Fun with my mom accidentally.

This is another freaking day of my life which I can never forget.

It was a warm afternoon of mid-spring season. My dad was on official tour and my b*****r and his wife went to our native place to attend a friend’s wedding. I was studying in my bedroom and my mother was cleaning house with our maid. It was almost lunch time and our maid left for other work. Suddenly, I heard a loud scream “Aaaahhhhh” and I rushed to the living area. I saw my mom was lying on the floor and asked her what happened, she replied “farsh par paani pada tha , maine dekha nahin aur gir gayee", I asked her "Kahi chot to nahin lagee” she said "Pair main bahut dard ho raha hai" so I advised "Haldi wala doodh pee lo" but she denied saying "Nahin, uski zaroorat nahin. Bas pair main bahut dard ho raha hai, lagta hai nas pe nas chad gayee hai" so I said her "Abhi aap thodi der rest karo". She tried to get up on her own but she fell down again and said “mujhse chala nahin jaa raha, mujhe bas mere bedroom tak chod aa" and I picked her up and helped her to get through bedroom and asked if I could help in some way, she said “Thode pair daba de, bahut dard kar rahe hai.” So I started massaging her legs from toe to thigh she felt some relief. I asked her how she was feeling after that, she said “Abhi bhi thoda dard hai, ek kaam kar woh tel de main thodi maalish kar dungi” I asked her, I if could help her massage her legs with the oil and she said “ok”. I took the bottle and poured some oil in my hands and asked her “where do you want me to massage mamma?” She said “Start with legs and will tell you further” I pushed her salwaar up till knees and gently rubbed some oil in my hands and on her legs and started massaging. After few minutes she said, her thighs are also paining, so I asked her to put a blanket on her legs so that I could massage her thighs as well. Then I opened her salwaar and pulled it down below her knees. All this was covered under blanket, I once again asked her, where exactly her thighs are paining. She replied “Whole legs are paining” So I put my hands in the blanket and started rubbing oil on her thighs. As I was massaging her thighs, mom widened her legs and asked me to massage her inner thighs as well. Rubbing my hands gently on to her inner thighs made the blanked roll up to her waist. But she was unaware of it. I started touching her panties and rubbing oil all up to her inner thighs.

After few minutes of massaging, I gently asked my mom, “mummy, ek baat bolu?"
She said "Hmmm?"
I again in low voice said "Aapki thighs softy ki tarah soft hai"
But she did not respond anything; slowly I started massaging her whole legs at once from toe to thighs.
Then again after few minutes I again said "mummy apke hips ko touch kar ke..."
"touch kar ke kya?" she said.
I said "kuch nahi"
She asked angrily "bata touch karke ke kya?" I gathered some courage and said
"Apke hips ko touch kar ke dil karta hai ki inhe touch aur massage karta jaun. Apke thighs aur
hips bahut soft and silky hai”
Again I asked mom, “Mummy, kya aapki kamar bhi itni soft hai?”
She said “tujhe nahi pata to khud hi touch kar ke dekh le”
"Mummy aap pehle jaise peeth ke bal let jao"
phir main mummy ke pet aur kamar par haath pherne lagaa
"bete ab mai bahut moti hoti jaa rahi hoon, hai na?" she asked.
"nahin mummy, aap pehle se jyaada sexy lagne lage ho?" i excitingly answered.
Then I asked “kya mai aapki hips pe kiss kar sakta hoon?"
"please mummy , bas ek baar", she agreed and said "par kisi ko bataana mat"
I said "bilkul nahin bataoonga" and started kissing her hips and licking at the same time.

Slowly, my dick started erecting and I was not able to control my desires, and started touching my mom’s pussy. She denied me and said, “you are crossing your limits” I politely and sweetly winked towards my mom and said “Please momma!”
She agreed and I started putting my hand in her pussy through her panty. After few minutes, I removed her panties and started fingering her pussy. It was so wet, I didn’t needed any oil to massage her pussy. Then I removed my dick out and started massaging it with the oil till it got fully erected. As my dick grew, I was fingering my mom and she started moaning. I licked my fingers in between to taste the pussy juices. When my dick got fully erected, I started touching and trying to put my dick in her pussy. She suddenly stopped me and said, wait a beta, what are you doing. I thought, it was all over. She got up from bed and went towards her wardrobe and started searching something. Then she came back with a condom and started putting it on my dick. I was so excited that my mom helped me fucking and that to safely(to rule out chances of pregnancy) if I ejaculate in to her pussy. Then she held my dick firmly in her hand and started inserting it in her wet pussy. I was bit painful for me as it was my first encounter. She started closing her legs which made the insertion even tighter. I started jerking back and forth and she started moaning loudly. She was enjoying my dick like it was made for her. After approx 10 minutes of pumping, she said, let’s change the position and I asked for “WOMEN ON TOP” She agreed and then she asked me to lay flat on bed and came up on me in to position. She directed my dick in to her pussy with her hand and started jumping up and down. It was too painful as my dick was very hard and her pussy was tight. Finally after 20 minutes of wholesome pleasure, I said, “Mom, I am about ejaculate”. She held my dick tightly and removed condom from it, then she started stroking my dick very hard took in to her mouth, I ejaculated in to her mouth and guess what, she swallowed all the cum. Then she lied beside me on the bed for half n hour and then we took bath cleaning each other. Then I started studying and she started cleaning again.

This day I learned a new lesson in my life and that was the most valuable learning of my entire life. Do leave a comment, if you like or any improvements needed.

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1 year ago
WTF English or whatever but stick to one or the other
1 year ago
the parts i could understand were ok.
1 year ago
Ummm, what?
1 year ago
the dialog should be in English also