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This is a continuation of my recent story, God I Needed That.

It was so difficult to end what had been a wonderful and lustful evening. I can still taste the salt of his cum and feel his last thrust as he went deep into my mouth. I can still hear his soft moan as he pulled up his pants and see the expression on his face as he slumped into the seat of the car….he had given me all he had. Yet, he wanted more, he wanted to please me. As we drove back to the coffee shop where we had met only a few hours ago, he again had his hand on my leg. But this time, he was more aggressive and more forward. He could tell by how hard I was that I needed and wanted him more with each passing mile. By the time we arrived at the coffee shop it was all I could do to not give into my needs in the parking lot. Only his promise to meet again the following night allowed me some control. As we said good bye, I gave him my cell phone number and we agreed to meet the following evening at 8:00 at “the room”.

As I mentioned in the first part of this story, I have a small room, really a cabin I use as an escape from the stress of every day life. It is a place to read, to reflect, but most importantly a place to enjoy sex. It is rustic and yet offers a certain level of refinement; a nice sound system, an overstuffed leather couch, a small kitchenette, and an entertainment sized bed.

The next day I was somewhere between nervous, excited, and scared. In only a few short hours I had come to know this man better than many of his friends and yet I could not help but wonder, would the next time be like? The hours seemed to pass like days. Where ever I saw another man I was reminded of him. It seemed that all I could do was look down at men and asked myself; what does he like when he is hard, what does he do just as he is climaxing, what does he sound like when he cums, does he need someone as much as I do?

I arrived at the cabin at around 7:00 and waited for what seemed like hours. Then it happened; 8:00 right on time a knock on the door. I opened it half expecting to see someone different, someone I did not know and seemed a little odd. But no, he had that same shy smile, that same touch of gray, that same look. I invited him in and as I closed the door we embraced, an embrace that was warm and yet with more than a hint of need and lust. I had some idea of what I would do when he arrived. I wanted him to feel welcome and at ease, offer him glass of wine, and talk. But my plans evaporated in his arms. The longer we hugged the more we started to sway back and forth, in and out. My hand went down to his butt and pulled him even closer. At almost the same time he moved his hands down from my waist and reached for me. The way he stroked my leg and then held me in his hand took my breath away. It felt so good to have him touch me. Almost in a trance, I took him by the hand to the bedroom. We both laughed as we started to unbutton shirts and pants. Yes, we needed this but we also were having fun. In a few short moments we were in bed and enjoying the special pleasures only a man with another man can enjoy. The excitement of reaching down to the silky feel of a hard cock, of seeing the look of lust in another man and knowing it was because of you. During our first meeting, we were interrupted just moments after he had exploded deeply and completely in his mouth. Tonight it was his turn to have me. Not so gently he pushed me down on the bed and started to explore my body with his hands and mouth. He rubbed my nipples between his lips first one side and another, all the time caressing my legs and thighs. Slowly his lips moved down my body, until he opened his mouth and took me. As if to tease me; he would suck just the crown and then stop. The next time a little more and then stop. He did this time again until I could not stand it any more. As he took me again I pushed his head down. He pulled back, took a deep breath and took all of me. As he sucked I became ever harder even more filled with lust. This was what I had been waiting for and dreaming of. I needed his wet and warm mouth; I needed to hear the sound of me going in and out of this mouth. I needed this so much! He know what to do, how to take all I had to offer and then pull back slowly, again and again. He seemed to know when I was going to thrust, when I was going need him to take just that little extra, he was wonderful! I wish could have said this went on for hours, but it did not. I had been waiting far too long for this moment. I could not and did not want to hold back. It wasn’t long before I felt myself starting to tingle and to reach the point of no return. I arced my back and cam with a level of emotion and f***e I had not experienced for far too long. Time after time, I thrust deeply into his mouth, not caring if he was able to take all of me or not. I was thinking only of my needs. Even after I had given all I had to give, I continued to pump his mouth. Even as I was going soft I never wanted this to stop. But finally I could take no more I feel back on the bed gasping for breath and softly stroking his back. I wanted to try to please him as much as he pleased me. But we both understood that would need to wait for another time. Time was short and I was exhausted. We agreed to meet in two weeks each promising “something different”.

Both my new friend and I are very open to new experiences. This is where you readers come in: let me know what you would like in the way of “something different” We will try to make it happen. It could more of the same, it could be a three way MFM, it could be ?. He and I are both game for adventure and lust. What are you game for?

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