I slowly tounged her erect hard chocolate nipple I used the texture of my tongue to feel the texture I started from the base of her nipple useing the tip of my tonge to paint imaginary vertical stiripes on her nipple....the other nipple received the same treat ment back and forth back and forth up to this point. I really haven't touched her yet(fellas again a woman is anticipating you to just go in for the kill and attack but don't give her what's she's expecting! 1time to make a lasting impression:) the straps came off ...then I had her turn around I eased her toward her bed as I stood over her (I'm tall and she was short) I pulled her hair up gently and breathed on her neck @the same time brushed her skin with my lips and teeth ..the middle part of her neck received the same treatment and the other side of her neck...I sat don on the bed behind her as she stood I rubbed my face down and all over her back as I sat down ..I hooked my thumbs in the waistline of the stretchy pants and slowly pulled them down...the bountiful flesh of her hips and ass slowelyrevealed its self I was greeted by the scent of her crotch not a bad smell@all it was intoxicating!!!picking up her scent sent a signal to my dick he responded with swelling throbbing and copious amounts of pre-cum!!I was greeted by a shoe string thong splitting her big ass perfectly and the straps on her hips were digging into her firm but yeilding ass ...her thighs were two pillars of bbw perfection calf muscles tone(latin people dance a lot and are good at it)as her pants were dropping my free hand followed behind and my face and mouth followed my hands exploring every inch of flesh revealed ..she stepped out of her pants. With me getting them off her feet..I turned her around and had her full belly right in my face!! I began to nibble and rub my face all over her belly then finally my hands were in full effect kneading her belly lifting it up licking underneath wher her belly met her body I felt the wight of her belly on my head...the whole time I found out later she was thinking ...this man is crazy. man befor me made love to her belly like I did :)!!she liked how it felt and let me continue...the kneading moed all over her body her thighs ass legs lower back arms shoulders her breathing was deep and rapid. Nipples hard touched her in all the right ways compliments admiration !!I guided her to sit in my lap. And deeply kissed her as she kissed me back as if we were old lovers and we ve done this a thousand times!!like it was meant to be.......cont
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3 years ago
already damn sxxy mai
3 years ago
Love it already!!!
3 years ago
To be continued