I was at the club chilling. Just had a smoke of some bob marley jammin on the dance floor to that rude boy reggae.the bass. Was hittin and there she was!!short busty and thick in the right places latina!!we made eye contact and I instantly knew it was gonna happen!!we continued this serious eye contact as the music began to fade away as I concentrated on this fine ass woman and she was doing the same !!!laughing with her girls giggling... I finally seen my chance to make my move...I got up from the table I was sitting at an walked towards her ..befor I walked by her I reached out and took her hand she didn't pull away as a matter of fact she squeezed my hand and I stopped swung around an smoothly guided her to an open booth!!we continued to gaze at each other and exchanged names...I made dam sure I kept my eyes on her eyes and not all over thoes titties:)lol (fellas even if the woman ya tryin to get is supa fine!!always keep eye contact while you talk to her to gain that respect and trust cuz most men ogle as they talk you have a 1st time to make a 1st impression don't blow it!!)after chatting for about 30 mins she gave the ok to follow her to drop her girls and go back to her crib!!:)so you know I good with that !!we got to her house and went to her room and burned another blunt ..I slowly peeled her blouse over her head. And reached around (one handed people if ya good)and felt the clasps in my fingers. An snapped my fingers and BAM!! Clasps released. I then took the straps of her bra off reeealll slow. Untill the top half of her big caramel titties. Took the weight !!!her nipples were about a half inch hard and deep chocolate against her rican caramel skin
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Good start
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I'm not done yet chp2 is on its way