Me and my cousin alone for three days part 1

It was in summer 2009 I told my cousin to come and stay with me for three days sense my parent were at a trip out if townie knew that he was gay but coz he told me before. At the first day at night we went out and had fun all night when we got back home and changed our clothes we sat on the sofa watching film I bought earlier that night when the film is over I was getting ready to go to bed I saw my cousin naked on my bed and I saw his 9.4 inch cock. He stands up and said have you ever been with a man before? But I didn't answer coz I was looking at his hard big cock. Then he said do you like it?
Is this real? He answered you tell me and took my hand and put cock on it then he said so how about you show me yours? I got naked and he was standing in front of me and I was sitting on the bed facing his big cock he put his cock in mouth and said suck it. Then hi said get on knees and I did he started push it deeper in my mouth then he said get on the bed the moment I did he pushed his cock inside my ass and start to fuck me it was painful at the first but the pain soon turned to plaster and I said I want it all inside my and he did push all the way in and I was in lot of pain but I loved it in few mints he said that he was about to cum so he pulled his cock out of my ass and in to my mouth were he filled it with his cum and said swallow and I did. Now it's your tern he jumped on the bed and me too pushing my dick in his ass and in few mints I was Cumming inside him. We slept to next morning when he wakes me up and said want to go again? Without saying a word I start sucking his cock and that was almost what we did in the second day all sex.

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3 years ago
sorry for the poor grammar & spelling
3 years ago
interesting thaks
3 years ago
I guess it's a good story, but with the poor grammar & spelling it's hard to tell.