Me and my cosin alone for three days part 2

In the third day my cousin asked me if want to try new things I said sure he took the card deck and said the first one who pull the lowest number will be a sex slave for the rest of the day. I agreed and we took one card each and turn it over mine was 4 his was 7 when looked at him I saw him smiling and said until the day is over you shall call me master and if you don’t I will punish you now clean by cock with your mouth. And when I was doing what he told to do he grabbed my back of my head and started deepthroating me and he was Cumming deep inside my throat so I swallowed hi cum then he drag me to the bathroom and said give me a bath . When we were inside and were cleaning him he suddenly said bend over and pushed his cock all the way inside my ass and started to fuck fast hard and deep until he came inside me. that what we did in the third day when its 12 AM his cum was all over me on my face on my back in my mouth in my ass I was so tired he came to me and said did you like it? Very much I answered. Thence said next time I'll be thru salve. And I said no like it this way. And I went to tack a shower and we had sex one more time and slept on the same bed to the next mooring.
We kept having sex with each other for a year and a half until he moved to Lebanon.
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