What I’ll be describing will be just fact and nothing else.
It was year 2006. I was living in Pakistan with my upper middle class f****y. My father had happily spent all his money on qualitative education of his c***dren so we all had excelled in our respective fields. Throughout our educational career We had been Winning medals, getting positions in Boards, topping the class and schools and leading the sports competitions.
We were full of self confidence and esteem. I was in Punjab University Lahore at that time studying in a Science discipline. I had always wished to go abroad for higher studies but I knew that having come of a conservative cum traditional f****y, my parents wouldn’t approve my stay in some European or western country.
But Having done my masters with flying colors and getting a Gold Medal in my discipline I was offered a Study scholarship in an American University. It was a real honor for the f****y. My father could not be more jubilant. And having my whole past which was pure, honest, decent and boy-less, he readily approved my stay in USA.
USA was a very interesting place for me. As already told, I belonged to a conservative f****y. We had traditions. I always wore decent attire. I had always covered my bosom properly with my Dobatta. Deep necklines and tight fitting dresses were not my style. But being in USA, I had to mingle with the society.
After 9/11, which was a mad act of some Muslims, the non-Muslim fundamentalists in other parts of the world were doing the same thing i.e mad acts of terrorizing the peace loving innocent Muslims. So when on couple of occasions I was mocked, disgraced and rudely commented because of my attire (which was a clear license of me being a Muslim)
my friends asked me to get amalgamated with the society and atleast start wearing jeans and T-shirt. It was bit tough for me coz I had never worn such dress. In the beginning I literally felt like roaming about in university in a Topless state. But I quickly adjusted to it.
However let me tell you guys, that having a conservative background does not mean that I was devoid of sexual desires. I was young, ripe and physically fit. I had my fair share of hormones which used to do what they are famous for….YES, Making me hot, excited and sexually frustrated atleast twice in a month.
And I used to use my finger to relax myself and concentrate on my education. I learnt the art of using finger when I was in Metric and had been doing it ever since. But after coming to USA, having seen girls wearing skimpy dresses, witnessing lot of cleavages and romantic scenes going all around every now and then, my sexual desires ignited to new levels.
But the answer to those new found desires was the same old one…Few minutes of quick use of fingers and that’s it. But as the time passed and I adopted to the “openness” of the society, I secretly started wishing for a partner in my bed. Atleast wishing so did not mean I was a Slut. It was all natural, Specially after knowing that everyone around me was having his/her luck with sex.
There in my university, I met a Handsome Pakistani boy. His name was Yasir. He belonged to the same city in Pakistan where I had spent my life. Yasir was a very nice person. Pleasing personality, articulate, intellectual, respectful and brilliant. He was revered even among his non-Pakistani community for his various charms.
Before I could know, I was in love with him. For almost the same reasons, he started liking me too. The study of History of different civilizations of the world, liking towards the Russian literature, attraction towards great Urdu poets and love for serious cinema were our common interests. Soon we started spending pretty much time together.
Although self praise is no recommendation, but I must tell you about myself. I was 23 by then. Being a traditional “Punjabi/Desi” girl, I was blesses with large breasts. 34-D. With just 5’3” in height and thin waist, 34-D really looked awesome. I'm rather proud of my breasts, nice pink/brownish nipples, firm and sensitive to touch. As for my pussy, I have fairly big labia lips.
I'm very sensitive down there, and (while fingering myself) loved to fantasize my pussy being touched, caressed, kissed and even licked down there. I had also been totally hairless down there, there is nothing worse than having pubic hair. My hips were reasonably large but not obscene and vulgar. All my friends even in Pakistan used to tease me jokingly for my sexual charms.
I was slightly wheatish in color but had a very fair skin. Big eyes, and cute smile really made me among the darlings of the f****y, college and university in Pakistan. And here too, I was making an impression in USA. Yasir was a young boy as well and just like every young boy, he too had sexual desires. But the best thing about him was that he never ever pressed me for doing “ANY THING”.
It was because he dearly loved me and respected me. As the time progressed, we became close friends, which transformed into closer and then closest relationship. The ultimate destination was Best friends. This friendship was going parallel to the love affair we had. It was because of the said Friendship that we started discussing every issue under the sky with unmatchable ease and frankness.
I didn’t hesitate telling him how frequent did I finger fuck myself, for how long I have been doing it, what are my fantasies while I do it and even how many and how much of fingers I can insert. Although such discussions would make me wet and make him hard, but the base of such discussions had always been FRIENDSHIP. It was not lustful.
He told me what things made him horny, how long is his tool, how do boys do it etc. Every such discussion would end with lot of laughters and giggling. I was sharing a small apartment with another Pakistani girl and an Indian girl. We three had become very close buddies and nothing was secret.
Both had been in sexual relationship with their BFs and “once in a week” night stay of their BFs at our apartment was a normal routine. Neither did I object to it, nor did they object to Yasir spending lot of time with me in the apartment.
As time progressed more, I realized that Yasir never intended to take any undue advantage of our very frank relationship. It made me feel comfortable in his presence. We started becoming bit more intimate. It’s difficult to give a breakdown of calendar days, when different things started happening but it was gradual and romantic.
We started with holding hands and gradually develop a relationship where we could do different cute and romantic things. For example brushing in hair of each other with fingers, or me resting my head on his shoulder, or he caressing my arms and cheeks, or he putting his head in my lap. Then it grew into bit more romantic and intimate acts.
Like, he would come and hug me from behind. Then once in the same pose he kissed my cheeks. I objected only jokingly and while laughing, showing him that liked it. Afterall I was a young girl and everyone in his/her youth likes attention, care and love.
Then it became a routine, a quick kiss on my cheeks, forehead, eyes and neck became like a ritual. Our hugs started becoming more intimate. Now while hugging me, his hands would accidently brush my breasts but I had become Open quite a bit and didn’t make it an issue. After all he was not a stranger, rather the love of my life.
I seriously believed that “Dosti Yaari mein itna to chalta hy”. Yasir too had noticed it and was becoming bolder day by day. One day, another barrier was broken. It was the valentine’s day. We had hell lot of fun that day, roaming about on roads. Then at night, while I was resting my head on his shoulder, he leaned and kissed me on my lips. It was not the French kiss.
Our lips didn’t lock into each other, there was no tongue play. It was just a light brush of lips. I became silent for a while. It was the very first time that yasir had kissed my lips. There was a slight tense atmosphere but surely with so much romance in the air, I was yearning for more. I asked in whisper, “Yasir, what was it?”
Yasir, took my hand in his warm hands, looked into my eyes and said, it’s just a little sign to tell you that I love You…..Although we were already in love ages ago, but It was the first time that he had actually said it in words. I could not resist saying, “I love you too”. For some unknown reasons I had little tears in my eyes.
Probably it’s because the girls are emotionally weak. I hugged him tightly, my face pressed hardly to his neck. I don’t know what happened to me, but for the first time ever, I initiated and gave him very light loving kisses on his neck. I thought he would not notice as my face was pressed so hard but he did. And his reply was a trail of kisses on my cheeks.
His lips followed their way to my lips and he kissed me again. This time he stayed for few seconds on my lips before parting. But it was not yet the usual French kiss.. I didn’t back out this time, he implanted another kiss, I welcomed it too. Without any words spoken a fire was ignited. The third kiss was not the simple one.
This time he almost took whole of my lower lip ever so softly into his lips and sucked it. I put my hand on back of his head and responded by kissing him back. Soon our tongues were playing with each other. While kissing he leaned and repositioned him in such a way that I was lying in his lap and he was leaning on me, without breaking the sequence of our kiss.
It was the first ever experience of kissing for me and I have no point in denying that I loved it to the maximum. It was so sweet, so cute and so romantic. And at some unearthly moment, I felt Yasir’s hand on my right breast. It was not a lustful grope, he simply placed his hand on my breast. I would not say that I disliked it.
I was a young girl and I liked it, but from within I wished it should not have happened. Only because it told me how vulnerable I was. My pussy became wet the very instance. I had a strange feel all over my body which can never be described in words. All the girls and boys reading this story would be able to remember the first time they touched or they were touched by person of opposite sex.
Such immense and great was the feeling. By refusing to object to his bold advancement I had tacitly allowed him to continue so after resting his hands for few moments on my breasts he started playing with it. I had worn a bra inside my t-shirt but I still think he could make out my hard nipple. We both were becoming Hot now.
My body was demanding more but my mind was forbidding me. Fortunately Yasir was following my mind. He just kept on changing from one breast to the other, playing, groping, fondling my fleshy globes. He even teased my nipples with his thumb and finger. For me it was a day where he had right for doing so (valentine’s day).
But after all boys are boys, he was not content with it. He again embraced me and while his one hand was busy playing with my breasts, he held my hand with his other hand and guided it to his Dick which was surely hard in his denim. I knew my limitations and I knew I would not allow him to go all the way, so as long as my cherry was secure, as long as I was virgin,
I thought there was no harm in playing a bit. His dick was first held in his underwear and then a jeans, so it was no free for me to get hold of. But I was satisfied with it. I just rubbed my hand across its whole length. It seemed to be reasonably long and pretty thick too. Yasir thought I would unzip his fly but I was shy. So he himself unzipped his jeans.
This time I resisted it a bit because the situation was growing out of hand. But with little persuading he was able to put my hand inside his jeans. Now I could feel the full warmth of his dick. I could make out its size with more ease and accuracy. For the first time in my life, I was feeling like a woman, I was enjoying it.
I was loving the attention my breasts were getting and I was loving the feel of a pure, hard manhood in my hands. I could make out the spot on his underwear which was wet because of his pre-cum. Although I had spent my life ever so purely while being in Pakistan, but I had seen few porn movies which every girl sees with friends and cousines.
I knew what the whole process was. So I even played with the pre-cum and felt its slippery wetness with my thumb. While doing it I unintentionally played with his piss-hole from over his underwear. Yasir let out a light moan and encouraged me to keep doing it. I was feeling shy and erotic at the same time. I played with his dick a bit more.
And while I was doing it, I was feeling Yasir’s hand playing with my ass. He was fondling my healthy ass cheeks. It was making me even wetter. Yasir was taking full advantage of the situation. He even rubbed his finger f***efully in the crack of my ass. I ignored it too coz I knew my limits. And It was the last barrier.
I knew that soon I’ll have to stop him as I could not go further. Yasir tried to put of his underwear so that he could feel my hand on his naked manhood, but it’s where I had to stop him. I didn’t say a word but while looking into his eyes I nodded in negative, telling him that it was not possible. He tried to move his hands from my ass towards my pussy, but I stopped his hand’s journey too…
And Yasir, was utterly disappointed after being so hot yet so unsatisfied. But such a gentleman he was that didn’t even pressed me even once to let it go. He just gave a heart throbbing smile and kissed my forehead and said, “OK, as you wish”. I knew, I had not chosen a wrong person…I was more in love with him.
And although I had always trusted him so much, but this day also proved another point. I had come to know that he was not easily carried away by his sexual desires. It gave me a strong sense of confidence that if some other day I allow him to go and cross further barriers, he’ll quit at a point where I’ll ask him to stop. As a girl, I could not ask for more security.
Within a few minutes into it all, I excused Yasir and ventured into the secluded washroom to relax myself. I could not control it. I could not be with Yasir at that time when I was hot, wet and wanting and yet not relax myself. Once in the privacy of the washroom, I rubbed my pussy so furiously that it almost pained.
And Yasir, a true gentleman that he was, he didn’t even go to washroom at that time and remained totally composed. (however he used the washroom after 20-30 minutes. He had tremendous control, or it was because he was articulate and full of ettiquates)
That day and at that time I decided that as long as I long as I can remain a virgin, there was no harm in enjoying life with him. He masturbates and I do finger fuck my self, so what’s the harm if I give him a handjob or a blow job and he uses his tongue and finger on my pussy? I decided that someday I’ll be with him in the bed, Totally nude and I’ll satisfy him as long as he does not put his thing in my virgin pussy.
After the events of that valentine’s day, our relationship became very open. He would jokingly fondle my boobs and I would not mind. I would place my hand on his dick for nothing. I mean it was not sexual, it was just playful. We were enjoying the new found intimacy in our relationships.
It happened in university many times that he would just press my boobs as if he was pressing a retro-horn and would even make a noise as if he actually pressed a horn. And it was followed by laughs. Taking benefit from our new found intimacy and frankness, I would now even change infront of him (without removing my bra and panties).
But he would see lot of cleavage of my big boogs and plenty of ass from small panties. It was in Yasir’s company that I visited a beach for the first time in a two piece bikini. And liked it. Needless to tell that the frequency of my masturbatory sessions had increased.
Now I directly go to the details of the day when we enjoyed each other, the day when I saw the first dick of my life, the day when I first tasted a pure manhood. I'll remember for the rest of my life, I remember it perfectly, everything that was said, everything that was done, every move that we made.. We were Having few weeks off from university and on my insistence we decided to go to Disney Land.
I had been in love with Disney land ever since I watched a documentary about it. For a girl belonging to a middle class f****y in Pakistan, Disney land was hell of entertainment and wonder world. So we went to Florida’s Disney Land. Typhoon Lagoon is a waterpark in Disney land. That was one of our destinations.
Anyhow, we reach Typhoon Lagoon. It was the time when I had just finished my monthly periods and was feeling way too hot (girls know it but for boys reading it, let me tell that just before commencement and soon after the periods, is time of sexual high point for a girl). I was so hot that while I was changing in the changing room, I didn’t care to cover myself (which I had always done in my life).
When I was changing into my bikini, I felt the eyes of women staring towards me because of my ethnicity (probably). I was so neatly shaved in my pubic area. I am not a lesbian at all, but because of my hormonal activities I was loving exhibiting my body to the women. I left the changing rooms and met Yasir outside.
There were few Indian and Pakistani people out there as well who had appreciation for my huge breasts and the way I had dared to show pretty much of my skin. For other western fellows there, seeing “pretty much skin” was not something new, but their eyes were also ogling at me just because the skinny American babes can not have the assets which a Punjabi girl can have.
Anyway I was walking with Yasir. He was wearing brown boxers, his incredible chest standing tall for all to see. He commented about my bathing suit and told me how pretty I was looking. I blush crimson red. I put my arm around Yasir and we went our way, chatting about different things.
We went into the big pool area and played around, splashing water on each other. Anyone who's been to Typhoon Lagoon knows about the huge wave machine that hits you. However I didn’t know much about the f***e of that artificial wave. As the wave built and came towards us, I was holding onto Yasir and watched the wave approaching,
feeling my heart pump adrenaline into my bl**d stream, closing my eyes as the wave approaches and eventually hits us, pushing us back up the pool and …. when I surfaced, my breasts were free for all to view. My bikini top had gone missing. I don’t know whether it happened to other ladies or not, but I was fool to wear a strapless Bra.
I don’t think many people did notice because everyone was enjoying the wave, everyone was with his/her loved ones and all were busy in enjoying the moment. Yet there were many eyes ogling my huge breasts. I was dead with embarrassment. Afterall I was a Pakistani girl, who had always covered her bossom properly by a “dobatta” when I was in Pakistan.
And here my breasts were dangling free for many eyes. In broad daylight they could see everything, my huge breasts, my brown perky nipples, my big areola. And most importantly Yasir saw me. He had been playing with my breasts for weeks now, but never did I get naked infront of him. Probably it was the moment when the remaining barriers were to be broken.
It all happened in few seconds. Less than 5,6 seconds. I was frantically looking around for my bikini top while covering my breasts with my hands. I was mortified, standing in a pool of hundreds completely and utterly topless, my hard nipples ((Because of the water)) staring at everyone, those eyes just gazing open-mouthed at my body.
I quickly bent down in the water so as to get some cover. Eventually After five, maybe eight minutes, I decided to give up. It was clear that some moron had hide it somewhere so as to see some more of my skin. Covering my breasts with my arm, I rushed through the crowd of people. Yasir following up behind me,
I took a towel and Wrapping myself in a long towel and covering my breasts, I went to my locker. Took my dress, dressed up and we were off to our hotel room. Once in our room we looked at each other and I just broke down laughing. I was way too hot by then. First exhibiting my body to ladies,
then accidently showing my breasts to plenty of men at the pool and most importantly knowing that Yasir had seen plenty of my big breasts. I was sure Yasir had become Hot too. However he didn’t want to bother me by asking for “some sex” however he gave a hint.
He said that he wanted to use the bathroom to pee, He opened the door and stepped inside but he half closed the door, but open enough for me to peek and see him open his zipper and pull out his penis. I had touched him there but it was the first ever live view of a nude man so near to me. He had given a clear signal what he was wishing and I had taken the hint.
He had purposefully left the door opened a bit. I decided that it was the time that I had to make him feel good without breaking the last barrier i.e losing my virginity. He finished his pee and came back. Still laughing and my laughing eventually turned to playful giggles. I leant in and kissed him on the lips, while kissing,
I slowly opened my lips and let his tongue slip inside and caress my tongue. He broke off the kiss and ran his hand through my hair. He was hot and so was I, so this time around there was not much foreplay. He instantaneously put his hand on my breasts and started playing with those. I had not worn any bra. Keeping in mind the plans I had, it was needless to wear a bra.
While he was playing with my breasts I unbuttoned his shirt. He took the clue and removed his shirt. We again started kissing franticly and I started playing with his strong chest and its hairs. It was a hint for him. He put his hands inside my t-shirt while fearing that as always I’ll put an end to his hand’s journey to my naked flesh but I did’nt object this time.
And let him enjoy my boobs from inside the shirt. It was a heavenly feel. A first raw and naked touch at my breasts. My nipples were so hard that it almost hurt. He spent time in pinching, caressing, rolling my nipples. My hard nipples were also a signal that I wanted to go a long way this time.
After few minutes of frantic kissing and getting my breasts played, I reluctantly pulled away and stood up. I moved few steps away from him. I was going to be naked, fully naked for the first time infront of my lover. I decided to do it in a playful manner. Standing few steps away from him, I stood with my back towards him and removed my trouser ever so confidently in a porn model like fashion.
I had worn an underwear which barely cupped half of my fleshy ass. Now I was in a short t-shirt and a small underwear. I turned around and smiled at him, I slowly walked over to the bed and sat down next to him, I leaned in close and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.
As I was doing this, I felt that my pussy was pretty much wet which was increasing every moment especially when I went down kissing towards his belly. I asked him to stand up, he stood up. I leaned up, and kissed his belly-button and licking the small pubic hairs beneath his belly button.
With my palm, I gently felt his dick which was clearly visible because of its hardness. While I was doing this, he placed his hands on my head and softly caressed my hair. I unbuttoned his jeans and lowered the zip, I pulled them down and he stepped out of them. I looked up at him and with lot of courage, took hold of his boxers and pulled them down as well.
I was feeling very sexy and hot. I was undressing a young boy with my will, wish and desire. I did not feel guilty for my f****y back home. I was hungry for some sex. For the first time in my life, I was face to face with a man’s cock. I had seen thousands, in porn movies and porn sites but it was very real, very near and very much MINE.
I had seen it moments ago (while he was peeing) but this time it was semi hard. Yasir’s Dick was radiating a strange energy and warmth. I had a unique and innocent smell as is usually the trait of babies. It was amazing, his long soft cock just hanging with his balls. I looked up and blushed, the sight of his cock was making my pussy feel tense and actually very empty, a very empty feeling.
I motioned him to lie down on my bed. He lied down and opened his legs, his head was on pillow so he could see what I was doing! An inspection of the first dick of my life. He smiling at me. I smiled back and blushed again. I stood up and removed my t-shirt in a swift motion. I knew I would have required lot of encouragement, confidence and sagacity to do it.
But I was so hot at that moment that it didn’t seem an uphill task for me. I wanted to feel dirty. I had always been a decent girl, but for that little period I wanted to feel like a bitch. I wanted to feel a “man’s” eyes on my naked body. I revealed my breasts to him. My nipples were hard and sticking out and this time it wasn't because of cold water, rather it was from pure arousal.
I leaned a bit, letting my big breasts hang and dangle, swing and shine infront of his eyes, just inches away from his face. He was amazed at the scene. Not only it was the first time that he was seeing my upper body completely nude right infront of him, but also because of the mammoth size and firmness of my big breasts.
My light brown aerola and nipples could be a treat for any man. I leaned at him and slapped my breasts on his face in a romantic and playful manner. He moaned and rubbed his face on my breasts. While I was rubbing my big tits on his face, he used his tongue to lick my globes. While I moved my breasts one after the other on his face
He tried to take my nipples in his mouth but was only able to lick it with his tongue. He was teasing me with his bites. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of his face, tongue, lips and bites on my breasts and nipples. The wetness of his saliva on my nipples increased the wetness in my pussy. Initially I wanted to be bit more playful but it being the first time in my life, I wanted to relax quickly.
I wanted to exhibit my naked body quickly. And I wanted to orgasm quickly coz I was getting more and more desperate with each passing second. So I again stood back and facing him I started to take off my underwear too. I was looking at his eyes which were glued to my body, waiting for the first ever view of my pussy.
I could feel his eyes exploring my body in a haste and greed. I didn’t need much courage to exhibit my pussy to him. Soon I was standing in front of him naked, exposed and vulnerable. I was feeling very flushed and embarrassed, this is the first time I did something like this and I was already starting to regret it.
Atleast it’s the way all the eastern girls think, specially in Indo-Pak. What if Yasir didn't like it, what if Yasir thought I was some kind of whore, these were the kinds of thoughts that were running through my mind. But those thoughts all disappeared when Yasir held me in his arms and whispered “I love you. I really do”. I told him that I loved him too.
And Then I pleaded Yasir, “Yasir we can enjoy but I want to remain a virgin till we get married”. Yasir smiled and said, “I’ll not go beyond your limitations”. Gosh, I loved him. How could one find such a gentle soul. His words relaxed me. Now I could enjoy without losing my virginity. But at first I wanted to satisfy the man who had given me so much love.
I climbed up onto the bed and crawled between his legs. I laid down between his legs only inches away from his cock. I gently ran my tongue along his thigh and close to his balls. I was eager to apply to Yasir all the knowledge that I had gained through porn movies. I complimented him on how sexy he looked and the way he controlled himself.
I always heard that men have a hard time controlling their erection when they're in a situation like this, but I knew it wouldn't last forever and I always wanted to feel a man grow inside me. Well, inside my mouth, to be precise. I moved myself down a little and placed my tongue underneath his balls.
I licked that area and after doing it for a few seconds, I ran my tongue from “Near his asshole”, up over his balls, up his soft shaft and over, feeling the shaft inside my mouth, I closed my lips around him and moved my head up and down, and listened him groan and moan. My hands were exploring his balls and gently cupping those.
His dick was in my mouth and feeling his cock slide along my tongue was the most erotic thing I had ever done, it felt so different to my imaginations. Its taste was salty because of his pre-cum and I didn’t mind at all the oozing of his pre-cum in my mouth. While it swelled in my mouth I was feeling it grow to its full length and girth.
Then I grabbed his cock with my right hand and slapping it along my face. I could feel his cock throb in the palm of my hand. I again took it in my hungry mouth and running my tongue up and down his wet shaft. Listening to him groan with pleasure was the most rewarding experience ever, it was incredibly arousing and sexy, watching his facial expressions,
feeling his now rock hard cock throb in my mouth. I was now doing it almost like a porn star. But that is always a professional activity, mine was out of love, care and romance. Releasing his cock, I lick downwards and run my tongue over his balls, running my tongue over his manly pubic hairs. His precum juices were constantly erupting from the tip of his cock,
I ran my tongue over his juices and locked my lips around them, softly licking his precum over the head of his cock and at the same time over my tongue. The taste was salty and incredible, I was thinking to myself how I could become used to this so soon. His cock was now huge, at least for a pure virgin like me. It was about 7 inches.
It looked and felt huge and decided I needed him to take control now. I sat up and asked how he was, he felt ecstatic and actually thanked me. The sweet guy thought it was all over, but I felt like I had only begun. I made him feel good, but didn't make him cum and that's what I wanted. I wanted, actually I needed to make him cum.
I crawled up and laid down next to him, I told him to take control now and don't hold back. He took the hint. I wanted him to fuck my mouth. He asked me should he pull away when he cums, my answer to that was, don't even tell me.. Just cum. This made him smile, I wanted him to follow his instincts and pulse, I wanted to be surprised.
It was the first thing which may bother you guys. It was my first time and I wanted to have his cum in me. I admit that a vast majority of girls do not like it. They hate this idea. But being a science student, I knew there was nothing wrong in it. It’s just protein and nothing else. And also it’s a matter of choice. For me it was a turn on.
I had always loved the porn scenes in which the girl takes the cum in their mouth. Many girls may disagree and disapprove my idea but It was my personal choice. I liked it. Everyone has his/her own desires and turns on. It was mine! He took my hand and laid me down. Yasir climbed over me and put very little weight on my breasts.
I could feel his buttocks pressed my breasts. His cock was near my mouth. I opened my mouth wide to welcome him in, he grabbed the sides of my head and gently pushed his cock into me, three inches slipped in, I felt him push the shaft along my tongue, five inches slipped in and now I felt a little pressure, he was pushing more in, a bit slower,
and I was feeling his cock tickle the back of my throat which made me gag, but Yasir kept his hands on my head and held me there and slowly continued to push. At last full 7 inches managed to slide inside me, he pulled out and I coughed and spluttered. A long trail of saliva hung between my mouth and his drenched cock. He asked was I fine.
He didn’t want to hurt me. Once I caught my breath, I told him to continue, I was in a huge state of arousal and was hungry for more. I opened my mouth wide and he leaned up and slipped his cock in my mouth, I locked my lips around him and allowed him to thrust in and out of my mouth slowly.
I was amazed at how long he could keep going for; it really was so fulfilling to have his cock filling my mouth. I was trying hard not to hurt his dick with my teeth. While sucking him, I was not only caressing his firm hips, but my hands were busy rubbing my pussy as well. I was fingering myself with fervor.
I wanted to achieve my orgasm soon because I had grown so horny, I feared I would ask him to fuck me then and there. I am sure if someone could manage to video tape me and send all what I was doing back home, no one in my f****y would believe it was me. For them I was an angel or saint. They would have thought it was my “look alike”.
The feeling made me feel guilty for a moment but then I thought, I’m not going to lose my virginity, so what’s the harm in little enjoyment which was all natural in my age. Yasir kept fucking my mouth with his dick. After a few minutes, his balls became tense and I knew the moment I was waiting for, the moment I was creating was almost upon me.
My pussy was drenched in my natural juices seeping over the bed. I was frantically fingering myself as well. I wanted to relax as well. I knew I had to have my orgasm, otherwise the chances of losing my virginity were great. I was so damn hot. Yasir also joined his hand on my pussy and felt my pussy for the first time.
It may not be his first pussy, but it was surely the very first FOREIGN hand on my pussy. Previously it were my own fingers satisfying it. This time, it was a joint venture. As his orgasm drew closer, his thrusts became more concentrated and somehow he lost his concentration on my pussy. His cock was hitting the back of my throat.
Suddenly as he pulled out, he moaned and a short burst of thick white semen hit my tongue and dripped down the sides of my tongue, as he pulled out, another burst of semen hit me in the face, dribbling down my nose and onto my lips. Yasir was quick to act and again aimed it at my open mouth.
He took his cock in hand and rubbed it furiously; grunting and groaning of pleasure, another burst of semen hit me in the lips. I moved his hand away and took his cock in my hand, I pulled the foreskin back and placed my lips on the head of his cock, running my tongue up and down his slit gently, he started to moan of pure pleasure, semen was still dripping into my mouth,
feeling its taste. I started sucking and licking his dick to get the last drops of cum. I kept on licking it till I released a clean and soft dick from my mouth. His eyes were still closed and he was enjoying every little second. Releasing his cock, Yasir fell back, panting and out of breath but still playing with my pussy. I watched his cock throb a few times.
I leaned up, his cum was dripping down my face and over my lips. I still had pretty much of his cum in my mouth. I closed my mouth and swallowed his cum, I felt it slip down the back of my throat and down into my belly leaving a lovely salty taste in my mouth.
And while I was doing it, Yasir increased the pace of his hands and fingers on my pussy. My orgasm was also approaching. And with a highly erotic moan I started to cum. My whole body shivered so hard that the bed seemed to crack. I jumped in uncontrollable ecstasy. Hitting my head on bed from left to right. Probably Yasir had never seen a natural orgasm of a horny girl.
A natural orgasm of a girl is very different from the pseudo-orgasm of porn stars. He was amazed at the intensity of my orgasm. After sometime I relaxed and calmed. I laid down next to him and placed my head on his chest, his heart was pounding and throbbing. I looked up into his eyes and he smiled
He ran his finger across my face where the cum hit me and gathered it all up and spread whatever remains over my lips. I opened my mouth wide and allowed him to scrap all the remaining cum into my mouth and gently sucked on his finger. The same way I sucked his wonderful black cock. Once he pulled his finger out, I swallowed whatever cum was left on my tongue.
While we sat there, I suddenly felt a little dirty, wondering had I gone to far, wondering what Yasir thought of me, but all my fears soon disappeared when Yasir leaned over to me, kissed me passionately on the lips, his tongue slipped inside my mouth, caressing my own tongue. He said, “I hope after the marriage you’ll allow some of my cum to reach your womb too so that we can have our babies.”

That day will always be remembered, it was a day that really defined my relationship with Yasir, a day that improved our relationship tenfold. It was the day which told me that I could enjoy sex with him before marriage and yet hope that he’ll not hate me deeming me a slut.

Dear folks at Xhamster, I have told a very true incident of my life. I really hope that you start respecting your love lady. Don’t treat girls as sluts. And always remember that if a girl lets you enjoy sex, it hardly means that she is a bitch in heat, rather she is a heart which beats for you. Enjoy sex, enjoy blowjobs, give her orgasms but respect and love her.

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