me and my bestfriends girl

its been awhile since ive written a story, and i felt compelled to write something for all the great people of xhamster =) well it all started out about 7 years ago. i had just recently moved in with my two best friends. at the time i was in a long distance relationship. first it started out one night when we where doing a wiccan ritual. they suggested. we should be in our underwear. i was like uhhh im not so sure. about that. but i got undressed and grabbed a pillow to hide the inevitable boner i was going to have. my friends names are chris and nikki. well nikki got undressed and she was wearing some hot ass boy shorts. and a bra that didnt to well covering her. she has some of the biggest sexiest puffy nipples ive ever seen. this is when i started to feel a sexual attraction towards her. everynight i was in bed. i could hear them having sex. omg was she a screamer. of course when your in a long distance relationship. you have no sex. so i jerked off everynight with a pair of her panties while i listened to her moan and scream. occasionally in the apartment she would walk around in her underwear while chris was out at work. neither of us had a problem around each other. we would chill and smoked out and play video games. chilling in our undies >_< and then one night. as we were all chilling me and her watching a movie chris playing on the computer. her horny little self, and omg yes she is horny all the timme! well i watching a movie intently lol she had other things on her mind. she stretched her arms out and put her hand right on my dick and squeezed. i jumped because i was startled i really wasnt paying attention. lol and this caught the attention of my friend. and i was like oh shit nikki just scared me i thought it was a bug. but i knew what she was doing. the next day. we were over at my parents house on the computer. she insisted on sitting on my lap she was typing away and what not and i had my hands around her waist. evetually she starting grinding her ass up against me, getting me hard as fuck. and my hands began to explore. she took my hands and put them up her shirt. i started to play with her nipples getting them very hard. and then i slid my hand down into her crotch rubbing on her. getting her so wet. i unzipped her pants and went to rub on her pussy through her underwear. and to my suprise she wasnt wearing any. what a naughty girl huh? lol i rubbed on her clit so good. and slipped in a couple fingers and fingered her so good and hard. and made her scream over and over. and then unfortunately we were cut short when my dad had come home. the next day. we went out looking for a job for her, since she had recently quit her last one. everywhere we went we were rubbing up on each other. at the end of the day we had a long ride home. she had her hand in my lap. so i unzipped my pants, and she took out my dick and rubbed it vigourously for about 50 minutes till i quite honestly made a mess of her car >_< we had to stop and clean up before we went home. when we went home. chris wasnt home yet. so we were on couch grinding and then there it was our first kiss =) awww i know right? lol well after that day she felt extremely guilty. and well needless to say, she blabbed it all. =/ i moved out, and our fun time has ended until another time muahahaha. there is always some sort of sexual tension between us. i hung out with her everyday. she had no problem with showing me her ass her pants never really fit her. so i saw her thongs every single day. and one night hanging out she was on the couch with chris. she was wearing these really short pj shorts im guessing. she was on top of him kissing i was sitting on the floor next to the table breaking up some weed. she had her butt up in the air. when i looked up i saw her in all her glory. nice hairy pussy and sweet ass hole. omg i wanted to fuck her so hard. . well over the next couple of weeks of flirting one day, i was giving her a footrub. i started at the feet and rub down her leg into her thighs. she slid her body down more wanting me to go further so i started to rub on her through her shorts. making her moan. i crawled up next to her and we started making out like crazy as i unbutton her and got my hand in her panties and fingered her so good and hard. i made her squirt so good she soaked her shorts after multiple orgasms of course. everyday we were doing this. sometimes even when chris was around. he would go in the back i would slide my hand up her shorts. or if he was outside id rub on her through her pants. this went on for another couple of months,one time we all went camping and we of course flired the whole time getting durnk and high we took plenty of walks in the woods together one night she was bold enough to ask if she could finger herself in front of us, i had no complaints but chris got upset and took off. so i finger her for her out by the camp fire. the next morning i awoke with her cuddled up into me pressing her sweet ass up against my rock hard dick chris must of gotten up early and probably came back to see this and he was just chilling outside and then we stopped because she had gotten pregnant. after she delivered. about 3 months or so later. we started at it again. we were just watching tv together. the baby asl**p on the couch, for some reason i put my hand on her leg to see where things would go. she was like why do you wait so long. lol i was like why dont you tell me. so we start making out and i unbutton her and unzip her. and start to finger her. and then i kiss down her neck lift her shirt up suck on those magnificent nipples and kiss down to the top of her underwear pulling them down enough so i can lick on her pussy. my very first taste of pussy. we had to stop. put it in its crib. and then i was back at it. pulled down her pants and panties. i went in face first. and ate the shit out of it. sucked twirled licked on her clit and went chin deep inside her with my tongue making her scream pull my hair pretty much smother me in her crotch as she squirted on my tongue in my mouth and face. one of the greatest experiences of my life i must admit. this went on for quite some time after wards. to the point where she was ready to fuck my brains out she got on top of me grinding the fuck out of me begging me to fuck her so hard. but =/ im a odd fellow indeed. as badly as i wanted her i wanted her to be all mine, and leave chris for me. so i told her no. thank god i didnt fuck her or we would of had a chld. we werent going to use a condom because she was on birthcontrol. but month or so later she was pregnant and oddly enough the kd looks ALOT like me. well needless to say pregnant again we stopped. but of course couple months after she popped this one out we were right back at it pussy eating and finally one day she got on her knees and stuck her butt up and said fuck me. fuck me now. so i fucked the hell out of her made her scream cum over and over. and i cummed so deep in her a filled her up. thankfully she was fixed after her second kd. not that i dont want one, but no kd for me. this didnt last much longer after that. she wanted to be a good wife, but we did flirt quite alot. we still do. just yesterday she didnt wear a bra just for me. and i got quite and eyeful hehe and she showed off her sexy little ass. i cant wait to get her all to myself again. well hope you liked the story. i sure enjoyed it, and i hope to fuck her again real soon =)
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2 years ago
Nice story. Think paragraphs and capitalization!